April 20, 2018

Delicious Makes it to the Delicious Front Page

One of my favorite web 2.0 sites has launched a re-designed version today. Delicious looks more modern and a bit more inviting than it did just yesterday. And the big news, Delicious made its own front page! Ok, so it’s not really big news, but I thought it was kind of funny.

As Delicious users probably know, URLs that are currently getting a lot of bookmarks will appear on the front page, similar to most social news sites displaying the most popular submissions. Well, at the time this post is being written Delicious is on their own front page with 271 bookmarks.

The image below shows the new look. Another notable change is that the familiar URL del.icio.us is now being forwarded to Delicious.com. There are also a number of other new features, you can check them out at the what’s new page.

New Delicious

Read TechCrunch’s announcement about Delicious 2.0.

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  1. Hmm… I don’t find the new design more inviting than the previous one. On the other hand, I’m happy that they didn’t go for a radical change.

    I’m also glad that their staff seems to be genuinely interested in listening to users and taking suggestions into consideration. Other social media sites should look at this positive example. 😉

  2. That was an interesting observation Steven… I agree with Karen on the new design that even though there are some new features, they are not all that great.. I still use Delicious (been using it for longer so its a matter of habit) but I’m enjoying Diigo more nowadays

    I noticed earlier today that your post on WordPress design inspiration was on the top.. so Congrats! It was a nice feeling to be able to say ‘I know some of the top delicious users’ if not Diggers 🙂

    Oh, I just noticed I’m in your blogroll.. that’s so nice of you Steven.. thanks..

  3. Karen,
    I don’t see a huge difference either, but I still like the usability of the site. I only use it to keep tabs on my bookmarks and check what’s hot a few times per day. For me it works very well. I agree though that the design isn’t any more inviting, although it does seem a bit more modern/current.

    I haven’t tried Diigo, maybe I should check it out.

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