September 20, 2019

5 Firefox Add-Ons for Twitter

Twitter has already attracted a huge crowd of users and seems to be becoming more mainstream every day. Those who aren't using Twitter are missing out on some great networking and interaction, but the most common gripe about Twitter is that it isn't a good use of time. That used to be my opinion too. However, by taking advantage of some tools and resources that are available you may be able to make uch better use of your time and have more seamless integration of Twitter into your daily life. Although there are all kinds of different types of resources for Twitter (see 101 Twitter Resources), in this post I'd like to focus on Firefox add-ons. (You can follow Traffikd on Twitter.) Read More »

5 Reasons I No Longer Hate Twitter

When I started my Twitter account last year I did so only because Twitter was becoming increasingly popular and I didn't want to get left behind. At that time I really hated the concept of brief, constant updates. I rarely used the service and it had little value to me. I'm still not the type of Twitter user that tweets throughout the whole day, but it is now a part of my daily routine, and I have to admit that it has grown on me. There are a number of reasons for this change of opinion, but I'd like to point out a few. Read More »

10 Tips for Using a Blog to Promote Your Own Services

When the issue of making money as a blogger is discussed, it's often in the context of producing revenue through ad sales or AdSense clicks. While there are plenty of bloggers that are making money in this manner, there are certainly other ways to profit from a blog, and in fact many have had much better results with other methods. From my experience as a blogger, I've made money by selling ads and by offering services. Both have pros and cons, but today I'd like to focus on the practice of using a blog to promote services. When I first started blogging my only goal was to use the blog to generate more web design business through Vandelay Website Design. With so many designers out there, I saw the blog as an opportunity to indirectly promote my services and to get visitors to the site. Although through the past year or two, very little has actually gone the way I thought it would (mostly because I didn't really understand blogging at that point), I can say that it has more than exceeded my expectations in terms of helping to generate business. Read More »

28 Days to Improved Results with Social Media: Week Four

This is the final part of a four-part series on improving results with social media. If you haven’t seen the first three articles, or if you want a refresher, please see:

Throughout the first three weeks of this series we've taken a look at the process of setting your goals with social media, getting involved at some targeted sites, building a network of social media users, brainstorming ideas, and publishing your first content to target a social media audience. At this point hopefully you've had some success with social media, although it does take some time, so try to stay patient if things haven't gone exactly as planned. Now our focus turns to refining the process and focusing on the big picture. Read More »

28 Days to Improved Results with Social Media: Week Three

This is the third part of a four-part series on improving results with social media. If you haven't seen the first two articles, or if you want a refresher, please see:

Last week we looked at the process of developing a blog post for the purpose of targeting specific social media audiences. This week we'll look at a few steps that will help to determine how successful we were and to build on that. Read More »

28 Days to Improved Results with Social Media: Week Two

Last week I started a four-week series of posts that is intended to help readers who are new to social media (or those who are just looking for better results) to have an organized and focused approach that will lead to some success. If you missed the first post in the series, you may want to read that one, as the contents of this post will pick up where that one ended. In effort to make this series as practical and usable as possible, the activities for each week will be broken down into specific steps that should be taken. This week we'll focus on taking action and moving towards that first successful social media post. So let's start week two's activities. Read More »

Social Media Marketing FAQ

As more and more bloggers and website owners turn to social media as one of their major promotional methods, the need to understand Social Media Marketing becomes even more important. I put this post together in effort to help those who are new to social media, or those who simply want to get better results. If you have suggestions for questions that should be included, please leave a comment.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

SMM involves promoting content in various ways to social media users, in attempt to increase traffic and exposure. SMM can involve developing content that targets social media users, building a network of other users, requesting votes from others, and anything else that involves getting votes and traffic from social media websites. Read More »

28 Days to Improved Results with Social Media: Week One

Most of the questions that I receive by email from readers and from other bloggers have to do with the basics of getting better results with social media. Most bloggers want to tap in to the potential of social media sites as a source of traffic and new readers, but I get a lot of comments from people who are struggling to put it into action. While social media marketing and optimization provides an incredible opportunity for website owners who want to make a big impact without spending a lot of money to advertise, using social media with the wrong approach can easily result in a lot of wasted time, and in some cases it can even do more harm than good. I've had a few requests from readers who wanted a step-by-step guide for marketing a site with social media, so I've decided to put together a small series of posts that will explain the approach I would recommend to those who are looking for better results. The focus of the series is to break down the steps that are necessary in order to get a blog or a website noticeable results within a month. There will be four parts to the series and each will look at the steps that should be taken in a particular week. The activities of each week will be broken down into specific action steps that can be taken regardless of the content or niche of your blog. Additionally, I'm assuming that readers don't have endless amounts of time, so each week's activities are very realistic. Read More »

Add a Job Board to Your Site the Easy Way with the WPJobAds Plugin

Just a few days ago I launched a re-designed version of that includes a job board for web design and development. The job board was part of my initial plans for the site, but at the time of launch in July I was still looking into the options for adding a job board. I thought I had found an answer, but one of my contacts that was using that option strongly advised me against it. Web Design Job Board Read More »

33 Free Trend Tracking Tools

Part of attracting visitors to your website is knowing what topics are hot and what people are seeking. Whether you're studying trends to find potential topics for content to target social media, or whether you're wondering how you should optimize your pages for search engines, trend-tracking tools can be incredibly helpful. The resources listed in this article are all free, and they go about tracking trends in a variety of different ways. Try to find a few that you think will be able to help in your own work with your website or blog.

Google Trends

Google trends provides data on search phrases that are hot. Read More »