September 20, 2019

Cloud Living Now Available From Glen Allsopp

Cloud Living

One of my friends has just launched a new product that I think may be of interest to many Traffikd readers. Glen Allsopp has written an e-book, Cloud Living, based on his experiences from making a five-figure monthly income from his websites. Cloud Living is actually more than an e-book, it includes 6 tutorial videos, an optimized affiliate site template, and an small e-book with instructions for tweaking the template.

About Glen:

I was first introduced to Glen through his blog PluginHQ (was called ViperChill at the time). He was posting some excellent content about social media marketing and I was just getting started with my blog, so the content was a huge help to me.

Glen’s expertise in social media and online marketing helped him to land some work with very large corporations that needed his services for marketing and reputation management, while he was still a teenager. Earlier this year Glen decided to focus on his own websites and has been self-employed making money through the methods he teaches in Cloud Living.

What You Will Find in Cloud Living:

Cloud Living is a large (177 pages) e-book that covers two different ways to make money online, and everything that is involved. The book includes information about buying a domain name and hosting, finding the right niche and products to promote, setting up the site, and of course, promoting the site.

The two topics that Glen covers are minisites and blogs. The book is divided nicely into two separate sections so you can read just one or both, depending on your interests. Glen walks through the process of setting up each kind of site and what is involved in making it successful.

What I Got Out of Cloud Living:

I have been blogging for a few years now and that is where a good portion of my income is generated, but I have very little experience with minisites. I quickly read through the blogging section, but for me, the information on minisites was much more valuable (of course, this will depend on the reader and where your experiences and interests are).

What I appreciated about Cloud Living is that you can tell that Glen takes a very upfront and honest approach. He doesn’t make any outrageous claims and you can tell that he actually does care about helping his readers to become successful. Because of this, he really covers everything that you need to know to set up a profitable minisite, even if you are new to online marketing. At the end of the section there is literally a checklist of steps that you need to take, which is great for putting the information into action for yourself.

I won’t get into the details of what is covered in the book, but I can say that if you have been wanting to learn how to make money online, or if you have tried before but didn’t really know what to do or where you went wrong, the step-by-step instructions and explanations will give you a clear picture of the process.

Why I Recommend Cloud Living:

First of all, I know Glen and I know that he has been very successful in his work over the past few years. In Cloud Living he has obviously spent a lot of time and effort to put his knowledge into an e-book that will be able to help others who want to duplicate his success. I have read some other e-books that cover great ways to make money online, but at the end of the book you are kind of confused or unsure about actually putting it into practice. One of the big strengths of Cloud Living is that it is written as a guidebook that will lead you through the steps that you need to take, plus it provides plenty of explanation so you actually understand it.

If you are looking to for some trustworthy guidance about making a living online, I recommend that you check out Cloud Living.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post, however, it does contain affiliate links. I have personally reviewed the product and can recommend it without hesitation.

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  1. awwwsome review

    glen is real deal.

    good personal friend of mine.

    the info in this guide helped me set up my site.

    full real deal.

    and he’s offering a money back guarantee 😉 told me so himself…

  2. hey steven!!

    okay. to be honest. the last comment was copied and pasted from another site reviewing cloud living 🙂

    but now that i actually read it… haha.

    really solid review.

    you actually talk about the content and glen – unlike quite a few of the other reviews i’ve checked out…

    also super cool that you’ve been following glen since viperchill days 😀

    i’m exactly the same in what i got out of it. been blogging for a while and learnt all about it. minisite section really helped me and got me thinking.

    also really liked seeing glen’s stats and hearing those little tricks you otherwise wouldn’t figure out.

    glen helped me set up my site and we’ve been good friends for aaaages (when he was in south africa) so all the content in this book manifested in my site before he even wrote the book

    just finished writing my own “anti-review”. chchcheck it out for a uh, different perspective 🙂


    all the best
    alex – unleash realtiy

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