September 18, 2018

Preparing Your Website for Social Media Traffic: Don’t Be Caught Unprepared

Social media marketers have several goals, including large amounts of traffic, link building, and branding. However, in order to benefit from the visitors that are sent from social media websites, you’ll need to be prepared. Unfortunately, reaching the front page of a popular social media site doesn’t mean that you will automatically benefit from the traffic. If you’re not prepared, ... Read More »

Reader Profile: Graham from ImJustCreative

The reader profile is a weekly series where I attempt to give something back to one of my readers while providing some useful information for everyone. It typically includes some information about his/her online projects as well as a mini interview. This week’s profile (sorry it is a few days late) features Graham Smith of ImJustCreative. Graham is a freelance ... Read More »

Five Reasons I’m Happy to Blog In a Crowded Niche

I’m sure you’ve read articles before that emphasize the importance of choosing the right niche for your new blog. Finding the right audience and target market is critical to success, and there are some major differences between blogging in a crowded niche and blogging in a small niche with very few blogs. A lot of experts feel that you should ... Read More »

Practical Tips for Targeting Social Media Users AND Satisfying Your Readers

Creating content that is specifically targeted towards social media users is a common approach for growing traffic and exposure for a blog. While this has proven to be effective, satisfying readers and subscribers is ultimately the most important task for any blogger that has aspirations of long-term blogging success. Taking the wrong approach with social media can potentially cost you some of your readers, so there is a delicate balance between targeting social media and providing subscribers with content that they enjoy. Read More »

5 Flaws of Social Media Traffic

Social media websites provide some of the best opportunities for free traffic generation. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to social media traffic. Here are a few of the flaws and a look at what you can do to overcome them. 1 - It's Temporary With most social media sites, success equals a burst of traffic for a day or two, and then it's back to life as normal. While the surge in traffic can be exciting, it can be equally depressing when things return to status quo. How to overcome it: It is possible to get steady traffic from social media. To increase your chances you can post frequently, develop high quality content, build a strong profile, and focus on sites like StumbleUpon that send lasting traffic rather than sites like Digg. Read More »

Reader Profile: Tom Beaton of Technogumption

The reader profile is a weekly series where I attempt to give something back to one of my readers. It typically includes some information about his/her online projects as well as a mini interview. This week's profile features Tom Beaton of Technogumption. Tom created Technogumption to target beginners in the world of internet business and marketing. Whilst there are many websites dedicated to these topics, very few actually target complete beginners. The sheer amount of jargon and assumptions you already know certain things make it quite hard to get started. Read More »

10 Ways to Be a Good StumbleUpon Friend

StumbleUpon seems to be everyone's favorite social media site these days. One of the reasons to love SU is its active community of users. As a part of that community, being a great "friend" to other users can enhance everyone's experience with StumbleUpon. Here is a quick look at 10 ways to be a better friend to other users. 1. Add as friends those who actively stumble your submissions, stumble your pages, and/or those who have added you as a friend. Because of SU's limit on the number of friends that you can have, you may not be able to add everyone that adds you, but you should at least make an effort to add those that help you in one way or another. Read More »

Following Up On Social Media Success: Turning a Short-Term Spike Into Long-Term Gains

Some people say that social media does nothing more than send untargeted visitors to a site, a short-term spike that disappears quickly with no lasting results. While this can be true, and probably is true in most cases, it is also possible to achieve real, long-term benefits with social media marketing. The key to achieving long-term results with social media is having a plan. Know specifically what you hope to gain through social media. Don't simply use social media to gain visitors. Have a specific audience that you want to target, choose relevant social media sites that appeal to your target audience, and get to know the site's users and what types of content they like best. Read More »

Developing a Social Media Plan for New Bloggers

Social media is one of the greatest resources a blogger has at his/her disposal. Success with social media can lead to quick growth and name recognition and it can also help to build links which will increase click-through traffic and search engine rankings.

Why Do You Need a Plan?

Great content without a plan is likely to get some attention from social media, but an effective plan can maximize the traffic volume and help you to reach readers that are more targeted. A plan will help you to know what type of content to develop, what type of readers you want to see it, where to promote it, and how to keep the momentum. Read More »

Reader Profile: Ruchir from TechnoMoney

This week's profile features Ruchir Chawdhry from Ruchir is a teenager from India that is living in Eritrea. On his blog he writes about technology, blogging, and making money online. I chose to feature Ruchir this week because he is an active reader of both of my blogs, and because I thought it would be interesting to talk to him about his experience as a teen blogger. Read More »