New materials for turf projects are eco friendly

If you have ever heard of synthetic turf then you have probably also heard about the concerns that go along with it. People are often worried about synthetic turf because it is not natural grass but it is acting like it. It looks like natural grass, it feels like natural grass, the only part that throws it off is that it is made of rubbery plastic. But that is the thing about synthetic turf, it might be made out of plastic and it might not be real grass, but this turf can be just as eco friendly as natural grass. Maybe even more eco friendly.

See, natural grass is eco friendly because it is natural. It grows on the earth so it is good for the earth. But all of the things we put into the ground to keep our lawns looking fresh is actually harming the planet. We spray for weeds and bugs, these are harmful chemicals that we are not just spraying the grass blades with but it is also seeping into the soil and going into the planet. Not to mention the gas powered mowers that we use to trim our lawns when they get too big.

With synthetic turf you do not have to worry about putting any harmful chemicals into the ground or trimming the grass because it is not going to grow any weeds and bugs aren’t going to hang out in these plastic blades.

And even better, the new material that these turfs are being made out of is recyclable the turf business is growing fast. That means that once you are done with the turf or when it gets too worn in and needs to be replaced, you can recycle it and the planet doesn’t even have to worry about disposing of that waste. It’s a win win.