August 20, 2018

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10 Tips for Requesting Link Exchanges

Building links is an important part of marketing a blog or a website. Links help to bring click-through traffic, increase exposure, and probably most importantly, they help to achieve good search engine rankings. There are many different approaches to building links, but one popular method is to exchange links with other website owners or bloggers (This post is intended for newer blogger. If your blog is already established it may not apply to you). I get emails every day at my design blogs requesting link exchanges, and I sent a few myself when I was getting my first blog started. Some of the emails I get take an effective approach (even if I wind up not exchanging links) but most have serious flaws that will prevent the blogger from having a decent chance to get a link. Obviously, if they're contacting me, they are also contacting other bloggers with the same request, and if they are making the same mistakes with each email they could be spending a lot of time and not getting many links out of it. With the right approach link exchanges can be very beneficial, especially for newer bloggers. Here are 9 things to remember when you are asking other bloggers to exchange links: Read More »

25 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Blogger

Many bloggers get started because they think it will be an easy way to make money or to have an influence. The truth is, blogging is a lot of work and requires considerable time if you want to achieve maximum results. With that in mind, there are also a number of valuable resources that can help you to simplify and streamline your life as a blogger, resulting in better efficiency with your time. In this post we'll take a look at 25 resources, some free and some paid, that will simplify your blogging life in one way or another. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments. Read More »

10 Tips for Using a Blog to Promote Your Own Services

When the issue of making money as a blogger is discussed, it's often in the context of producing revenue through ad sales or AdSense clicks. While there are plenty of bloggers that are making money in this manner, there are certainly other ways to profit from a blog, and in fact many have had much better results with other methods. From my experience as a blogger, I've made money by selling ads and by offering services. Both have pros and cons, but today I'd like to focus on the practice of using a blog to promote services. When I first started blogging my only goal was to use the blog to generate more web design business through Vandelay Website Design. With so many designers out there, I saw the blog as an opportunity to indirectly promote my services and to get visitors to the site. Although through the past year or two, very little has actually gone the way I thought it would (mostly because I didn't really understand blogging at that point), I can say that it has more than exceeded my expectations in terms of helping to generate business. Read More »

10 Tips for Effective Guest Posting

During my first few months of blogging one of the most effective methods of promotion was writing guest posts for other blogs. I put a lot of effort into getting exposure and links be writing for a number of different blogs and slowly building my own audience. While I never had any huge spikes in subscriber growth from writing a guest post, I was able to make a lot of great contacts, build my reputation and get a number of quality links by making the rounds to different blogs. From my experience I believe that guest posting is one of the best things any new blogger can do. At first, getting visitors to your new blog can be difficult, but if you want to you can go out and proactively get your work in front of targeted readers by writing for other blogs. Now that my blogs are more established I don't write guest posts anymore, but that hasn't changed my opinion of how effective they can be for someone who is looking to get their blog off the ground. Read More »

3 Ways to Develop Unique Blog Post Ideas

Because blogs need consistent content in order to achieve success, the challenge of developing ideas into useful and interesting posts is never-ending. This is not a new subject for bloggers and there are plenty of posts already written about overcoming bloggers block and how to identify topics to cover. Rather than repeating these common ideas, I'd like to share with you three specific ways that I use for my own blogging. I have three different blogs of my own and I also do freelance writing for a few others, so my content development techniques aren't always the same for each blog. However, these three methods have proven to be useful to me, and I think they can help you as well. Read More »

10 Critical Elements to a Profitable Blog

Building a successful and profitable blog does not happen by accident. In order to achieve a high level of success, a blog needs to have a number of different characteristics. In this post we'll look at ten things that all blogs must have in order to achieve long-term, sustained success. Read More »

10 Things to Do with Your Feed Footer

Bloggers and theme designers are always in search of ways to maximize the potential of screen space and improve the effectiveness of the blog as a result. Whether you're working to improve your sidebar in effort to increase pageviews, adding related links at the end of your posts to build internal links, or improving your blog footer, there is an almost constant effort to get more out of the blog. One area that is commonly overlooked is the feed. Much like the blog itself, the feed can be enhanced to make a blog more profitable or effective for subscribers. In particular, this post will look at the subject of the feed footer and how it can be used for something beneficial. If you're like me you may have installed one of a handful of WordPress plugins to work with the feed footer, but neglected to keep this up-to-date and useful for subscribers. Read More »

16 Critical Tips for Building a Blog Part-Time

Many bloggers have dreams of becoming a full-time blogger so they can quit their jobs and work around their own schedule on something that they will will enjoy. Of course, the reality is that only a very small percentage of those who start off with these intentions will ever achieve "pro blogger" status. In order to make it to the point where you can sustain yourself on just a blogging income, you'll first have to get started somewhere. Building a successful and profitable blog part-time can be a real challenge, but with a strategic plan and a lot of discipline you can certainly build a blog on a part-time basis that can do very well for you financially. Read More »

10 Firefox Add-Ons for Bloggers

ScribeFire Blog Editor There are a number of offline blog editors that work with the major blogging platforms, but if you're looking for a blog editor to use from inside Firefox, give ScribeFire a try.

"ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog. You can drag and drop formatted text from pages you are browsing, take notes, upload images, and post to multiple blogs."
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Opportunities for Established Blogs: Motivation to Grow Your Blog

A very high percentage of people who start blogs in hopes of making money will wind up being disappointed with their results. While it's possible to do very well financially with a blog, it's not the easiest way to make money like a lot of people think it is. Building a successful and profitable blog takes a lot of work, consistency and patience. However, if you're able to build an established blog it will open up a number of other possibilities besides just selling banner ads. Read More »