August 20, 2018

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13 Marketplaces for Buying and Selling Websites

Buying and selling websites has become a big business. Some bloggers and website owners build their site with the intentions of selling at some point, and others decide to sell because their priorities change or because they can get a considerable amount of money for their site. Whatever your situation, if you are looking to buy or sell a website ... Read More »

Extending Your Blog: Offer Services to Increase Your Income

Any of us who run a blog with the intention of making money know that blog monetization is usually pretty difficult. Sure, you can probably sell some ads or make a little bit of money with affiliate programs, but that's not going to generate the kind of revenue for most of us that we're after. Of course, A-listers are typically able to make a pretty substantial amount from ads, but smaller blogs will rarely be able to make the kind of money that could help them to break free from the day job. Earning a respectable part-time income from blogging can actually be quite nice, but many are seeking to earn a full-time income. One powerful monetization method that's often overlooked on this quest is providing a service. By offering a service you can diversify your income and exponentially increase it. Read More »

Do Advertisements Affect Traffic?

One common approach for new websites and blogs is to not display any advertisements on the site until traffic is grown to a significant level. The reasoning behind this decision is that not having ads will provide the visitor with a more positive experience and fewer distractions, which will allow the site's traffic to grow faster than it would with ads on the site. In addition, most websites and blogs will make very little money off of the ads in early months with low volumes of traffic. Read More »