No more mower

The future has arrived. It’s here and improving the lives of people and their homes. The thought of a luscious green healthy looking lawn year round is an interesting concept. Well the concept is here for you to use and enjoy. The benefits of an artificial lawn out weight by far your old traditional grass lawn. Just think of the immediate advantages. Never having to fight with a lawn mower again, or worry about storing gasoline in the garage. The annual “getting the mower started nightmare” is over. This is truly a dream come true. If you had a lawn service, think of the money you’ll save. Money that can be used for vacations, fancy dining, or a bump in your kids allowance. The extra money you’ll save is nothing compared to the true advantages of an artificial lawn. Its green all year. Easy maintenance. Imagine not having all those pesky bugs around that inhabit and breed in a traditional lawn. Less mosquitoes, gnats, flies, beetles, and a thousand more little nasties you never see, but make you itch. Say goodbye to all that, when you have an artificial lawn. Your new lawn will pay for itself in just a short while when the reduced maintenance costs are realized. It’s easier on your feet, bones and joints. Animals will love it to. No place for fleas and ticks to hide and breed. The artificial lawn is changing the backyard space into something more user friendly. Warranties are available that can can span 8-15 years. Now that says alot about the confidence, the manufacturer, has in their product. You’ll soon be the envy of the neighborhood. People driving by will wonder how you do it. Such a Beautiful lawn. Imagine laying in your hammock with a cold drink and good book, while your neighbor sweats and fights with the mower cutting his “real” grass. Rememberg gasoline mowers are dangerous pieces of equipment. According to John Hopkins Hospital Researchers 6394 injuries occurred in 2018. These consisted of Burns, cuts and broken bones and these are just the ones that were reported. The option is simple to see. A Turf Distributors Turf lawn is for me.

How easy is it to maintain artificial grass

In the spring and summer, it can be hard to make time to maintain your lawn. You have to set aside a whole day of weed picking, bush trimming, and lawn mowing, just for it all to grow back in a week. Owning a lawn can be a lot of work and it can take up a lot of your time, but with artificial turf you can cut off all the maintenance completely and ATS Palm Springs can help you with choosing the best product to fit your needs.

When talking about the maintenance that goes into taking care of your artificial turf, there is not much to talk about. The installation of the turf might be the most work that you actually have to put into this new plot of land that you are installing in your lawn.

To install the turf, you have to dig up all of the grass that is already grown. You need to turn your lawn in a flat space with no grass, if you are placing the turf over dirt or concrete, your work is pretty much done already. You just need to make sure there are no bumps in the way. Once you have a flat spot to place the turf, you can cut out the size of turf that you need, measure it out so it fits perfectly, and you are done. That is all there is to the installation.

Now you have to fill up the water infill, this will keep the turf light and fluffy. Once you do that, take a rake or a broom and brush through the turf to fluff it up. This is not a step that you have to take, if you are placing the turf on a golf course, you don’t need to worry about fluffing up the ground, you can keep it flat. But if you are placing the turf in your lawn or in a dog park, you can fluff it up and it will be soft and no one will be able to tell the different between your artificial turf and the natural grass around it.

It is also very easy to clean if an animal decides to do their business on your lawn. Find the spot, pick up the number 2, and spray the spot down with a vinegar and water mix spray. This will take away all of the germs and sterilize the spot. It will also pull the smell and make it fresh and new again. If it was a number 1 and you can’t locate the exact spot, take the spray and spray throughout the whole turf and rake through it so every spot gets sterilized.

That is the only maintenance you have to worry about with artificial turf. So to answer your question, yes, it is very easy to maintain artificial grass.

New materials for turf projects are eco friendly

If you have ever heard of synthetic turf then you have probably also heard about the concerns that go along with it. People are often worried about synthetic turf because it is not natural grass but it is acting like it. It looks like natural grass, it feels like natural grass, the only part that throws it off is that it is made of rubbery plastic. But that is the thing about synthetic turf, it might be made out of plastic and it might not be real grass, but this turf can be just as eco friendly as natural grass. Maybe even more eco friendly.

