August 20, 2018

3 Tips for Marketing More Effectively With can be a great source of traffic, inbound links, and exposure, but most marketers (including myself) tend to not use it as effectively as possible. You’ve probably seen a number of articles about making posts that are attractive to users in order to increase the number of bookmarks that you receive, but here are 3 additional tips for increasing the effectiveness of your efforts.

1. Don’t forget the networking aspect

For users it’s easy to overlook the fact that you can network with other users. When compared with other social media sites, the social aspect of is pretty minor. There aren’t a lot of fancy features, but you can still add other to your network, view their bookmarks (if they aren’t private) and share links with those in your network. When you’re hoping to get something to the front page, every bookmark counts. If you can pick up a few easy bookmarks by sharing the link with your friends you’ll be a little bit closer to reaching your goal.

If you are interested in growing your network there are a few things you can do. First, you can include a link to your page from your website (or from anywhere that you have a profile) so that others can add you. You can even use one of the official badges that provides for this purpose. Also, ask your friends who are users for their id and add them to your network.

The networking part of will probably never be as significant as the networking on StumbleUpon and Digg as far as which submissions receive the most traffic, but every little bit helps.

2. Create focused content

The best way to get to the front page of is to specifically create a resource that users are likely to bookmark. If you’ve done any optimizing for, you already know this and you probably have an idea of what types of resources and articles do well. What may be forgotten is creating content with a purpose.

Pages that become popular with tend to receive a lot of inbound links. Pages that have a lot of inbound links tend to rank well with search engines. Rather than just creating something that you think will have a good chance of making it to the front page, consider key words and phrases that you would like to rank well for with search engines. Brainstorm some possibilities of creating content that will 1) target these words and phrases, 2) do well with, 3) draw links using those words in the anchor text, and 4) as a result give your rankings a boost.

Many links that come as a result of popularity will use the post or page title in the anchor text. For this reason you will want to carefully consider the title. Not only is the title itself important for SEO purposes, but the anchor text on the resulting inbound links will also be important. In fact, many of the links that you will receive from being on the front page are actually just users that automatically publish their bookmarks on their blog at the end of each day (this is a feature that offers to users). These links will use the title as anchor text, so choose a title carefully.

3. Use to brand yourself

Many users visit the front page very frequently to see what is popular. I know I visit it several times throughout the day. If you are able to make it to the front page repeatedly, people will start to remember you and view you as an authority on your subject. After all, if hundreds of people are bookmarking your pages you must be doing something right.

Keeping your content (at least the content that is targeting focused on your primary topic can help you to effectively brand yourself. Using your site/blog name in the title can also help too, as it will make it easier for users to recognize you.

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  1. Delicious was one of those sites that was up and running a long time before I had joined anything else.

    Yet it remains one of those app’s that just works in the background for me. I really don’t use it for anything other than ‘bookmarking’, which I guess is the point.

    I have often thought that it had so much more potential in use for me, but never really spent time looking into it.

    This post here has given me some ‘motivation’ to try and use this great idea a lot more.


  2. I fully agree with you Graham.
    I have been using it more and more for a research tool. Rather Googling something, I’ll go on delicious and see what pops up.

  3. How about including your delicious link in your posts about delicious…mine is

  4. It’s a swap…

    Although I am setting up a new account and moving all my bookmarks over. Grahamsblog is a bit redundant now, and does not reflect my current situation.

    I have been looking into the Link and Tag Rolls that you can create from Delicious, which looks fun and useful. Not sure how this would interfere or benefit any Google rankings, as these would be classed at link bait? Or is the fact that they would appear on a sidebar and not a post a problem?

    This is a great post, simple, but has really got me thinking about using Delicious so much more. Didn’t relise how many great links I have.

    Do you use the Firefox plugin that embeds your Delicious links into the browser and automatically adds them any time you bookmark via firefox?

  5. I have two Delicious toobars, why I am not sure…must have downloaded the firefox extension and the Delicious bookmark tool?

  6. My delicious URL is

    When I first heard about online bookmark managers a few years ago I wondered why anyone would use one. Now, obviously I see why. I kind of became familiar with delicious when 2 of my posts hit the front page, so I first approached it strictly from a marketing perspective. I fell in love with the product though and I use it everyday. It’s so convenient to use, and of course I still like attempting to get a lot of bookmarks to my blog. My primary blog was actually on the front page today. The only 2 tools I use are the firefox toolbar, and on my blog I use the tagometer badge, which shows how many people have bookmarked the post.

    Yeah, I recently started using it as a search engine at times, and it’s surprisingly really good.

  7. Im all hyped up now over Delicious the next incarnation.

    Looks, excuse the pun ‘delicious’. Tried to sign for the official preview, but ‘sold out’.

    But from what I read, looks pretty neat. Have you heard much about it? Any insider gossip?

  8. I really haven’t heard anything aside from articles like that one. I think a fresh look will be a big improvement to a great resource.

  9. Since my earlier comments, I have really taken Delicious to heart. It’s a daily feature for me now, checking out the top sites, adding new bookmarks… what I am doing more of is sharing and sending my bookmarks to other people on my network anytime I come across something that they may be interested in.

    So this was a very useful post, even more now. 🙂

    Evolving Ideas to Print & Digital Media

  10. Thanks Graham,
    I’m glad to hear it.

  11. I am new at this. And I got totally lost the first time I hit Delicious. I’ll go back and try to figure it out again. Thanx.

  12. Your posts just keep on getting better and better 🙂

  13. ou are absolutely right. Jim Rohn said (as well as many others) that you will have whatever you want in this lifetime if you can help enough people get what they want. It stems from an abundance mentality which is the only real way to live

  14. Very nice tips provided here, however, could you please let me know how to become a fan of other delicious user. Also is there any good application which can be installed with our bookmarks like the facebook has?

  15. I’m just about ready to start using Delicious. Your article shed a bit more light than others I’ve read. I didn’t think of using Delicious as a networking benefit, but with enough quality and focused articles it just makes sense that networking will happen instead of just posting an article on another ezine site in hopes of getting syndicated. I’ll get more out of my efforts with Delicious. Thx for the information.

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