September 20, 2019

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Announcing the Lauch of Traffikd’s Website Evaluation Service, and a Special Contest for Readers

I'm happy to announce that website and blog evaluation services are now being offered through Traffikd! The purpose of these evaluations or reviews is to offer help to website owners and bloggers who want to improve the amount of traffic they are receiving at their site (and you can win a free evaluation - keeping reading below). Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time know that I highly believe in the use of social media marketing and I have personally benefited at my blogs from from being able to draw traffic in various ways, including social media. I get a lot of questions by email and blog comments from readers who want to know more about social media and other forms of marketing so they can put it into practice on their own sites, and I try to address these issues in blog posts. However, for those who want a more personalized approach and some guidance on putting things into practice, a service like this is more appropriate. Read More »

Increasing Pageviews Per Visitor

For bloggers and social media marketers, the desire to increase numbers of unique visitors to a site often overshadows an effort to increase the average number of pageviews per visitor. For those who are getting a high percentage of visitors via social media sites, convincing visitors to view multiple pages is sometimes seen as a lost cause. In reality, the blogger and the designer do have some influence on visitors in terms of encouraging extended visits, and even a small increase in average pageviews per visitor can result in significant gains in overall pageviews. Read More »

7 Ways to Improve Your Old Social Media Posts

As you build your blog's readership and you have some success with social media, you may find that some of your most popular posts are continuing to draw visitors long after they have been published. A few months down the road they are unlikely to still be seeing considerable traffic from social media (although StumbleUpon will sometimes continue to send traffic), but these posts tend to draw a stream of visitors from:

  • Inbound links from other websites and blogs
  • Search engines
  • Bookmarks
  • Internal links (popular posts lists for example)
While the number of daily pageviews may be overshadowed by your most recent posts, if you look at your stats over a longer period of time you may be surprised to see how many visitors are coming to your old posts that were big hits with social media. This presents a great opportunity that most of us don't maximize. Read More »

The Costs of Over Reliance On Social Media Traffic

Relying too heavily on social media traffic is pretty easy for bloggers to do. If you have some time to work on your blog you can go after social media and maybe see a few thousand visitors within 24 hours, or you can work on developing some other types of traffic that might lead to a trickle of 10-25 visitors ... Read More »

Search Engine Traffic & New Blogs

When the blog at was started about a year ago the primary motivation for the blog was to draw search engine traffic that would hopefully result in more business. Over the past year the search engine traffic has slowly increased and March was a landmark month with over 17,000 visitors arriving from search engines. While a one year-old blog ... Read More »

5 Flaws of Social Media Traffic

Social media websites provide some of the best opportunities for free traffic generation. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to social media traffic. Here are a few of the flaws and a look at what you can do to overcome them. 1 - It's Temporary With most social media sites, success equals a burst of traffic for a day or two, and then it's back to life as normal. While the surge in traffic can be exciting, it can be equally depressing when things return to status quo. How to overcome it: It is possible to get steady traffic from social media. To increase your chances you can post frequently, develop high quality content, build a strong profile, and focus on sites like StumbleUpon that send lasting traffic rather than sites like Digg. Read More »

6 Steps to Building Diversity In Traffic

Having multiple and diverse sources of traffic is important to the long-term success of any website. Although it can be tempting to only pursue the traffic sources that produce the most visitors, relying exclusively on a particular traffic source can have adverse effects. Diversity is important for the following reasons: Read More »