January 22, 2017

Get The Winning Way Internet Marketing E-Book for Free

The Winning WayGyutae Park from Winning the Web has released a free internet marketing e-book, The Winning Way. I've been following Gyutae for a while now and his blog is one of the few internet marketing blogs that I continue to read. Winning the Web always has original and practical content, even in a very saturated niche. The Winning Way is a checklist 500+ proven internet marketing strategies. Gyutae shares his knowledge and expertise by briefly covering each topic (the book is well over 100 pages long). Despite the length of the book, it is very easy to read. Gyutae even offers a guarantee for his free e-book. If you do not find at least 3 new ideas in the book, he is willing to pay you $50 (see the details of the guarantee). Read More »

Extending the Life of a Blog Post

Blogs are great for getting significant search traffic and other stable forms of traffic on long-term basis. However, with the activities of maintaining a blog, it's very easy to get caught up in focusing strictly on new content. Most bloggers don't touch their old posts after they've been published, other than maybe fixing a typo or a dead link.If you update your blog on a regular basis, you will have a considerable amount of content on the site that has serious potential for driving traffic on an on-going basis. With stable sources of traffic sending visitors to your older posts you will be able to increase your exposure to new readers even without posting ad frequently. In this article we'll look at a number of things you can do to improve the impact of the older posts in your archives. Read More »

33 New Social Media and Social Networking Sites Added

The most frequently visited page on this site is the categorized list of social networking sites. That page hadn't been updated in a while and I had a lot of sites suggested for inclusion sitting in my inbox, so I'm happy to say that 33 more sites have been added to the list. There is a great deal of variety in the sites that are featured (hopefully the categorization helps to make it more useful). Some are social media sites with user submitted links and voting to see which links get promoted to the front page (Digg-style), and others are intended to allow people with common interests to connect in various ways. Here is a listing of the sites that were just added. Be sure to visit the list of social media and social networking sites for more. Read More »

10 Tips for Requesting Link Exchanges

Building links is an important part of marketing a blog or a website. Links help to bring click-through traffic, increase exposure, and probably most importantly, they help to achieve good search engine rankings. There are many different approaches to building links, but one popular method is to exchange links with other website owners or bloggers (This post is intended for newer blogger. If your blog is already established it may not apply to you). I get emails every day at my design blogs requesting link exchanges, and I sent a few myself when I was getting my first blog started. Some of the emails I get take an effective approach (even if I wind up not exchanging links) but most have serious flaws that will prevent the blogger from having a decent chance to get a link. Obviously, if they're contacting me, they are also contacting other bloggers with the same request, and if they are making the same mistakes with each email they could be spending a lot of time and not getting many links out of it. With the right approach link exchanges can be very beneficial, especially for newer bloggers. Here are 9 things to remember when you are asking other bloggers to exchange links: Read More »

Simple SEO Changes to Improve Unexpected Rankings

You may notice that some of your blog posts are drawing search engine traffic for particular search phrases and keywords (especially if your blog has had some time to establish itself with search engines). Even if you are doing keyword research prior to writing posts, you'll almost definitely see that some of these phrases that are producing traffic are not something that you had intentionally targeted. While this is a nice surprise, it also means that there is likely more potential if you're willing to make some small, but significant, tweaks. If you're drawing search traffic from a phrase that you're not targeting, it probably means that you could be ranked even higher, and draw even more traffic as a result, if you make some changes to optimize your post accordingly. Just because a post was published at some point in the past doesn't mean that it can't be modified and made to be more effective. Read More »

25 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Blogger


Many bloggers get started because they think it will be an easy way to make money or to have an influence. The truth is, blogging is a lot of work and requires considerable time if you want to achieve maximum results. With that in mind, there are also a number of valuable resources that can help you to simplify and streamline your life as a blogger, resulting in better efficiency with your time. In this post we'll take a look at 25 resources, some free and some paid, that will simplify your blogging life in one way or another. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments. Read More »

5 Firefox Add-Ons for Twitter

Twitter has already attracted a huge crowd of users and seems to be becoming more mainstream every day. Those who aren't using Twitter are missing out on some great networking and interaction, but the most common gripe about Twitter is that it isn't a good use of time. That used to be my opinion too. However, by taking advantage of some tools and resources that are available you may be able to make uch better use of your time and have more seamless integration of Twitter into your daily life. Although there are all kinds of different types of resources for Twitter (see 101 Twitter Resources), in this post I'd like to focus on Firefox add-ons. (You can follow Traffikd on Twitter.) Read More »

5 Reasons I No Longer Hate Twitter

When I started my Twitter account last year I did so only because Twitter was becoming increasingly popular and I didn't want to get left behind. At that time I really hated the concept of brief, constant updates. I rarely used the service and it had little value to me. I'm still not the type of Twitter user that tweets throughout the whole day, but it is now a part of my daily routine, and I have to admit that it has grown on me. There are a number of reasons for this change of opinion, but I'd like to point out a few. Read More »

10 Tips for Using a Blog to Promote Your Own Services

When the issue of making money as a blogger is discussed, it's often in the context of producing revenue through ad sales or AdSense clicks. While there are plenty of bloggers that are making money in this manner, there are certainly other ways to profit from a blog, and in fact many have had much better results with other methods. From my experience as a blogger, I've made money by selling ads and by offering services. Both have pros and cons, but today I'd like to focus on the practice of using a blog to promote services. When I first started blogging my only goal was to use the blog to generate more web design business through Vandelay Website Design. With so many designers out there, I saw the blog as an opportunity to indirectly promote my services and to get visitors to the site. Although through the past year or two, very little has actually gone the way I thought it would (mostly because I didn't really understand blogging at that point), I can say that it has more than exceeded my expectations in terms of helping to generate business. Read More »