August 24, 2019

RSS Awareness Day is May 1st

Although most of us that use blogs and social media rely on RSS in our everyday lives, the vast majority of internet users still have no clue what RSS is, and even fewer take advantage of the power and convenience that it offers. Daniel Scocco of Daily Blog Tips is trying to make a difference by declaring May 1st as RSS Awareness Day. Daniel’s goal is to get as many of us as possible to write about any aspect of RSS on May 1st to help get the word out and hopefully get attention from mainstream media, and he’s willing to bribe you for your participation. Well, I guess it’s not really a bribe, but if you mention RSS Awareness Day you’ll be in the drawing for a bunch of great, valuable prizes that are listed on his blog.

As online marketers, I believe that we have a lot to gain if a greater percentage of general internet users start to adopt RSS as a part of their daily internet usage. This would open up new opportunities and it would greatly expand our audience. I plan to publish something relevant to RSS on one of my blogs May 1st, and I hope you will consider doing the same.

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  1. While the issue is somewhat important and I can support the idea, I think choosing May Day for that is the worst idea I heard in a long time. Why not on the 4th of July, 9-11 or on Thanksgiving?
    It shows real disrespect for a holiday that millions of people cherish around the world:

  2. Tad,
    Personally, I’m American and I wouldn’t really care if it was chosen to be on the 4th of July or any of the days you mentioned. It’s certainly not going to take anything away from a holiday. You have a right to your opinion though.

  3. Isn’t May 1st Labour Day, or Worker’s Day or May Day?
    Oh well, everyone should be aware of wonderful RSS!

  4. I’m writing my post for it now. I think it’s a great idea and I hope it catches on!

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