August 19, 2018

Marketers Guide to is not only a great resource for internet users to keep track of bookmarks, but it is also one of the best ways for website owners to market their site. Everyday pages that are on the front page of receive a few thousand visitors and gain a number of bookmarks from users. Throughout this article we’ll take a look at how works and what you can do to use it to promote your website.

Introduction to

If you are not familiar with or other bookmark managers, it is basically a place to store all of your favorite pages. You have probably used the bookmarks or favorites feature of your internet browser. provides the same benefits but in a much more efficient manner.

To start with, new users will need to create an account with (which is free). Once you have an account you can download a toolbar for your browser of choice. The toolbar will allow you to easily bookmark any page that you are on. So, when you visit a page that you think you may want at some point in the future, you can “tag” it to save it. will then prompt you to add several descriptive one-word tags to categorize the page. The tagging system is a key to, as you will find when you want to retrieve a page.

Now, in the future when you want to find a page that you bookmarked, you will go to your page, mine is On the right side of the screen you’ll see a listing of all the tags that you have used to save pages. By clicking on the tags you’ll be sorting the bookmarks to find only those that have that particular tag. So as you can see, accurately tagging bookmarks is key. also has a search feature that you can use.

If you are using your browser to keep track of your bookmarks you probably struggling with the folders and keeping the number of bookmarks to a manageable number. With’ tagging system you can keep track of a huge number of pages without any problems. Also, your bookmarks are available in any browser on any computer.

Ok, so this covers the basics of how works, but how can it be beneficial for marketing a website ? The front page of shows 12 pages that are popular with users, based on the number of bookmarks that they have received. If a page from your website makes it to the front page it will stay there for a few hours, receive about a thousand visitors or more, rack up even more bookmarks, and gain exposure in front of a lot of users. In addition, the more bookmarks you get, the more repeat traffic you are likely to get when users return to their bookmarks.

Marketing a Website with

First of all, why should you use to market your site instead of some other method? One of the biggest strengths of when compared to other social media websites is the amount of repeat traffic that you can generate. Many social media sites create a quick rush of traffic and then it ends. With you should always be receiving a small flow of repeat traffic as users return to the pages that they have bookmarked. Additionally, the volume of traffic that popular items receive can be very significant.

Another strength of is that it leads to more inbound links than other social media websites. While the links that come directly from use nofollow tags, many popular pages will get a lot of links from other websites and blogs as a result of being found on offers users the option to post their bookmarks each day to their blog. So every time one of these users bookmarks one of your pages you will be getting a link from their blog. When one of your pages becomes popular you’ll probably see it getting links from several of these users. Of course inbound links are beneficial for click-through traffic and for improved search engine rankings.

If one of your pages becomes popular with it will also be listed on, which will also send a few hundred visitors. Popurls provides links to the top items on, Digg, Reddit and several other popular social media sites.

Traffic and links aren’t the only reason to strive for popularity on Being shown as one of the popular items on the front page can serve to build name recognition and build your reputation as an authority in your field.

In order to get substantial results you will need to strive to reach the front page by getting a significant number of users to bookmark your page. It is possible to get some exposure and repeat traffic without reaching the front page, but the results will be much less substantial than if you had reached the front page.

What Works Well? users tend to be very tech-savvy, and as a result you’ll see a high percentage of pages that make the front page focus on some aspect of technology. If your website or blog covers anything tech-related you will have an advantage. If you cover topics that have nothing to do with technology you may have a harder time, but it is certainly still possible to reach the front page. Most sites that target non-tech audiences will have a very small percentage of readers that are users.

Resource lists are very popular with users. People bookmark pages that they think may be useful in the future. If you can put a number of valuable resources all on one page that will save them time, you’ll be likely to get a lot of bookmarks. One of the most successful resource lists I’ve created was 77 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Web Designer, which has almost 3,000 bookmarks. This post is really only links to other resources that can save time on web design projects. People like saving time, and as a result the post has drawn a lot of bookmarks.

Typical blog posts and other articles tend to not draw enough bookmarks to make it to the front page. Like I said earlier, people bookmark things that they will want to come back to in the future and things that will save them time. As a result, traditional articles will usually not get enough bookmarks. Of course there are some exceptions. The best way to get a lot of bookmarks to an article is to get the article to become popular on another social media site like Digg, which will send thousands of visitors and increase the number of people that see the article.

Strong, attention-grabbing titles are also important. Pages and blog posts with great titles tend to attract more bookmarks. Once an item has made it to the front page, the title is one of the most important factors in determining how many additional bookmarks it will receive. A strong title will increase the amount of click-throughs, which will also increase the number of bookmarks.

Keys to Making the Front Page of

The key to making the front page can be broken down quite simply: create something that people will want to use in the future and get enough users to the page to receive the necessary amount of bookmarks. Of course this isn’t always easy.

I mentioned earlier that resource lists tend to do very well on If you want to market with this should be great news. One of the advantages to using resource lists is that they are easy to create. They may take a lot of time to gather together, but they do not necessarily require a lot of knowledge or experience. Writing a great blog post is more difficult than creating a popular resource list. For this reason anyone can have success with, even brand new bloggers.

