No more mower

The future has arrived. It’s here and improving the lives of people and their homes. The thought of a luscious green healthy looking lawn year round is an interesting concept. Well the concept is here for you to use and enjoy. The benefits of an artificial lawn out weight by far your old traditional grass lawn. Just think of the immediate advantages. Never having to fight with a lawn mower again, or worry about storing gasoline in the garage. The annual “getting the mower started nightmare” is over. This is truly a dream come true. If you had a lawn service, think of the money you’ll save. Money that can be used for vacations, fancy dining, or a bump in your kids allowance. The extra money you’ll save is nothing compared to the true advantages of an artificial lawn. Its green all year. Easy maintenance. Imagine not having all those pesky bugs around that inhabit and breed in a traditional lawn. Less mosquitoes, gnats, flies, beetles, and a thousand more little nasties you never see, but make you itch. Say goodbye to all that, when you have an artificial lawn. Your new lawn will pay for itself in just a short while when the reduced maintenance costs are realized. It’s easier on your feet, bones and joints. Animals will love it to. No place for fleas and ticks to hide and breed. The artificial lawn is changing the backyard space into something more user friendly. Warranties are available that can can span 8-15 years. Now that says alot about the confidence, the manufacturer, has in their product. You’ll soon be the envy of the neighborhood. People driving by will wonder how you do it. Such a Beautiful lawn. Imagine laying in your hammock with a cold drink and good book, while your neighbor sweats and fights with the mower cutting his “real” grass. Rememberg gasoline mowers are dangerous pieces of equipment. According to John Hopkins Hospital Researchers 6394 injuries occurred in 2018. These consisted of Burns, cuts and broken bones and these are just the ones that were reported. The option is simple to see. A Turf Distributors Turf lawn is for me.