August 20, 2018

Keys to Newsworthy Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger I’m sure you are hoping to promote your blog through links and recommendations from other bloggers as well as social media. If this is the case you’ll need to find a way to make your blog posts newsworthy. What makes your content newsworthy may vary from post to post, but it’s important to always have in mind when you are writing new posts.

All Newsworthy Blog Posts Have These Characteristics:

1. Attention-Grabbing Title

The title of a blog post is the first thing that everyone will see. Although it’s probably only a few words long it can make or break a post. An average post with a great title is capable of getting more attention than a great post with an average title.

Many bloggers tend to quickly come up with a title and just use the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t be afraid to spend some extra time developing the right title. Try to use keywords whenever possible, and just as importantly, use words and phrases that grab your readers’ attention and make them want to continue reading. (See 3 Rules for Writing Effective Titles.) Title writing is something that I personally struggle with, but I find it helpful to look back over past titles that I’ve used to see what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

2. Well Written

Obviously, the quality of the blog post is important. A newsworthy story doesn’t really have to be the perfect article, but it should avoid mistakes (spelling and grammar) and it should get to the point. Most of your readers will be in a hurry. If you can quickly get to your point and waste as few words as possible you’ll have more success.

3. Timely

Some of the top blogs have built their reputation and their audience primarily by being the first source to break new stories (example TechCrunch). Breaking a new story isn’t the only way to provide a timely blog post. You can cover topics that are getting a lot of attention to get your share of the traffic. Of course, you’ll need to make your post stand out from others that are covering the same topic. You don’t want to cover a story or an event after everyone else has already covered it. In this situation, an otherwise great article will get no attention because it is not timely.

4. Informative

A newsworthy blog post should provide the readers with some type of valuable information. There are any number of different ways to make your blog posts informative. Be sure that your articles provide real benefits to your readers.

5. Of Interest

Of course newsworthy stories must be of interest to potential readers. A great article that covers a subject with very little interest will not go very far. Take the time to get to know your readers and what they like. Pay attention to trends that you see on other blogs and news sites. You don’t want to simply repeat what others are doing, but you can use the trends to help you develop your own content that people will want to read.

6. Unique

There are literally millions of blogs out there. For your post to be newsworthy it has to stand out from others. Find a new angle on a popular or newsworthy topic, or write about something interesting that hasn’t been covered by other blogs.

Here are a few approaches to creating newsworthy blog posts:

1. Be Controversial

Challenging the prevailing point of view can be an effective way to generate some attention. Be sure that you can support your views to backup your stance on the issue.

2. Use Humor

Everybody likes a good laugh. Funny blog posts and funny pictures can create a lot of buzz.

3. Teach

How-to articles can be very effective if you can teach something effectively and clearly.

4. Time-Saving

Present information to your readers that will help them to be more productive or save some time.

5. Break News

As we looked at earlier, some blogs have been built just by breaking news.

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  1. You are so true. I reckon controversy is probably the best way to gain traffic. Because they are the best to go viral!

  2. Thomas,
    Yeah, I usually stay away from controversial topics myself, but they definitely work to gain a lot of attention and interest.

  3. also.. when the post its controversal people would say on their blog: “I dont know people thinks like this…”
    Plus lots of comments.. this has been a great tool or technique to me..
    thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Nitos,
    You’re right. It is a great way to draw comments, and you will usually get a variety of responses.

  5. An attention grabbing title/headline is an absolute must. I’ve seen countless sub-par articles doing well on Social Media jut because of their headline and introduction.

    Also, it’s a must to be unique and to offer something of value. Most of the blog posts these days just reiterate stuff that’s already said.

  6. I’ve also seen plenty of those articles that are thriving just because of a good headline.

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