August 24, 2019

10 Firefox Add-Ons for Bloggers

A few months ago I posted 20 Firefox Extensions for Social Media Addicts. Today I’m going to feature 10 Firefox add-ons that can help bloggers in a variety of ways. Some will help with productivity, some with finding and posting content, and some with SEO.

ScribeFire Blog Editor

There are a number of offline blog editors that work with the major blogging platforms, but if you’re looking for a blog editor to use from inside Firefox, give ScribeFire a try.

“ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog. You can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, upload images, and post to multiple blogs.”


Running a successful blog requires efficient use of your time. The TimeTracker add-on will make it easy to see how much time your spending in your browser.

“Do you spend too much time on Firefox? Do you open tabs faster than you can close them? Cannot get things done? Keep track of how much you browse with TimeTracker.”


While there are plenty of choices when deciding on an RSS reader, Sage will function from within Firefox and integrates with its bookmark system.

“Sage is a lightweight RSS and Atom feed reader extension for Mozilla Firefox. It’s got a lot of what you need and not much of what you don’t.”


Many bloggers use a lot of links withing their posts, but testing the validity of those links can be tedious and time consumer. With the LinkChecker add-on you can quickly and easily find dead links in your posts.

“Check the validity of links on any webpage.”

Rank Checker

Rank Checker is one of my favorite add-ons because of its potential and its ease of use. Aaron Wall created rank checker and he even provides a brief video that will show you everything you need to know about using it.

“Want to know where your website ranks in the search results? Our Firefox Rank Checker extension allows you to easily check your website rankings in Google (US and international), Yahoo, and Microsoft Live search.”

SEO Link Analysis

For doing some research and analysis on your own website/blog or on a competitor, SEO Link Analysis will provide you with plenty of information quickly.

“Link data in Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsoft’s Webmaster Portal is pretty static, they give you the pages a site has links on, and let you do all the analysis with other tools. That sucks if you want to do a quick analysis of a site, or want to get a quick overview of inbound anchor texts for a site. This Firefox extension gives you a bit more information when opening such pages, it gathers the PageRank for the linking page, the anchor text used on the link, and checks whether the link is nofollowed or not.”

Link Diagnosis

Another excellent add-on for link analysis, Link Diagnosis will give you some of the same information as SEO Link Analysis. Try them out and see which one works best for your purposes.

“This tool can show you all the important information about your competitor’s links. The report includes pagerank, anchor texts, no-follow information and more.

* see Google Pagerank of every backlink
* see Anchor text of every backlink
* see if links are no-follow
* see most popular anchor texts
* see charts with breakdown of pagerank and link types
* CSV exports
* Firefox 3 support”


Depending on the type of blogging you do and the content that you produce, Zemanta may be a fun and efficient tool for improving your process.

“Zemanta expands the author’s regular blogging dashboard, populating it on the fly with content suggestions relevant to the current text. It presents images, links, articles, tags in a simple interface. It encourages re-use and linking to other content with as little effort as possible – a single click.”


Clipmarks is part bookmarking, part social sharing. If you do a lot of surfing, like most bloggers do, this could be a handy resource to keep track of things that you find and to share the best with your friends.

“Instead of copying and pasting links, Clipmarks is like adding a pair of scissors to your browser, letting you capture exactly what you want others to see (text, images or video). Your clips are saved on and can easily be syndicated to FriendFeed, Twitter, Facebook or other sites. You can also post anything you clip directly to your blog (supports WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and more) or send it directly to friends or co-workers via email. Clipmarks also gives you a way to help the environment by printing only the parts of a page that you need. By printing just what you need, you’ll save ink, paper and trees, thus making a contribution to a cleaner environment.”

Copy as HTML Link

If your use a lot of links in your posts, Copy as HTML Link could give you a nice boost in efficiency.

“Creates an HTML link to the current page using the selected text and copies it (into the clipboard) for pasting into other applications.”

Which Add-Ons Do You Use?

Which Firefox add-ons do you use to help in your blogging efforts?

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  1. Nice list. I didn’t know about a lot of these. I do use Aaron Wall’s plug-in, and I will have to check out the others.

  2. I Use ScribeFire. Enjoy it pretty much. The Flock browser is incredible help for my blogging and social media(has built in web clipboard, blog editor and many more sweet features)

  3. I didn’t know most of these add-ons. Now I guess I’m going to put most of them to the test.

    Stumbled, delicioused and mixxed. 🙂

  4. I also didn’t know about a lot of these. Most of the SEO plugins are great for the serious blogger.

  5. This is an interesting article. It’s been Diigo’ed and Profilacted. Keep up all your great work on this blog! BTW, I just subscribed to your blog.

  6. CheStyle,
    I have to admit that for some reason I’ve never given the Flock browser a chance. I intend to, just never seem to get around to it.

    Thanks Karen.

    I’m happy to have you as a subscriber and hope to see you around the comments in the future.

  7. Hey Steven,

    Thanks for this list! Time Tracker looks like the most exciting to me.

  8. I can think of many non-blogging uses for these as well. Thanks so much for posting the list.

  9. Thanks for the great Add-Ons. I’ll definitely be checking a bunch of them out. I do use ScribeFire though and love the way I can write new posts on the fly. I am also curious to try out Copy as HTML Link.

  10. I am using ScribeFire Blog Editor.

    It’s wonderful.

  11. Nice list .Thanks for the info.

  12. I am working on a list of my favorite add-ons right now… thought I would cruise by and see if I am missing anything. So far it appears that Scribe Fire is a favorite across the board. Thank you for your list.

  13. Nice list of add-ons for bloggers. We use some of them.
    Our favorite is Rank Checker.

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