May 23, 2019

3 Blogs Every Internet Marketer Should Follow

I used to subscribe to just about any marketing, social media, or blogging-related blog that I cam across. Over a period of time I drastically cut back on the number of blogs that I follow, and now I can do a better job of focusing on the highest quality content that is relevant to my own situation. If you’re interested in learning more about internet marketing or if you’d like to start making money online in 2010, I highly recommend that you subscribe to these three blogs.



ViperChill is run by Glen Allsopp, who is a young but proven marketer. Glen has worked as a social media manager with some very large companies, and he’s also built several of his own websites that now allow him to travel the world and work on his own terms.

This year Glen has some lofty goals for his business and he is documenting everything on ViperChill. His goal is to build a million dollar website (one that earns $30,000 profit per month and could be sold for $1 million) in 2010. This provides a very interesting and helpful case study for anyone who is looking to learn more about building a successful business online.

The Smart Passive Income Blog

The Smart Passive Income Blog

I first came across The Smart Passive Income Blog a few months ago through a comment on ViperChill and I subscribed after quickly checking out the blog. Pat writes about his own strategies and experience in passive marketing, something I need to learn more about. I’ve been able to increase my blogging income significantly over the past two years, however it is anything but passive.

Each month Pat shares his income report which breaks down how much money he has made from various projects and how it compares to the previous month. I’ve found the content here to be of excellent quality and usefulness.

The Keyword Academy

The Keyword Academy

Courtney Tuttle is a very successful internet marketer and he shares a lot of great content at The Keyword Academy. The site is a mixture of a blog and a membership-based site, but the free content on the blog is something that every internet marketer can learn from. Courtney will frequently issue a challenge to himself and to his readers and then he’ll report on his own progress and reveal some of the strategies that he’s used.

What I appreciate the most about The Keyword Academy is that there is no fluff. Court is very straightforward and he tells it like it is, without the hype. The content focus on subjects like keyword research, SEO, AdSense, affiliate marketing and more.

Any Suggestions?

What marketing blogs do you follow?

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  1. Thanks for the mention Steven!

    Great to see Pat here as well who is a good friend of mine.

    I knew about Courtney, but no the keyword academy so checking that out now.

  2. Hey Steven, thanks so much for the feature – and a timely one at that, since I just updated my blog with my latest income report 😉

    Anyways, to answer your question, I also follow the big guys, like Yaro from and Jeremy from, but I’ve found some gems at places like Josh Spaulding’s site (, and Mark Mason’s site too (

    Thanks again, and I wish you all the best.

  3. You’re welcome Glen. The two things I like best about the Keyword Academy is the case studies that Court does and the fact that he cuts out fluff and says it like it is.

    You’re welcome Pat. I’m relatively new to your blog but it is one of the few in the niche that I follow. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  4. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. These are great for people trying to make heads or tails of social media. Thank you for sharing these. They really help ground people in the power of social media and why they should stick with it, even through the frustration they may be experiencing.


  6. Great recommendations! I added all three to my bookmarking sites. As an online marketer it is always nice to be inspired by great blogs that contain great content. Thanks again!

  7. Great websites listed above. Im glad that Glen made the list as I am a avid follower of his blog. I look forward to my blog being featured here one day.


  8. I read ViperChill already but SmartPassiveIncome is new to me and a great resource. Im just starting up some blogs and any good info is welcome 🙂

    Thanks for a good post!

  9. I knew about the viper chill but the other two blogs are also nice. I have read some of their articles, they were good.

    Thanks for telling us…

  10. What’s the best way to begin keyword research for a newbie? There are lots of inexpensive utilites on the web but which ones are the most efficient to use.

  11. Bullseye on ViperChill and Smart Passive Income blogs. Those are EXCELLENT blogs. I did not know about the 3rd site, and will check that out right now. Thank you for sharing!

    p.s. I would add to your list

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