September 18, 2018

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Best Practices in SEO: Ride the Google Updates Without Fear

Google does not share the intricacies of its algorithms openly, so webmasters cannot pinpoint the kind of SEO issues that they are likely to face. Take 2011’s Panda and 2012’s Penguin updates – the scope of these updates and their impact on SEO practices – just couldn’t be predicted. What we do know is that Google launches about 100-odd updates ... Read More »

SEO Tips For Your Blog and Business

When was the last time you thought about your site beyond adding content? It is probably time to take a look at how things are organized. When you started the site you had certain goals, ideas and experiences, now as time has passed it is a good idea to take another look at those goals and see what’s new. Below ... Read More »

How To Choose Keywords

how to choose keywords

Every day millions of searches are performed on the internet and all of those search terms are saved and provided to us to peruse at our discretion. Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are millions of searches performed every day on the internet and ALL that data is saved and provided to us to peruse at our discretion. So how can you go about tapping into this resource without getting bogged down and lost in all that information? In this guide you will find out how to choose keywords, research and test them and read the results. Read More »

How to Do It Yourself: DIY SEO Campaign

People who are just beginning to focus on their website or blog may or may not know that they should make their content live up to the standards of search engine optimization or SEO. Making content SEO rich is the one of the most effective strategies for boosting the number of visitations on your site or blog. If you’re trying ... Read More »

Simple SEO Changes to Improve Unexpected Rankings

You may notice that some of your blog posts are drawing search engine traffic for particular search phrases and keywords (especially if your blog has had some time to establish itself with search engines). Even if you are doing keyword research prior to writing posts, you'll almost definitely see that some of these phrases that are producing traffic are not something that you had intentionally targeted. While this is a nice surprise, it also means that there is likely more potential if you're willing to make some small, but significant, tweaks. If you're drawing search traffic from a phrase that you're not targeting, it probably means that you could be ranked even higher, and draw even more traffic as a result, if you make some changes to optimize your post accordingly. Just because a post was published at some point in the past doesn't mean that it can't be modified and made to be more effective. Read More »

Search Engine Traffic and Not-so-New Blogs

About six months ago I published a post here called Search Engine Traffic and New Blogs, which basically laid out my approach for building organic search traffic at Vandelay Design. At that time the blog was roughly a year old (although only "active" for about 8 months) and it had just drawn 17,000 search visitors in one month, which was by far a record month for the site. Since then the amount of search traffic has continued to rise steadily and it's helped me to observe some things about blogging along the way. Read More »

Search Engine Optimization for Local Business Results

This is a guest post written by David Brown. Within a month of submitting my Portland search engine optimization website to Google’s local business listings, I was pleased to find myself at the top of the rankings for the phrases, “Portland Web Design,” “Portland Search Engine Marketing,” and “Portland Search Engine Optimization.” However, these rankings quickly faded due to my lack of understanding toward local business optimization. Having identified this as a source of confusion for the majority of the search engine marketing community, I’m pleased to present some tips for moving up in the local business listings. Read More »