September 18, 2018

101 Twitter Resources

It seems like every day I see more and more being written about Twitter. I have to admit that I don’t really get the fascination with micro blogging, but it’s becoming more and more common, and many bloggers find the services to be extremely useful for connecting with their audience. With all of the information that I’ve been seeing on Twitter, I decided to put together this collection of resources.

Getting Started:

The Big Juicy Twitter Guide – An in-depth look at Twitter.

Twictionary – A dictionary for Twitter.

TwitDir – Another Twitter directory.

The Twitter Blog – Follow their official blog.

Explore Twitter – Learn more about Twitter.

Interacting with Friends:

FriendFeed – Discover what your friends are sharing.

Twitter Karma – View your friends.

TweetWheel – Find out which of your Twitter friends know each other.

Who Should I Follow? – Twitter Friend Recommendations.

Intwition – What’s being linked to on Twitter?

CrowdStatus – Create a crowd.

My Tweeple – Manage your following and followers.

GroupTweet – Group message broadcasting for Twitter.

Twitter 100 – See your followers at a glance.

Quotably – Follow Twitter conversations.

TwitterLocal – Follow tweets from a certain area.

TwitterVerse – What is Twitter doing lately?

Twemes – Twitter memes.

Tweetmeme – Twitter meme.

TwitterWho – Batch people search.

Protecting Yourself:

The Twitter Blacklist – Identify the spammers.

Twitter Twerp Scan – Find users who are following too many people in attempt to get followers.

Twitter Snooze – Hit the snooze button on your verbose friends.


Socialthing – Get your digital life together.

Twittercal – Tweet your Google calendar.

Twitter Digest – Read updates in a more manageable fashion.

Twitku – Read posts on Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce.

Twitter Timer – Set an alarm for things you need to remember. – Send links from Twitter to

Twitter Where – Subscribe to Twitter feeds around a certain geographical location.

Stats & Tracking:

TweetBurner – Track what happens with the links you share.

Twitt(url)y – Tracks what URLs Twitter users are talking about.

Twitter Charts – View the number of tweets by a user according to time of day and day of the week.

Twitstat – Real time Twitter analytics.

TweetStats – Graphin’ your stats.

TwitterBuzz – What people are linking to.

Twittermeter – Monitor word frequency.

Tweet Volume – Enter words or phrases and see how often they appear on Twitter.

Twitter Vision – A real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter.

Twitterholic – Shows popular Twitter feeds.


Summize – Search Twitter in real time.

Twitter Search – A customized search engine for Twitter.


YouTwit – Put Twitter status on Google maps.

TwittEarth – Live Twitts all over the world.

Desktop Clients:

Twhirl – A desktop client for Twitter.

Snitter – Desktop client for Mac and Windows.

Twitterific – Desktop client for Mac.

gTwitter – Desktop client for Linux.

Witty – Desktop client for Vista.

Twitteroo – Desktop client for the PC.

TwitterPod – Desktop client for Mac.

Twitux – Desktop client for Gnome.

Mobile Clients:

Twitterberry – Mobile client for Blackberry.

Email Twitter – Mobile client.

Twoble – Mobile client for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.


TwitterMail – Tweet via email.

OutTwit – Use Twitter from Outlook.


TwitterIM – Tweet via IM.


Twitter Opera Widget – Widget for Opera.

Twitter Widget – From Widgetbox.

Twadget – The Twitter Vista sidebar gadget.


TwitterFone – Send messages to Twitter with voice.


Twitter Development Talk – Google group.

Twitter Bots – Google code.


Twitter Feed – Feed your blog to Twitter.

Photos and File Sharing:

TweetPic – Share photos.

Twitxr – Share photos.

Twittershare – Share files.

SnapTweet – Send Flickr photos to Twitter.

Audio & Video:

Twiddeo – Twitter plus video.

TwitterGram – Share audio.

TwitSay – Give your Twitter account a voice.

Other Resources:

Twibler – Automatically post your new eBay listings on Twitter.

Tweet Clouds – Make word clouds from public streams.

BBC News – Get BBC headlines via Twitter.

