January 17, 2017

Social Media Marketing: Getting Long-Term Results

It's been said many times, including by me, that one of the flaws of social media marketing is that the resulting traffic is short-lived. That short-term nature of social media traffic is one of the biggest reasons that social media marketing is often overlooked or disregarded by bloggers and website owners. However, an effective social media plan will result in significant and long-lasting growth, with effects that can be visible long after the rush of traffic has died down. Read More »

7 Ways to Improve Your Old Social Media Posts

As you build your blog's readership and you have some success with social media, you may find that some of your most popular posts are continuing to draw visitors long after they have been published. A few months down the road they are unlikely to still be seeing considerable traffic from social media (although StumbleUpon will sometimes continue to send traffic), but these posts tend to draw a stream of visitors from:

  • Inbound links from other websites and blogs
  • Search engines
  • Bookmarks
  • Internal links (popular posts lists for example)
While the number of daily pageviews may be overshadowed by your most recent posts, if you look at your stats over a longer period of time you may be surprised to see how many visitors are coming to your old posts that were big hits with social media. This presents a great opportunity that most of us don't maximize. Read More »

Results of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Some bloggers don't focus any of their efforts on social media because they think at best it will bring a temporary wave of poorly-targeted visitors, and a few days later things will return to normal with nothing of substance to show for it. This is true in many cases, but primarily because of a lack of a plan or strategy. With the right effort and direction social media can have long-lasting and powerful results. Read More »

7 Ways to Extend a Blog

If you're struggling to build a blog that meets the needs of your visitors or stands out from the other blogs in your niche, you may want to improve your blog in a way that makes it a bit different. In most niches there are tons of blogs that visitors can go to for similar information. If you can make your site more of an all-around resource rather than just a blog you can have an advantage over some of the others. Read More »

35 Must-Read Articles for Social Media Marketers


As an active social media user and marketer, I'm always interested in learning new things to improve my knowledge and abilities. This is a collection of some of the best articles that I've found on a variety of topics related to social media.


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13 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Worth Your Time


When comparing social media traffic to other forms of traffic, such as search engine, the numbers typically are going to look rather bleak. While you'll hopefully see a spike in number of visitors and pageviews, that will often be accompanied by higher bounce rates, lower pageviews per visitor, and a lower average time on the site. With stats like this many bloggers wonder if social media traffic is even worth the time and effort. Read More »

Search Engine Optimization for Local Business Results


This is a guest post written by David Brown. Within a month of submitting my Portland search engine optimization website to Google’s local business listings, I was pleased to find myself at the top of the rankings for the phrases, “Portland Web Design,” “Portland Search Engine Marketing,” and “Portland Search Engine Optimization.” However, these rankings quickly faded due to my lack of understanding toward local business optimization. Having identified this as a source of confusion for the majority of the search engine marketing community, I’m pleased to present some tips for moving up in the local business listings. Read More »

9 Keys to Running Multiple Blogs

In recent weeks since I launched my third blog I've received several emails and comments from friends with a variety of questions about how I find time to maintain all three blogs, so I thought it would be appropriate to cover the subject with a post here. Read More »

Delicious Makes it to the Delicious Front Page

One of my favorite web 2.0 sites has launched a re-designed version today. Delicious looks more modern and a bit more inviting than it did just yesterday. And the big news, Delicious made its own front page! Ok, so it's not really big news, but I thought it was kind of funny. As Delicious users probably know, URLs that are currently getting a lot of bookmarks will appear on the front page, similar to most social news sites displaying the most popular submissions. Well, at the time this post is being written Delicious is on their own front page with 271 bookmarks. Read More »

What to do When Social Media Isn’t Working for You

Despite the fact that there is a ton of information online about marketing a blog with social media, it just doesn't work all of the time. In fact, sometimes there can be too much information and even contradictory information from different sources. if you've found yourself trying to follow the advice of others but it just hasn't been working, before you give up there are a few things you can do to turn it around. Read More »