April 25, 2018

Interview with Israel Lagares of Health Ranker

About a week or two ago I got an email from Israel Lagares introducing me to Health Ranker and requesting that it be added to my list of categorized social media sites. As I read through the information that Israel sent to me about Health Ranker, I thought it would be beneficial for readers to do an interview with him about the site.

I won’t get into too many details about the site because the interview covers all the basics, but essentially Health Ranker is a very new niche social media site that targets the health and fitness industry and it is quickly becoming a go-to source for information in the industry.

Health Ranker

I’m always intrigued by successful niche social media sites and I think there are some things that all bloggers and marketers can learn through an interview like this one. So without wasting any more time, off to the questions.

1. Can you tell our readers a little bit about Health Ranker and your motivation for starting the site?

Health Ranker is a social media/news site that is dedicated to all things health, where we encourage our community to spread health news and information. Simply put, it’s like a digg for health. I came up with the idea after realizing that other major social media sites, the big boys, were just not cutting it for health. From a readers perspective, I kept finding that health stories on these sites were not getting the attention they deserve. It was also insanely impossible from a bloggers perspective (I have a weight loss blog) to try and get any exposure from the big “general” sites.

2. How would you describe the target audience?

Our target audience includes anyone interested in health news and information. From casual readers to intense social media users to writers/bloggers wanting to get some extra exposure to their sites and possibly get some story ideas, we try and target those kinds of individuals.

3. Where do you see Health Ranker going in the future?

I see, in the very near future, Health Ranker being a very popular source for health news and information. It has only been a few weeks since our launch and we have already had some great developments. Our voting button has been added to the very popular Diet Blog and Medical News Today. We have also begun a white label service, whereby we become the “health section” for web portals. Our first release should be in 3 weeks. We have also set up strategic partnerships with health sites that will help bring more exposure to the site.

4. Can you tell us a little bit about the benefits of using a social media site built specifically for the health niche rather than using a general news site like Digg?

Where do I begin!? It’s more targeted. No need to filter through endless garbage stories. It’s important to note that each story submission on Health Ranker is checked by a human editor. Some submissions may get by, but we eventually catch them all. This makes for a far better user experience. We have story submissions from small blogs to gigantic mainstream media news sites, so there is something for everyone. As a site owner, it also helps you with your marketing and search engine rankings. I’m not saying to strictly stick to niche social media sites, but you should definitely take advantage of them if they exist in your niche. By targeting sites in your niche, it is more likely that readership and targeted traffic will go up for your site. I won’t even get into the search engine benefits of Health Ranker. I will leave that to Steven…

5. What have you done to promote the site and get users in the early weeks and months of the site?

Three things: I launched the site via my blog, I spoke to a few good friends in my niche (see point above), and I sent a introduction emails to sites I thought would be interested. Health Ranker has not had any exposure from any major sites, so I am very encouraged with where we are at right now. It has been welcomed with open arms and it’s only the beginning.

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