September 20, 2019

9 Keys to Running Multiple Blogs

In recent weeks since I launched my third blog I've received several emails and comments from friends with a variety of questions about how I find time to maintain all three blogs, so I thought it would be appropriate to cover the subject with a post here. Read More »

Delicious Makes it to the Delicious Front Page

One of my favorite web 2.0 sites has launched a re-designed version today. Delicious looks more modern and a bit more inviting than it did just yesterday. And the big news, Delicious made its own front page! Ok, so it's not really big news, but I thought it was kind of funny. As Delicious users probably know, URLs that are currently getting a lot of bookmarks will appear on the front page, similar to most social news sites displaying the most popular submissions. Well, at the time this post is being written Delicious is on their own front page with 271 bookmarks. Read More »

What to do When Social Media Isn’t Working for You

Despite the fact that there is a ton of information online about marketing a blog with social media, it just doesn't work all of the time. In fact, sometimes there can be too much information and even contradictory information from different sources. if you've found yourself trying to follow the advice of others but it just hasn't been working, before you give up there are a few things you can do to turn it around. Read More »

10 Excellent Niche Social News Sites

Major social media sites like Digg and StumbleUpon get most of the attention, but smaller, more targeted niche sites can provide excellent opportunities for networking with others in your niche and getting some exposure for your own work. While others are chasing after the Digg front page and 99% are getting nowhere, you could be getting hundreds and thousands of higher quality visitors over the same period of time by targeting niche social media sites. Of course, the sites you choose to target will depend on what niche you're in, but there are probably more niche-specific sites than you realize (See our list of over 400 social media sites). Some of them have very low traffic and influence, but others are very active. Here is a look at 10 that are doing things right. Read More »

10 Aspects of an Effective Social Media Campaign

There's a lot that goes into a successful social media campaign, much more than just creating great content or asking some friends for votes. Here's a look at 10 different factors that will influence your success. 1. The Purpose In order to run a successful social media campaign you have to have a clear understanding of what your purpose is. Yes, this sounds obvious, but many website owners and bloggers set out to gain huge amounts of traffic with social media without a definitive purpose. Unless you are producing advertising income based on traffic volume, you will not really gain anything just by getting tons of visitors (although it may make you feel good). Read More »

Testing My Own Words

For those of you who have been reading Traffikd for a while you know that I often gives tips for growing a blog using methods like social media marketing and networking. Well, I just launched a new blog tonight, so I'll be getting an opportunity to put my own advice into practice and give it a test. The site I launched is, a site that targets the web design community (if you're interested in web design I'd love to have you as a subscriber). Read More »

SMM: Big Impact with Less Time

The most common reason I hear for bloggers or online marketers not using social media to promote their work is that it takes too much time. With hundreds or thousands of social media sites out there it can seem impossible to have any sort of impact without spending several hours each day. The truth is, social media can be a huge consumer of your time, or it can require just a small amount on a consistent basis. It's very possible to use social media sites only in small doses and still reap the benefits, you just need to have a plan for the time that you are spending and you need some discipline to stay away from distractions that seem to be everywhere. Read More »

Should Your Social Media Profiles Be Anonymous?

Anonymous One subject that I've never touched on in a blog post is the decision of linking your social media profiles to your blog. I'm not necessarily talking about creating a link that people can click on (although that's involved in some cases) as much as I'm talking about making it obvious for onlookers to know that your social media profile is associated with your blog. For example, my Mixx profile is vandelay, my profile is vandelaydesign. In both cases it's not to difficult for anyone who cares to notice that those profiles are associated with my primary blog, Vandelay Design. Read More »

20 Firefox Extensions for Social Media Addicts

If you're an avid social media user, Firefox has all kinds of add-ons that can save you time and open up new opportunities. This list includes some that are specifically related to a particular social media site and others that are more general or usable for a number of different sites. Find a few that you like and give them a shot. Read More »

To Gain Subscribers, Focus on What You Do Best

This post is part of a group writing project organized by Jacob Share to coordinate with the Blogging Idol competition. Most of you reading this post are probably blogging in fairly competitive niches where there are other blogs covering the same topics as you. If you have a newer or smaller blog and you try to build up your subscriber base by simply doing the same things that other successful blogs are doing, you're unlikely to stand out. Instead, try taking another angle at the subject, find what it is that you do best and have a unique approach. Read More »