September 20, 2019

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5 Facebook Apps That Really Make Money

Facebook Guest post by Alexis Bonari If you aren't on Facebook by now, you are probably the only one who isn't. My grandmother has a Facebook page and anyone who can type, is able to start their own page with no problem. Most everyone uses Facebook as a social meeting place, but did you know that you could easily make money on Facebook as well? I've compiled a Top 5 list of the best ways to make a buck on Facebook without leaving your living room: Read More »

Online Profits Re-Opens (and now it’s free)!

Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips started a membership site, Online Profits, last year to help people learn about making money online. Daniel has just re-launched and re-vamped Online Profits, and this time there is no charge to get all of the valuable content. The only requirement is that you open a hosting account with one of their hosting partners (HostGator or HostNine). Online Profits includes lessons and case studies that cover topics related to making money online in a variety of different ways. Daniel will also be launching a new site and Online Profit members will get to watch and follow the progress as he builds the site and makes money with it. A few years ago when I started blogging I worked with Daniel on a regular basis writing posts for Daily Blog Tips. I have a lot of respect for Daniel and his work and I highly recommend that you consider joining Online Profits if you're looking to make money online. Daniel has a lot of experience and he's developed a great program that includes information and teaching from a lot of other experts in the field as well. Note: This post includes affiliate links to Online Profits. Read More »

3 Ways to Ensure Internet Marketing Continues to Work for You

This is a guest post by Susan White Gone are the days when Internet marketing was perceived as the bold, new and innovative way to market and publicize your products and services. Today, email marketing and other forms of pushing your products on the web are passé. The Internet is growing faster than leaps and bounds, and most marketers find that they’re being left behind because they’re not able to keep up or change pace accordingly. They’re sticking to tried and tested methods that have worked for them so far without realizing that for a medium that changes as fast as the Internet, you must continue to hone and revamp your marketing strategies if you wish to ensure continued success. Just as you took the step and crossed the chasm between traditional marketing and Internet marketing a decade or so ago, it’s time to start bridging the smaller chasms between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 and any future avatars that are sure to follow. So with these basic principles in mind, here’s what marketers need to do to ensure that their tactics continue to work: Read More »

3 Blogs Every Internet Marketer Should Follow

I used to subscribe to just about any marketing, social media, or blogging-related blog that I cam across. Over a period of time I drastically cut back on the number of blogs that I follow, and now I can do a better job of focusing on the highest quality content that is relevant to my own situation. If you're interested in learning more about internet marketing or if you'd like to start making money online in 2010, I highly recommend that you subscribe to these three blogs.


ViperChill Read More »

10 Tips for Making Ad Revenue from Blogging

Many bloggers got their start after hearing about other blogs that are making large sums of money, and the most common monetization method for these types of blogs is through advertising sales. Although I didn't set up with this purpose on my first blog, I now have about 2 years of experience with monetizing blogs through advertisements. While my blogs (Vandelay Design and don't make as much money as some others, they do produce a significant portion of my income through ad sales. Since advertising revenue is a goal for many who are just getting started, I thought it might be helpful to share some things I have learned along the way.

1. Don't Plan on Advertising as Your Only Monetization Method

You may have read articles like Blogging for Ads is Dead. The truth is that making a significant income from advertising is difficult. It is possible, as others have proven, but there are other ways that are probably more lucrative, such as selling your own products, membership sites, and in some cases even affiliate marketing. Personally, I use ads as a way to supplement the income that I make from services. However, running multiple blogs takes a lot of time and effort on a regular basis to keep the advertising revenue coming in, and that means less time to work on other things that I would like to pursue. If you're going to use advertising as a way to monetize your site, plan other methods as well because it's difficult to support yourself exclusively on advertising revenue. Read More »

Cloud Living Now Available From Glen Allsopp

Cloud Living One of my friends has just launched a new product that I think may be of interest to many Traffikd readers. Glen Allsopp has written an e-book, Cloud Living, based on his experiences from making a five-figure monthly income from his websites. Cloud Living is actually more than an e-book, it includes 6 tutorial videos, an optimized affiliate site template, and an small e-book with instructions for tweaking the template. Read More »

Add a Job Board to Your Site the Easy Way with the WPJobAds Plugin

Just a few days ago I launched a re-designed version of that includes a job board for web design and development. The job board was part of my initial plans for the site, but at the time of launch in July I was still looking into the options for adding a job board. I thought I had found an answer, but one of my contacts that was using that option strongly advised me against it. Web Design Job Board Read More »

Online Profits Launch and Discount

If you're a reader of Traffikd, most likely you are looking to build an internet business or a website of your own in one way or another. While there are a lot of products and memberships out there for helping to educate people in these areas, there is a new one launching that I think is worthy of being mentioned. Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips (and many other sites) has just launched Online Profits, a six-month membership program that provides over 60 lessons on all aspects of marketing an online business and making money. Read More »

Ad Marketplaces and Ad Servers for Bloggers

Most blogs today are monetized either in full or in part by banner advertisements. Bloggers who sell banner ads have a lot of options in terms of marketplaces and ad servers. I started selling ads on my primary blog at the start of 2008 by simply hand coding the advertisers into my sidebar and changing them manually each month. While ... Read More »

23 Affiliate Networks for Monetizing Your Website

Many bloggers, myself included, focus on monetizing the blog through ad sales and affiliate programs are sometimes overlooked. While the top earning bloggers (like Darren Rowse and John Chow) rake in plenty of money each month with affiliate programs, most of the rest of us tend to forget about affiliate marketing once we have enough demand to sell ads. Recently I've done a little bit of research to look for some possibilities with affiliate marketing and I thought I'd share some of the networks that I've found. Affiliate networks are great for helping you to stay organized and for keeping your income in a few spots rather than having ten different programs with a $5 balance waiting to reach the minimum threshold for a check. Read More »