August 20, 2018

How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

Social Media Marketing is obviously a common way for bloggers to generate some exposure for their own work. But at the same time, if the time that you spend using social media is not limited, it's possible to spend all of your time doing things that will not directly bring results to your blog. Before I get into this post, it should be noted that I'm approaching this subject from the perspective of a blogger who is primarily using social media as a means to generate traffic and make connections with other bloggers. For many people social networking is entertainment or a leisure activity, not a business. If that's your goal with social media or blogging, I'm not suggesting that you're wasting your time with Facebook or Twitter, rather, I'm approaching it from a the perspective of a blogger who wants the benefits of social networking , but still needs productivity and time management. Read More »

Extending Your Blog: Offer Services to Increase Your Income

Any of us who run a blog with the intention of making money know that blog monetization is usually pretty difficult. Sure, you can probably sell some ads or make a little bit of money with affiliate programs, but that's not going to generate the kind of revenue for most of us that we're after. Of course, A-listers are typically able to make a pretty substantial amount from ads, but smaller blogs will rarely be able to make the kind of money that could help them to break free from the day job. Earning a respectable part-time income from blogging can actually be quite nice, but many are seeking to earn a full-time income. One powerful monetization method that's often overlooked on this quest is providing a service. By offering a service you can diversify your income and exponentially increase it. Read More »

Social Media Marketing: Success Breeds More Success

It's a simple concept, but one that is often overlooked. Having success with a specific social media site, or with social media in general, will make it more likely that you'll have success again in the future. A well-targeted social media campaign will attract subscribers as they find your post through social media. With each subscriber you gain through social media, you'll make it just a bit easier on yourself to get another vote in the future. That "extra" vote makes it more realistic for you to draw more visitors to another post, and those visitors will hopefully convert into more subscribers. And the cycle goes on. When it comes to social media sites and voting, some of your votes will come from visitors of the social media sites themselves (for example, someone seeing your submission on the "upcoming" page at Digg), some will come from random visitors to your website, some may come from requests/shared links, and many will come from your subscribers. And obviously, the more subscribers you have, the more opportunities you have to get votes from subscribers. Read More »

Sporting a New Design

I just went live with a re-designed WordPress theme. Please move around the site and see what you think. It's a very simple design that is intended to be very readable and to focus on the content. A few new pages have been added - Contact and Advertise. The sidebars have also been completely redone and now include links to popular posts and a feed subscriber count. If you're on the site and you notice something not working correctly, please leave a comment or use the contact form. Also feel free to leave your feedback on the new design. Read More »

A Small Blogger’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

The biggest challenge for small bloggers is simply getting exposure to new readers. In many cases the quality of content is good enough to catch the attention of visitors, but first it needs to get the exposure and just simply be seen. Social media can provide tremendous exposure in a short amount of time (with little or no financial investment), ... Read More »

Forming Your Inner Circle

Last week I wrote a post about networking and how it can impact your efforts with social media. Today I’d like to build on that topic by explaining how you can take your networking efforts to the next level. Most of us who are active with blogging and social media are in contact with a significant number of others each ... Read More »

Guide to Networking for Social Media Marketers

I write frequently about the need for a strong network with social media marketing and blogging, however, I haven’t done much in terms of a detailed guide for why, how, and when to network. There’s plenty of available information online about networking for bloggers, but in general I feel that there is a lack of quality information about networking as ... Read More »

What’s Involved in Social Media Marketing?

In order to achieve success with social media marketing, a number of factors will have to come together. Of course, the content itself is critical, that’s a given. In this post I’ll take a look at several other factors that play a role in social media marketing. The Idea Some websites and blogs are able to draw loads of social ... Read More »

Should You Explicitly Target Social Media?

When most of us first encountered social media websites and recognized the huge potential for traffic, chances are we started submitting our content to the major social media sites, regardless of how well that content fit with the audience. Anyone who does this will quickly learn that not just any blog post will draw votes and traffic from social media ... Read More »

Drawing the Line Between Trolls and Constructive Criticism

For bloggers and social media users negative comments are an issue that arises every now and then. When talking on the subject of negativity there is a difference between a commenter expressing an opinion that differs from or challenges the opinion of the author, and a commenter that attacks the author. Most blog commenters show respect for the blogger even ... Read More »