The amount of traffic that comes to a page will affect its chances of popularity on The more traffic it gets, the more potential bookmarks it can receive. Likewise, if a page only gets a few visitors, how is it going to get enough bookmarks to reach the front page? Equally as important as the number of visitors is the number of users that visit the page. A page can get 10,000 visitors in a day, but it none of them are users it won’t be getting any bookmarks.

Methods for Success

1 – Funnel traffic

Because the amount of traffic that comes to a page will influence how many bookmarks it gets, you’ll want to focus on funneling traffic from other sources in hopes that it will lead to bookmarks and popularity with For example, submitting a page to other social media sites may result in increased traffic from those other sites that will lead to more bookmarks. If your page is tech-related, focus on submitting it to niche social media sites that also target tech-savvy users as you will get more visitors that use If you already have a huge amount of traffic to your site this may not be an issue, but for 99% of us it is an issue.

2 – Show the number of bookmarks on the page

One of the best resources that I have found for increasing bookmarks is the Tagometer Badge from will provide you with the code, and all you have to do is insert it in your page where you want the badge to appear. The badge will then give visitors an easy way to bookmark the page, and more importantly it will show how many people have already bookmarked. If a visitor sees that 50 other people have already bookmarked the page it may encourage them to do the same. FeedBurner provides a similar feature with their FeedFlare that can be implemented into your pages.

3 – Cater to the masses

Give users what they want. Rather than trying to get something to the front page that doesn’t fit with the interests of users, try using something like a tech-related resource list. Especially if you haven’t had much experience with, study what types of content are becoming popular and come up with some ideas of your own that would fit.

4 – Share with friends in your network

Although the networking aspect of has less impact on what becomes popular than the networking system on many other social media sites, you can still gain some bookmarks by sharing your pages with your network. When your are looking at your page you will see those users who are in your network on the right side of the screen. When you are bookmarking your page and creating tags you can send it you those in your network. For example, if you wanted to share it with me you would use the tag “for:vandelaydesign”. Just like any other social media site, you can have more success by leveraging your network from time-to-time.

What’s Your Experience?

Have you had good results with What has or hasn’t worked for you?

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  1. Quite funny to see that different bloggers prefer different social media sites. Recently I read about how great SU traffic was and that Digg wasn’t as good. This time we’re hearing that is great, and I can see your point with the repeat visitors.

    You have some valid points in this post, but still, every bloggers has his own favorite social media site.

  2. has the advantage of being very quick and easy, and these are really your bookmarks. DIGGing and Stumbling your own sites is frowned on. Nobody minds if you save a bookmark to your own pages.
    Great post, I just happened have gotten a account a few days ago. This will help.

  3. MrCooker,
    I think Digg, SU, and delicious are all great resources, they just all work differently and have different strengths and weaknesses.

    I’m glad it helped.

  4. Steven, this is a good all-around guide.

    Regarding #3, I’d recommend people look for inspiration in what’s currently popular and what has been popular, which is easy with the /popular pages on delicious.

    If readers want concrete examples of the suggestions you make, they can see what happened with my hit:

    The Success Checklist I Used To Hit #1 on, with Resulting Screenshots –

  5. Great insight into… but I tend to agree with “MrCooker” and his statement about preferences among bloggers. I also think the success that particular blogger gets on a site, will obviously sway what they have to say about it.

    You’ve got some great points here 🙂

    Maria Reyes-McDavis

  6. I have about a 1,000 bookmarks on delicious, but never submit my own stuff, I’ll give it a try and see what works

  7. Great article! i have been pretty into Stumble Upon and have found ways to use it to promote clients but i have not been that educated about thanks for the resource.

  8. Very informative, thank you.

    I came across your post researching the value of Delicious to people trying to build a business online.

    I notice the guys promoting software and services, for the now popular mass submission strategy to bookmarking sites, and most love to push the massive power of the PR8 authority that Delicious has and how powerful bookmarking their own “money” pages with Delicious is to them.

    I don’t personally subscribe to this train of thought as, thinking it through, this would just end up with all the spam junk having high profile links and Google, being a smart cookie, would probably start to ignore links from Delicious which is not the case.

    I think it has cleared up some misconceptions for me but could you confirm that for Delicious to have any value in a marketing effort you need to, well, follow your informative advice above, and that just having a page bookmarked in Delicious does not automatically mean a PR8 back link.

    Thanks again,


  9. Hi Ade,
    Delicious uses nofollow tags on all links, so getting a link from Delicious isn’t really going to do anything for Google rankings. What does happen though is getting exposure from Delicious results in links from other bloggers, which do not use nofollow tags. So from my experience it’s not the actual link from Delicious itself that is significant for SEO purposes, but rather the links that come as a result of exposure on Delicious.

  10. Thanks Steve,

    Appreciate your reply,


  11. I have not spent a lot of time using but that was mostly because I did not really know where to start. Thanks for sharing.

  12. @ade:

    Anyone trying to post product links to delicious isn’t doing a very good job at marketing. This rarely ever works.

    The right way is to create a blog with good content and post the links to that content.

  13. You should write an article this awesome about getting posts up on the front page of reddit now that digg seems to be dead and isn’t used as much.

  14. I just joined so am a bit disapointed that you say that it is more useful for technology related pages. I like that it can be used just to save your own bookmarks though so I will keep using it. I heard today it has been bought by the guys that started YouTube so it may be in for a revamp. I also joined Reddit which is different again

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