April 25, 2018

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Interview with Gyutae Park of Winning the Web

Gyutae ParkGyutae Park is an SEO and Internet entrepreneur who blogs about Internet marketing strategy at Winning the Web. His blog is one of those that I personally enjoy because it seems to be rather unique while covering topics that are also covered by many other blogs. Gyutae has built a large and active following at Winning the Web, and I thought he would have some interesting insights that Traffikd readers would appreciate. Fortunately, he was kind enough to answer my questions, so I hope you enjoy the interview. Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what motivated you to start Winning the Web? As a child I grew up wanting to study computer science so I could create video games and robots. My father made a good living programming computers and in a way I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Eventually I attended Northwestern University and decided CS wasn't for me (I got rocked to say the least). Instead, I majored in Industrial Engineering because the high-level business and management principles interested me. I always had an entrepreneurial spirit even during my early years and created a few sites that I monetized through advertising and affiliate offers. After graduation, I decided against the high-paying consulting and finance gigs that many of my classmates snapped up. Instead, I wanted to cultivate my passion for Internet marketing and learn more about how I could grow my business. I took up a job as an SEO strategist for a top search marketing agency and am working on some of my own projects now as well. I'm learning as much as I can to become a top Internet marketer. Read More »

Interview with Israel Lagares of Health Ranker

About a week or two ago I got an email from Israel Lagares introducing me to Health Ranker and requesting that it be added to my list of categorized social media sites. As I read through the information that Israel sent to me about Health Ranker, I thought it would be beneficial for readers to do an interview with him ... Read More »