See, natural grass is eco friendly because it is natural. It grows on the earth so it is good for the earth. But all of the things we put into the ground to keep our lawns looking fresh is actually harming the planet. We spray for weeds and bugs, these are harmful chemicals that we are not just spraying the grass blades with but it is also seeping into the soil and going into the planet. Not to mention the gas powered mowers that we use to trim our lawns when they get too big.

With synthetic turf you do not have to worry about putting any harmful chemicals into the ground or trimming the grass because it is not going to grow any weeds and bugs aren’t going to hang out in these plastic blades.

And even better, the new material that these turfs are being made out of is recyclable the turf business is growing fast. That means that once you are done with the turf or when it gets too worn in and needs to be replaced, you can recycle it and the planet doesn’t even have to worry about disposing of that waste. It’s a win win.

Achieving The Yard of Your Dreams

Do you want a natural-looking, lush, and beautifully green yard or lawn all year long? Are you tired of trying to maintain the grass around your home, only to be stymied by climate, animals, and your ever-growing water bill? If so, artificial grass could be the perfect choice for you.

Even with your best efforts, maintaining natural grass can be difficult. External conditions like bugs, too much shade, and subpar drainage can be detrimental to any attempts to keep a natural yard looking beautiful and healthy. Not too mention the damage that pets can inflict to your grass, causing patches and discoloration, as well as bringing extra dirt and grime into your home. Another downside to having natural grass is the time needed to upkeep your yard or lawn with gardening and the seemingly endless fight against weeds. Or, maybe you live in a climate that doesn’t support growing a natural yard, and you desire the normal-looking lawn and landscaping that other areas have. All these factors can be frustrating, and there is no guarantee that you’ll ever achieve the luscious, green grass that you desire.

However, with synthetic turf, you will have grass throughout the seasons that looks natural, is durable, and soft and safe for your whole family. Artificial grass also has the benefits of being less dirty, requires little maintenance, and you’ll never have to worry about your pets ruining the appearance of your yard. Synthetic grass is also an Eco-friendly option and great for dessert dwellers or anyone living in a drought-stricken area as it requires no water to maintain its appearance. And landscaping could not be easier with artificial turf, as it complements any other plants, trees, and flowers that you may want to add to your lawn or yard. Overall, artificial grass is a fantastic addition to any home’s landscape, bringing both beauty and value to the property.

Artificial turf for every purpose

Over the last few years the popularity for turf installation, otherwise known as synthetic grass, has grown majorly. It has quickly gone from something that gets very few uses to being installed almost everywhere by millions of people who swear by this product. In case you don’t know what, artificial turf is, it is a a grass substitute. People will install it in places where they require solid flat ground, or they do not have the time to maintain the field to make them look nice.

Now the turf gets more use than ever. People are learning that they can skip out on their usual yard maintenance if they install the artificial turf in their yards. Others are learning that it makes a great flooring for playgrounds because of how fluffy the top of the grass is and how the bottom of the turf is padded so if you fall onto it you will not get hurt. There are plenty of other reasons to install artificial turf, too.

You can probably find a reason in your everyday life to install artificial turf, here are list of examples. If any of these fit you or a situation that you are having, you should install the turf as it will make all of your outdoor and grass problems go away.

One of the first reasons why you would install artificial turf is that you are tired of spending all of your free time working on your yard because it has grown way too tall, you can install synthetic grass and never have to worry about that again.

Another reason is if you have a need to put a grassy patch on the terrace of your apartment so that the people who live there have a nice place to sit and relax and just hang out together, you can do that too.

Artificial turf can also be installed as golf putting greens or placed in any sports arenas as a ground that you can depend on. One of the best things about having artificial turf instead of natural grass is that when it rains, the grass will dry 10 times faster than natural grass would. So even if it starts to pour, your game can still go on.

One of the best reasons to install it on a playground, aside from the padding and the safety aspect of the turf, is that there is no dirt involved. Your kids can roll around in this grass all day and come home as clean as they were when you brought them out. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and get yourself some artificial turf and make your life a little bit easier.