February 22, 2018

Five Reasons I’m Happy to Blog In a Crowded Niche


I’m sure you’ve read articles before that emphasize the importance of choosing the right niche for your new blog. Finding the right audience and target market is critical to success, and there are some major differences between blogging in a crowded niche and blogging in a small niche with very few blogs. A lot of experts feel that you should look towards niches with less competition, and there are some very compelling reasons to do so. While there are advantages and disadvantages to each, I would like to take a look at 5 specific benefits of blogging in a crowded niche, such as the one that I have experience with, web design.

1. There is No Shortage of Potential Visitors

In a crowded niche with a large target market, those blogs that are successful will draw huge amounts of traffic. The leading blogs in smaller niches rarely have the opportunity to match this traffic. In a larger market there are plenty of visitors for even the little guy to get a decent share. In order to have a legitimate and profitable presence, you will not have to dominate the niche, you can simply control your own small portion.

Of course there is more competition in a crowded niche, but you don’t necessarily need to be the best blog in the niche in order to have a respectable web presence. If you are confident in your ability and you are willing to work to get noticed, a crowded niche isn’t always a bad thing. An average blog in a large market may have more readers and traffic than the top blog in a smaller niche.

2. More Opportunities for Links

Building inbound links is an emphasis for any blogger, but when you are in a crowded niche there are more blogs and websites to link to you. Bloggers in small niches can have a hard time with link building because sometimes there just aren’t many opportunities do to a lack of other similar websites and blogs.

Of course, the more blogs that are in your niche the more important it will be for you to give people a reason to link to you. With hundreds or thousands of other similar blogs, why would someone choose to link to you instead of linking to another blog? This can be a problem for many in crowded niches, but those who are able to create something of value that draws attention will get far more links than they would in a smaller niche.

3. Niche Social Media and Community Websites

The web design community is fortunate enough to have several excellent resources in this category. Sites such as CSS Globe, Design Float, DZone, and tons of forums including SitePoint give bloggers in my industry a great opportunity to reach a targeted audience. This isn’t typically a factor that is considered when a blogger is choosing a niche for a new blog, but I can honestly say that community sites like these have been critical to the growth of my blog.

While there are plenty of niche social media sites and other similar community-oriented sites for just about any niche you can imagine, the quality of these sites in smaller niches is usually sub par. If the niche site only has a handful of users and doesn’t send any real traffic to your blog or provide an opportunity for promotion, its value is very limited.

4. Increased Networking Opportunities

With more bloggers in your niche you will have more opportunities to network and build mutually beneficial relationships with other bloggers. Networking is critical to the success of any blogger, so if you have no one to network with you could face a more difficult challenge.

Of course, not every blogger that is a part of your network needs to blog on a topic that is related to yours, but it is good to have at least a few quality contacts within your niche.

5. More Potential Advertisers

If you are planning on selling advertising space on your blog you may want to consider who would potentially be interested in buying that ad space. Crowded niches are likely to have a high number of potential advertisers as compared to smaller niches that may have very few. Small niches may be so specific that potential advertisers just aren’t interesting in reaching those audiences.

What’s Your Experience?

Do you blog in a crowded niche? What advantages and disadvantages do you see?

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  1. Blogging in a crowded niche has its disadvantage such as creative content creation as most will be covered or to be covered. However, the good thing is that we can simply find inspiration or build our blog posts based on what others are blogging about.

  2. The biggest advantage is the potential number of visitors. In small niches there is a pretty low ceiling to how many people you can attract, and also no good way of communicating with large numbers easily.

  3. Hi Steve – very interesting views!

    My current site only pertains to a small niche (although I do cover marketing and blogging sometimes) but I am just about to launch a health/weight loss site and it seems to be a tremendously crowded niche.

    Working with others and networking is always my preferred method of expansion 🙂

  4. Wayne,
    Yes, I agree that it is harder to be original and creative in a crowded niche.

    Yes, there is a huge difference in traffic potential.

    Good luck with your new blog. I think you’ll see that the items discussed in this article can really be a big help.

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