January 16, 2017

Twitter Step by Step

twitter step by step

Twitter management can be a daunting task. There are a lot of articles telling you the do's and don'ts of Twitter, however it can still be difficult to pin down exactly what you should be doing each day step by step. If you are having a hard time getting organized and keeping up with everything you should be doing on Twitter here is the list that is going to let you discover and hammer out your personal routine. Read More »

SEO Tips For Your Blog and Business

SEO Tips for Business

When was the last time you thought about your site beyond adding content? It is probably time to take a look at how things are organized. When you started the site you had certain goals, ideas and experiences, now as time has passed it is a good idea to take another look at those goals and see what’s new. Below ... Read More »

How To Choose Keywords

how to choose keywords

Every day millions of searches are performed on the internet and all of those search terms are saved and provided to us to peruse at our discretion. Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are millions of searches performed every day on the internet and ALL that data is saved and provided to us to peruse at our discretion. So how can you go about tapping into this resource without getting bogged down and lost in all that information? In this guide you will find out how to choose keywords, research and test them and read the results. Read More »

Why Social Media Isn’t Working For You


So you took the first step and signed yourself up for some social media sites and started marketing yourself and now you're waiting for the traffic to start rolling in. You've done your research about social media marketing and everyone tells you to find followers, engage them and turn them into customers. Why isn't it working for you then? Read More »

How Do I Tweet – Writing the $6 Million Dollar Tweet


Twitter recently made claims that they had reached 100 million users. A fairly impressive feat to be sure, and that is reflected in the pull people give to twitter as a social media outlet. Great tweets can make you a star as fast bad ones can kill your image. Most of the time tweets just pass through the world, generally ignored, floating on into oblivion. With over 200 million tweets a day it’s easy to get flooded and have your tweets sink out of sight. It’s even easier to fall into bad habits like self-promoting too much without engaging or talking to others, appearing like you’re just there to sell, sell, sell. Spend some time following one and you will find that nothing is more boring than a spammer, which is what you can quickly turn into if what you post isn’t interesting. Read More »

Tips for Getting More Done

time management

This topic might not be 100% focused on social media or marketing but its important to remember these ideals and incorporate them into your day. These tips will be especially helpful for bloggers, designers, social media managers and people with a lot on their plate each day to get more done. Read More »

How to Do It Yourself: DIY SEO Campaign

SEO Perfect Company

People who are just beginning to focus on their website or blog may or may not know that they should make their content live up to the standards of search engine optimization or SEO. Making content SEO rich is the one of the most effective strategies for boosting the number of visitations on your site or blog. If you’re trying ... Read More »

Brand You – How to Brand a Blog


Brands bring something recognizable to the table that readers or customers can see and immediately identify with to get a picture of what the brand stands for. If you are making yourself into a personal brand your goal can be to make yourself, your image and your name instantly recognizable as a trustworthy, high quality performer in whatever area you are working in and eventually beyond that. Read More »

Four Pre-Writing Exercises for Inspired Bloggers


Rebecca Chelsey's recent post on ways to spark our creativity got me thinking about the next step: how to take that creativity and turn it into meaningful sentences on the page. In other words, what we do with that spark of inspiration will determine the success or setbacks we face when we blog. I'm a firm believer in the importance of pre-writing as a great way to take advantage of our inspiration. Pre-writing helps us bloggers to get down onto paper the ideas in our head. It helps us use language to explain our ideas. Through pre-writing, we can figure out exactly what it is we are trying to say. We can think of pre-writing as the laboratory in which we can test out and refine our ideas before we share them with an audience. What follows, then, are a few of my favorite pre-writing exercises that help me figure out what exactly I'm trying to say. I hope they are useful to you as well, and if you can think of others, please share them in the comments section. Read More »