September 20, 2019

Brand You – How to Brand a Blog

Brands bring something recognizable to the table that readers or customers can see and immediately identify with to get a picture of what the brand stands for. If you are making yourself into a personal brand your goal can be to make yourself, your image and your name instantly recognizable as a trustworthy, high quality performer in whatever area you are working in and eventually beyond that.

When you’re starting your brand, first work within your niche. Build your brand with the people who are most engaged in your topic and who you will be influencing and have the most influence over what you write and how your brand grows. If people know who you are and what you are about, whether they like you or not they will still be thinking about you and as long as they form an opinion of you one way or another that’s going to grow the brand. Once you’re established as someone to watch for in your niche you will start to draw in even those people you are not targeting. W hen you’re established like this you’ll have a lot of things going for you.

Branding will make you better, stronger, faster and make you drop 10 lbs instantly. It might not happen exactly like that but other people are going to think it and that will make it so in their minds. Whatever Stand out!you are saying or doing will become more reputable, if you’re doing a good job people will hear about you and your brand will grow and soon you’ll be doing a great job, even if you’re still doing the same things you have been doing before. Once people have heard of you and formed a positive opinion they will be much, much more likely to seek you out and ask for you to help them rather than someone they’ve never heard of or don’t really know much about. Don’t be just another brick in the wall, stick out and be someone unique.

Being visible is a huge part of having your own brand as well. Someone looking for information skips right past the blah of random, non branded pages out there because they haven’t been given a reason to check it out. On the other hand if you look the part readers will have a stronger initial attraction to you bringing them in to see and learn about your brand and getting the ball rolling your way, picking up speed as they see all the other reasons to utilize your brand for their purposes.

Make sure they remember you. Once they’ve heard of you, you have got your foot in the door, don’t fade into the background. Be memorable and have something that pops and catches the attention of your reader. Whether its a great name, an awesome looking logo/avatar or something that you do really well or will cause you to stand out. Need an example, just think about your favourite brand, they likely have all three, name, logo and something else that sticks out when you think of them. These three things need to be consistent in all areas whether it be advertising, printed materials or promotional products found here. When readers see or think about that they will be thinking about you and what you offer. Make sure they know what that is, what service are you offering; an opinion, some helpful information, design skills; whatever it is becomes part of your brand and another part of what you offer.

Trust in business is huge. Even in the internet age, people still fly around the world to meet clients and make them feel more comfortable by building trust. A brand will help you in this area too. Once you’ve got a reputation for following your word and being trustworthy you can carry that with you and keep building it. This builds reader loyalty, increases referrals and strengthens relationships between you and your member base leading to growth and prosperity for all.

Prosperity to you!

Prosperity to you!

Take some time to think about your brand. Have you already started building it, spreading the word about yourself and what you’re doing? How? What else can be done?

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  1. If you want to be successful online and build a good profile then you really should aim to show people whoyou are so they grow to trust you.

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