April 20, 2018

My StumbleUpon Wish List

For about the last year I have been an active user of StumbleUpon. I quickly started using the site after it sent a rush of traffic to my primary blog shortly after it was launched. After using the site for a while and becoming a big fan of the service, there are a few things that I would like to ... Read More »

Search Engine Traffic & New Blogs

When the blog at vandelaydesign.com was started about a year ago the primary motivation for the blog was to draw search engine traffic that would hopefully result in more business. Over the past year the search engine traffic has slowly increased and March was a landmark month with over 17,000 visitors arriving from search engines. While a one year-old blog ... Read More »

The Most Predictable Social Media Users

With my primary blog I’ve experimented with a wide variety of social media sites. I’ve had mixed success, although overall it’s been very positive. As social media marketers, we all try to anticipate what users will respond to and cater to those interests in a way that will allow for success and fit within an overall social media marketing plan. ... Read More »

What I’ve Learned from Starting a Second Blog

About two months ago I launched Traffikd as my second blog, in addition to my primary blog at Vandelay Website Design. I started Traffikd so I could cover some different topics outside of web design. My experience with the primary blog has taught me volumes about what it takes to run a profitable blog as well as how to market ... Read More »

How Do You Feel About Submitting Your Own Content to Social Media?

Submitting your own content to social media sites is a bit of a controversial issue. Many bloggers primarily use social media for the purpose of driving traffic to their own site, as opposed to using social media to find interesting content from other blogs and websites. The feeling from some passionate social media users is that submitting your own content ... Read More »

The Characteristics of an Effective Social Media Website

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of social media websites out there. Of course, you’re not going to be able to use them all to market your website(s) or the sites of your clients. Because of the limited time that is available, you will need to choose a few social media sites to target. The sites you choose to ... Read More »

3 Tips for Marketing More Effectively With Del.icio.us

Del.icio.us can be a great source of traffic, inbound links, and exposure, but most marketers (including myself) tend to not use it as effectively as possible. You’ve probably seen a number of articles about making posts that are attractive to del.icio.us users in order to increase the number of bookmarks that you receive, but here are 3 additional tips for ... Read More »

Reader Profile: Mark from MyTropicalEscape

The reader profile is a weekly series where I attempt to give something back to one of my readers. It typically includes some information about his/her online projects as well as a mini interview. This week we are featuring Mark Hayward from MyTropicalEscape. If you’re not familiar with MyTropicalEscape, Mark covers a pretty wide range of topics, but as you ... Read More »

100+ Flickr Resources

Integration with Blogs and Websites: 1. FAlbum – A WordPress plugin for displaying your photos. 2. MyFlickr – Add photos search from Flickr photos in your website and display them. 3. Flickr4Writer – A plugin for Windows Live Writer that allows users to easily insert photos into blog posts. 4. FlickUrPic – A plugin for Joomla that allows for inserting ... Read More »

Getting Social Media Votes

Most bloggers hope to gain large volumes of traffic through social media, which of course requires getting votes from other social media users. There are a number of different ways to get votes, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you are hoping to have success with social media, you will have the best results if you have a plan and if you consider where those votes will be coming from. Read More »