January 17, 2017

3 Blogs Every Internet Marketer Should Follow

I used to subscribe to just about any marketing, social media, or blogging-related blog that I cam across. Over a period of time I drastically cut back on the number of blogs that I follow, and now I can do a better job of focusing on the highest quality content that is relevant to my own situation. If you're interested in learning more about internet marketing or if you'd like to start making money online in 2010, I highly recommend that you subscribe to these three blogs.


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10 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working for You

A lot of bloggers use social media to promote their site because of the huge potential that it brings. Despite the fact that some marketers and website owners are able to get floods of traffic with social media, the vast majority of people using social media are not getting the results they are looking for. If this is the case for you, by changing your approach you may be able to move into that group that is able to get big results with social media. Of course, social media will always benefit a small percentage of marketers and users the most, as the nature of social media is to provide exposure only to the best or most popular content. However, your chances of success can be greatly improved if you understand the community of users that you are marketing to and if you create the right content. If you are not getting results with social media, check this list to see of any of these issues apply to you. Read More »

10 Tips for Making Ad Revenue from Blogging

Many bloggers got their start after hearing about other blogs that are making large sums of money, and the most common monetization method for these types of blogs is through advertising sales. Although I didn't set up with this purpose on my first blog, I now have about 2 years of experience with monetizing blogs through advertisements. While my blogs (Vandelay Design and DesignM.ag) don't make as much money as some others, they do produce a significant portion of my income through ad sales. Since advertising revenue is a goal for many who are just getting started, I thought it might be helpful to share some things I have learned along the way.

1. Don't Plan on Advertising as Your Only Monetization Method

You may have read articles like Blogging for Ads is Dead. The truth is that making a significant income from advertising is difficult. It is possible, as others have proven, but there are other ways that are probably more lucrative, such as selling your own products, membership sites, and in some cases even affiliate marketing. Personally, I use ads as a way to supplement the income that I make from services. However, running multiple blogs takes a lot of time and effort on a regular basis to keep the advertising revenue coming in, and that means less time to work on other things that I would like to pursue. If you're going to use advertising as a way to monetize your site, plan other methods as well because it's difficult to support yourself exclusively on advertising revenue. Read More »

Using Social Media as Part of a Balanced Plan for Blog Growth

When it comes to social media marketing you'll hear some people say that it is best opportunity out there for bloggers and website owners, and others will tell you that it's a complete waste of time. In my opinion, and from my experience, social media brings a lot of potential for getting exposure to just about any website, but it should only be part of the equation. Other types of traffic like search engine visitors, direct visitors, and those who come via links from other sites are more significant in the long-term, but getting to that point can take considerable effort and time. In fact, most bloggers who set out to build a profitable blog wind up getting discouraged and quit before they ever see those long-term benefits. On the other hand, social media allows anyone to get some exposure for their blog almost immediately. Of course there is work involved and you will need the right content, but social media marketing provides opportunities for bloggers to make an impact right now. This immediate impact is what most bloggers who use social media are after, but the real strength of social media marketing is that it can help you to be more successful with those other important long-term sources of traffic. Popular posts with social media tend to attract links from various blogs and websites, and those links lead to click-through traffic and better search engine rankings in the future. Read More »

10 Reasons to Be a Freelance Blogger

I talk to a lot of people on a regular basis who want to make money with the internet, and blogging is often the preferred method. While it is certainly possible to earn a living with your own blog, it's a lot more work than most people anticipate, and the percentage of bloggers who stick with it long enough to make any real money is very small. One of my typical recommendations to these people is to start building a blog of their own, but do some freelance blogging at the same time. Building a profitable blog takes some patience and a willingness to put in the effort with the hope of being rewarded for it in the future. Very rarely does a blog sprout up and become a big money maker in a short amount of time. However, that doesn't mean that you can't be making money while your blog is in the early stages. For more the two years now I have been doing some freelance blogging for a wide variety of blogs, and it has been an amazing experience for a number of reasons. While there are some downsides to selling your posts to others, there are also a number of reasons that I think freelance blogging is a great option that should be pursued by more people. Here we will look at 10 reasons why freelance blogging can be a great opportunity. Read More »

Blog Design Showcase

The typical post topics covered here involve topics related to social media marketing or blogging. One way to increase traffic to your site is to use an attractive design that will draw a lot of attention. Web design galleries and showcase blog posts like this one send considerable amounts of visitors to sites that display exemplary design. Here we will take a look at 30 blogs that make a big impact with their design. These blogs have been featured at my gallery site Blog Design Heroes, which you can visit if you are looking for more examples of great blog design. Mr. Henry Blog Design Showcase Read More »

5 Reasons New Bloggers Should Use Niche Social Media Sites

I've been talking to some new bloggers recently and I've been asked questions about how they should work on growing their blog, increasing subscribers, and getting more visitors. Most bloggers know about the potential impact of social media and some even spend considerable amounts of time on sites like Digg with hopes of getting a rush of traffic to their blog. In my opinion, many new bloggers miss out on some great opportunities by not being more active at niche social media sites. These will not have nearly as many users as the major social media sites, so they will never send a comparable amount of traffic, but there are many reasons why they are every bit as valuable for the new blogger. Read More »

Cloud Living Now Available From Glen Allsopp

Cloud Living One of my friends has just launched a new product that I think may be of interest to many Traffikd readers. Glen Allsopp has written an e-book, Cloud Living, based on his experiences from making a five-figure monthly income from his websites. Cloud Living is actually more than an e-book, it includes 6 tutorial videos, an optimized affiliate site template, and an small e-book with instructions for tweaking the template. Read More »

9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Networking Site


Much of the content on this blog involves information on marketing your site through social media and social networking sites. However, maybe you want to create your own networking site to fill an existing void or rather than using some of those that already exist. If you are interested in building a networking site, you could of course have the site built from scratch, or you could use some type of existing platform to handle the back end of the site. In this post we'll look at 9 options for creating your own social network. Some are free options, and others are paid options that may be more appealing depending on your situation. Read More »