May 23, 2019

Keys to Developing Bookmarkable Content

Bookmarking sites, such as Delicious, create responses from users that are a bit different from other types of social media sites like Digg, Reddit, or StumbleUpon. Delicious is kind of a hybrid , part social media, part online service. Many Delicious users only get involved with the bookmarking aspect in order to keep track of their own links of interest. However, the front page of Delicious also shows the hottest links according to numbers of bookmarks, and there are also other pages of popular items according to tags.

The Delicious front page is overshadowed by Digg and StumbleUpon (SU is obviously a much different type of social media site), but it has the potential to directly send about 1,000 – 3,000 visitors to a page in one day, plus secondary results such as being listed on

Aside from the initial surge of traffic that comes from being on the front page of Delicious, bookmarks are able to draw repeat traffic over time as users return to the links that they have bookmarked, something that doesn’t happen with most other social media sites.

Although Delicious doesn’t get as much attention as Digg and StumbleUpon, from my experience it is more than worth your time as a marketer. (Note: at this time Delicious users tend to fall into the technical crowd, so if your site’s audience is not very tech-savvy you will be at a disadvantage if you intend to target Delicious for traffic.)

The Main Difference Between Delicious Users and General Social Media Users:

A Delicious user bookmarking a page functions essentially the same as a vote at Digg, Mixx, or Reddit in terms of getting your content to the front page. However, users don’t approach a bookmark like the would approach a vote at a social news site. In some ways it’s a bit harder to get a bookmark.

People don’t use Delicious to vote for popular content, although the are actually doing so every time they bookmark a page. Delicious users bookmark pages to simplify their life and organize their pages of interest. The key to getting on the front page of Delicious is to take these habits into consideration and create content that will lead them to bookmark your page.

When targeting Delicious users, think about what you can create that will save them time, make their life easier in some way, or give them something that they know they will want to come back to in the future. Take a look at the popular items on the front page of Delicious and you’ll see that most of them fit into these categories.

Some Proven Formulas that Work for Drawing Bookmarks:

1 – Resource Lists

Resource lists and link posts are a consistent producer for social media marketers. Although you’ll sometimes read of people getting sick of resource lists, they continually produce results because they can make people’s lives easier. The convenience of a resource list comes from the fact that readers can get everything they need right from one page. One of the most popular posts here at Traffikd is a collection of 100+ Flickr Resources. Many readers appreciate this post because rather than needing to visit 100 different places to find what they want, they can bookmark this one page and have everything in one place. Best of all, creating a successful resource list doesn’t take a tremendous amount of knowledge or experience. It only requires a good idea and the time to research and find the best resources to include.

2 – Guides and Tutorials

Posts that explain something step-by-step are great for bookmarks. As a Delicious user, if I see a tutorial that I think I can learn from, I’ll probably bookmark it. Most of the time I won’t be able to drop what I’m doing and go through the tutorial the moment I see it, so I’ll need to bookmark it for the future. Plus, even if I were to go through it right away, I may need to refer back to it at some point if I forget something and am in need of some help.

3 – Collections

Collections are somewhat the same as a resource list, but not always. On my primary blog, Vandelay Website Design, I occasionally post a collection of websites that have something in common, such as 50 of the Best Church Website Designs. This is a small gallery of designs that is intended to serve as inspiration for designers. It’s pretty similar to a resource list, but slightly different in my opinion.

4 – Tools

Online tools are also great for drawing bookmarks. Every now and then you’ll see a new tool released and it will quickly wind up on the Delicious front page. This was the case about a month ago with the 960 Grid System tool that was released for web designers. It helps designers build a grid-based layout for their website. Most importantly, it will save time for users, so a lot of people choose to bookmark the page for future reference.

5 – A Useful Service

Services also at times can draw a good response from Delicious users. Some people will come across a service that they may be interested in, but they aren’t going to take action right away. This is a bit more difficult to market than the other items listed here, but this does result in front page appearances for some pages.

Types of Content that Produce Results on Other Social Media Sites but will Generally not Draw Bookmarks:

Just like Delicious users tend to bookmark certain types of pages, they also tend not to bookmark some other types of pages. All of these approaches can work well with other social media sites, but rarely with Delicious.

1- Humor

2- Gossip

3 – Pictures/Videos

4 – News (unless the site has a ton of traffic, like TechCrunch)

5 – Opinion/Controversy

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  1. Thanks for writing this post! Definitely bookmarkable lol

  2. I am always confused with delicious bookmarking system. I dont know how to get on the front page or get more comments.
    Thanks for your tips.

  3. blogger,
    to get to the front page you’ll need about 100 bookmarks.

  4. Just adding to what i wrote about on a previous comment.

    Since I was quite taken aback with how popular my first couple of chicklets were, more a one of really for my own site, I realised I could really create a page or two on my site that would in theory be the most valuable page in terms of what I currently have to offer.

    So rather than just keep creating posts with new updates, I also created a Chicklet Page, that gets updates whenever a new one is made.

    So this is easily bookmarkable and findable, and it’s a growing collection even if people just pop back from time to time.

    YOu cover so much in this article, and I can see the benefits of so many other methods. For me I am not a Uber Blogger Nut, I have many other things going on, so for that reason I the blog is not the be all and end all.

    For me this bookmarkable content is a great way to ensure I don’t fall off the map entirely, even if I can’t write any significant articles, knocking up several new chicklets evey few days is pretty manageable, quick post about it and thats some of my fresh google juice. Helps keep things ticking along…

    Even Sean from Profilactic now uses my ‘Powered by Profilactic’ badge for his official ‘takeaway’ mashup feeds. SO anyone who uses this code on their own site will have my logo on it. I was quite chuffed. :0) Sorry, digressing.

    The other aspect for me is the photos and the desktop pics that I create from time to time. I create around 14 unique sizes, not just resized, but all reposistined and sized carefull. This is another great recourse for people that I am seeing people wanting to come back for.

    So I guess it shows you just dont need to hand out loads of links, write great in-depth articles, you can provide alternative personaly created recources that people do enjoy visiting and downloading. If only I could find a way to track the downloads and who bookmarks my sites (do you have any ideas).

    SOrry been a bit quite recently, been feeling quite the unwell bunny. So going through all your updates and my, you have been really busy with this site. Good stuff. Just dont ‘Burn Out’ man, trust me, it’s not nice.

    After my breakdown, my ability to deal with levels of work and stress is less that 50% of what it was for about 20 years, which is very frustrating. This week has been a burn out week after working non-stop for some time. It bites you in the ass…

  5. Graham,
    I think those are great examples of bookmarkable content. I’ve been thinking about writing a post on using blog pages for drawing links rather than posts. The pages tend to be good for things that are a bit for timeless like the things you mentioned. Really great examples, thanks for sharing.

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