April 20, 2018

13 Marketplaces for Buying and Selling Websites

Buying and selling websites has become a big business. Some bloggers and website owners build their site with the intentions of selling at some point, and others decide to sell because their priorities change or because they can get a considerable amount of money for their site.

Whatever your situation, if you are looking to buy or sell a website there are a number of resources and marketplaces available. This post will give you some basic details of 13 different places to buy or sell.

SitePoint Marketplace

The SitePoint Marketplace is probably the most popular place among bloggers for buying and selling. To post a listing you will need to purchase credits, the amount will depend on the type of listing. There’s a pretty good variety of what’s available at SitePoint in terms of size of site and cost.

Digital Point Forums

The Digital Point Forums are another popular choice. The listings are broken down ino domains, sites, content, templates, etc.  In order to post a listing you will need to have been a member for at least 14 days and have posted at least 25 messages to the forum.

Website Auction Hub

Website Auction Hub will allow you to post an auction for free. There are a number of different categories including domains, established sites, turnkey sites and more. There are also sections for advertising your services or exchanging links.

Webmaster-Talk Marketplace

Webmaster-Talk is one of the leading forums for web designers and developers and anyone else involved in building or promoting websites. The site also has a marketplace for buying and selling websites, domains, templates and more. Listing a site for sale is free.


eBay is of course the largest auction site of any kind. It’s not the best place for selling an established site if you’re looking to maximize the selling price, but with it’s large audience it can be an appealing option in some situations. Standard eBay fees apply to listing and selling websites.


FlipSquare is an auction site specifically for selling websites and domain names. There seems to be a limited amount of activity on most listings. You’ll have to purchase credits in order to list a site for sale, but I’m unable to find how many credits it requires without buying credits first.


WebsiteBroker is ideal for selling established, profitable websites. It has a more professional audience and many of the listings are higher priced than at many of the other marketplaces listed here. The standard listing for selling a site is free, or you can pay $24.95 for a 30 day premiere listing.


Most-Listed is a marketplace run by Suffolk Software. Most-Listed is actually an aggregator of other marketplaces, so it is ideal for buying, but not as good for selling. You can send an email through the site to be considered for a featured listing, but there is not much posted here.

Deal A Site

Deal A Site has a good number of sites listed for sale. Getting your site listed is free, at least for now. Listings are organized by category as well as by PageRank.


BuySellWebsites claims to be the #1most visited marketplcae for selling a website. To get your site listed for sale you can pay $59 for a two-week listing or $99 for a two-month listing.


BizBuySell is actually a marketplace for selling businesses, but there is a separate section for selling internet businesses.

Website Properties Inc.

Website Properties.com is an internet business broker that specializes in selling websites and internet businesses. To start the process of selling through Website Properties you can request a free consultation.

Website Marketplace

Listing a site for sale at Website Marketplace is free. with upgrade options. They also offer an escrow service to handle the exhange of money and the domain name. This is a very professional marketplace with many high-priced businesses and websites for sale. The cost for a listing ranges from $59.95 to $99.95 for two months.

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  1. There’s an error in your round-up.

    http://www.buysellwebsite.com/ is not the most highly trafficked marketplace. SitePoint.com gets loads more traffic.

  2. Matt,
    No, that’s not an error. It says “BuySellWebsites claims to be the #1 most visited marketplace,” which is true. I’m not saying they are the number #1 most-visited, because I don’t think they are, just that they claim to be #1.

  3. What a great list! I am always looking for new websites to find websites for sale! thanks

  4. Nice article! 🙂 Just come in my mind to sell my website, but not. it’s not decent yet to sell my website, may be I’ll think about it later.

  5. What about Sedo.com and their GreatDomains.com?

  6. another great resource article


  7. I prefer Digital Point Forums

  8. I think your list of resources is excellent. Also keep in mind that Sitepoint.com’s marketplace has been spun off to Flippa.com. Kudos on your post.

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