September 20, 2019

Brand You – How to Brand a Blog

Brands bring something recognizable to the table that readers or customers can see and immediately identify with to get a picture of what the brand stands for. If you are making yourself into a personal brand your goal can be to make yourself, your image and your name instantly recognizable as a trustworthy, high quality performer in whatever area you are working in and eventually beyond that. Read More »

Four Pre-Writing Exercises for Inspired Bloggers

Rebecca Chelsey's recent post on ways to spark our creativity got me thinking about the next step: how to take that creativity and turn it into meaningful sentences on the page. In other words, what we do with that spark of inspiration will determine the success or setbacks we face when we blog. I'm a firm believer in the importance of pre-writing as a great way to take advantage of our inspiration. Pre-writing helps us bloggers to get down onto paper the ideas in our head. It helps us use language to explain our ideas. Through pre-writing, we can figure out exactly what it is we are trying to say. We can think of pre-writing as the laboratory in which we can test out and refine our ideas before we share them with an audience. What follows, then, are a few of my favorite pre-writing exercises that help me figure out what exactly I'm trying to say. I hope they are useful to you as well, and if you can think of others, please share them in the comments section. Read More »

8 Simple Sources of Creative Inspiration

As a creative person, I've noticed that creativity and creative ideas tend to present themselves whenever they see fit, and rarely otherwise. This is an especially unfortunate habit for my creativity to have because I am in the field of design. Over the years I've researched and stumbled upon eight nearly sure-fire ways to spark my imagination and creativity and I figured I would share them. Keep in mind, however, every imagination is unique and all of my methods may not strike a chord with you the same way they do with me. Hopefully at least one will bring you some inspiration to keep your blogs unique and intriguing or any situation you may need some outside-the-box thinking for. As a general rule, when I find myself stuck on an idea for a long time, the best way to go about it is to stop trying so hard. Stop thinking so hard about your work when trying these activities and just let your brain do its thing. In other words, stop looking for the answer and let the answer find you. Read More »

Culture Vulture: Social Strategies for Different Societies

Social media campaigns are becoming more integrated into the overall online marketing mix. And as with anything on the Web, you need to think global to succeed in the long term. To succeed with social media marketing for different cultures, you need to familiarise yourself with what’s happening in social media around the world. You must research the emerging trends and identify where the social media hotspots are. You also need to consider that different social networks are popular in different parts of the world. You should carefully research which networks are popular in the regions you aim to target With that in mind, here is a summary of the most popular social networks in various countries around the world. Read More »

Internet Marketing and Social Media Degree Programs: Are They Worth Taking?

Guest post by Brian Jenkins Over a billion and a half people use the Internet, and this has created a plethora of opportunities for talented Internet marketers. Specialized knowledge in Internet marketing and social media is vital for many businesses. Yes, there are successful, self-taught Internet marketers, but many folks aspiring to make a name for themselves in the field are looking to education programs to enhance their skills. Internet marketing and social media degree programs are available both on-campus and online. Read More »

Blogging Event Ideas to Spice Up Your Blog

If you've ever gone to an industry conference, film festival, grand opening, or author signing, then you can appreciate the energy such events can create. Industry conferences gather together the best and brightest minds in order to share ideas and plan for the future. Film festivals celebrate great work by experienced and up-and-coming film makers. Grand openings drum up customers for brand new businesses. And author signings are often just one of many stops on a book tour to connect with readers who might want to buy the author's latest books. So how does this relate to you? Well, bloggers can also apply these same strategies to their own blogging practices. As bloggers, we thrive on buzz and the latest keyword trends, but we also need to figure out how to keep readers loyal. One way to do this is to set up a similar energetic event that excites our community of readers and other bloggers, while also creating momentum for the year until the event rolls around again. Here are a few ways bloggers could do this: Read More »

Increasing Your Blog’s Interactivity: 10 Tips for Staying Fresh

Success in attracting and retaining readers is often influenced by a blog’s level of interactivity. Many readers are more active than passive and want to feel like they have a role in affecting a blog’s content, design, structure, and overall ongoing conversation. Posts shouldn't be thought of as soliloquies, but as the beginnings of highly interactive discourses. For effective ways to keep your blog interactive and encourage your readers to come back for more, try reading and adapting these ten tips to fit your blog’s needs. Read More »

5 Facebook Apps That Really Make Money

Facebook Guest post by Alexis Bonari If you aren't on Facebook by now, you are probably the only one who isn't. My grandmother has a Facebook page and anyone who can type, is able to start their own page with no problem. Most everyone uses Facebook as a social meeting place, but did you know that you could easily make money on Facebook as well? I've compiled a Top 5 list of the best ways to make a buck on Facebook without leaving your living room: Read More »