January 17, 2017

Reader Profile: Tay from Super Blogging

The reader profile is a weekly series where I attempt to give something back to one of my readers. It typically includes some information about his/her online projects as well as a mini interview. I first met Tay back in the summer when I wrote a guest post for her blog, Super Blogging. Since that time we have become friends and I always enjoy her thoughts at Super Blogging. Read More »

10 Myths of Social Media Marketing

1. Social media traffic is useless. Yes, it's true that social media traffic will generally be less targeted than most other forms of traffic. However, you can gain plenty of new, loyal readers through social media. Even with lower quality traffic, the huge traffic volume can be very beneficial for any website. Read More »

6 Steps to Building Diversity In Traffic

Having multiple and diverse sources of traffic is important to the long-term success of any website. Although it can be tempting to only pursue the traffic sources that produce the most visitors, relying exclusively on a particular traffic source can have adverse effects. Diversity is important for the following reasons: Read More »

Should You Use Social Media Buttons On Your Blog or Website?

If you spend much time reading blogs you've certainly seen plenty of buttons, widgets, and links that are aimed at generating traffic through social media. Of course, the idea is that placing these voting buttons in front of visitors will increase the number of votes that you receive, but is that really the case? Read More »

Reader Profile: Pearl from Interesting Observations

Over at my primary blog I do a weekly links post each weekend in which I post links to articles that I enjoyed throughout the week and that I think my readers will appreciate. I also use that links post as a way to say thank you to some of my readers and friends by linking out to them. Those posts have really helped me to be able to network with other bloggers and give something back to them while providing something useful for readers. Read More »

5 Ways to Fail With Social Media Marketing

Social media websites are being used more and more by bloggers and website owners to gain exposure and traffic. However, social media in not necessarily an easy way to get a lot of traffic. Here are five things not to do when using social media. 1. Be Self-Centered Social Media Marketing is all about mutual benefit and helping others. All successful Social Media Marketers are willing and ready to help others by submitting their content or just by giving a vote. Those that try to only promote their own material never go anywhere. After a while other users will notice if you're only voting for yourself, and they'll stop voting for you. Read More »

Top 10 Reasons to Use Social Media

If you've been reading a lot about social media but haven't really made an effort to get involved yet, here are 10 reasons why you need to start today: 1. Traffic The primary reasons most marketers use social media is for the incredible traffic potential. No other source can bring so many visitors in a short period of time without costing you a lot of money. Sure, the quality of traffic may be a little lower than some other types of traffic, but the sheer volume makes up for it. While social media success brings short-term traffic, those who are skilled and have a solid plan can drive consistent traffic from social media. Read More »

Challenges That Social Media Marketers Must Overcome

Aside from the obvious challenge of getting votes, social media presents marketers with other obstacles, including: 1. Being Unique The most successful submissions will be one-of-a-kind. Yes, it is possible to duplicate and idea or build on an already successful idea, but generally speaking uniqueness is a must for building traffic with social media. In order to draw votes from users there must be something about your content or your website that stands out to them. Read More »

10 Keys to a Successful Resource List

Resource lists are one of the most popular methods of generating traffic from social media, and they are universally successful on almost every social media site. While a resource post will not display your writing ability or necessarily even your knowledge, they can give your blog exposure that it has never received before. Best of all, anyone can create a killer resource list, it just requires a willingness to dedicate some time to the project. Read More »