Articles About Twitter

Twitter 101: Clarifying the Rules for Newbies – SheGeeks

Posting and Replying with Images and Links with Twitter – Etienne Teo

5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence – ProBlogger

13 Odd Ways to Use Twitter – Social Media Trader

Get Into Twitter or Get Outta Public Relations – PR Squared

Twitter Feeds Made Simple – ClickPopMedia

Video: Twitter in Plain English – Common Craft

Twitter: What’s the Point? – Newsvine

Tweeting for Companies 101 – HorsePigCow

How to Use Twitter to Build Brand Integrity – Marketing Vox

Twitter and Business: The Conclusion – Business and Blogging

How We Use Twitter for Journalism – ReadWriteWeb

10 Things Twitter Users Should Not Do – Valley Wag

Twitter Hashtags and Groups – American Pai

8 Awesome Firefox Plugins for Twitter – Mashable

10 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Social News Profile – ReadWriteWeb

Copyright and Twitter – Blog Herald

My Essential Twitter Tools –

Twitter Can Be Liberated – Here’s How – TechCrunch

Twitter May Not Have to Worry About Uptime Anymore – TechCrunch

RFC: OpenTweets – Why is MicroBlogging Centralized? – Scott Hanselman

Why Decentralizing Twitter is so Important –

Decentralized Twitter’s Time Has Come –

Home Tweet Home: Energy-Savvy House Broadcasts on Twitter –

If you’re a Twitter user feel free to leave your username or a link to your profile below. Mine is stevensnell.

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  1. This is my twitter profile

    Although I’m not a Twitter fan (yet) .

    The list you’ve compiled is pretty good and I hope you get some good SM traffic from it.

  2. 102 resources…

    The Ultimate Men with Pens Guide to Twitter.

    And I’ll get smacked and held in mod for two links, but here you go. Follow James from Men with Pens on Twitter

    Cheers, Steven. Good list.

  3. James,
    Thanks for the addition. Sorry I missed that one. Guess what, your comment didn’t get held in moderation. I guess it’s set to hold comments with 3 links.

  4. Hey Steven

    That’s a great list and to be honest it crossed my mind a few days ago too but I just don’t have the energy to get back to blogging yet – so this should be added to my master 101 list 🙂

  5. Pearl,
    I haven’t seen many big collections of Twitter resources, but I knew I couldn’t be the only one thinking of it. I didn’t sit on this post very long because I could picture someone else beating me to it.

  6. I too don’t quite understand how the twitter work. But with this list i think i can manage to get more info for it. Thanks for the links mate!

  7. There’s a bunch of other voice apps for Twitter too chap..

    SpinVox is my tool of choice.

  8. I’ve never really been that interested in Twitter, and all its hype seems to come mostly from America, as here in the UK no one I know personally or at university uses it. At a glance it looks useless, but in a way it’s so useless that it’s useful. I might give a few of these tools a try and see how I get on with Twitter. Great post!

  9. I have to admit, the appeal of twitter eludes me as well. Don’t you just wind up annoying your friends with micro posts about how you’re washing your clothes or watching something on TV? I could also see it being such a distraction that you’d lose a lot of valuable time. Of course, I haven’t tried it, so maybe I shouldn’t knock it …

    – Dave

  10. I’ve just signed up, and I’m reluctant to bore people with my thoughts. Maybe I’m not cut out for this twitter thing? 🙂 Maybe in time I’ll get it.

  11. In your usual style, you kick-butt!
    Super, duper list and sending out to everyone now 🙂

    Maria Reyes-McDavis

  12. Wow, I didn’t realise that there are som many twitters application for all purposes and I am going to take some time to check one or two.

  13. good article you have there. kind of informative and very useful. hope to see more in the future.

  14. Haha.. I didn’t bother trying even with Twitter. Lots of people use Twitter for traffic sake which I think it’s wrong =/ It should be more of a social site than a link exchanging site.

  15. Great articles on twitter… Full of information about twitter…appreciate the effort that u made to complete the list.. thanks…

  16. Why haven’t i seen you before…Excellent research and good insight…it depends on what you have the most experience with and there’s so many options, its crazy..

  17. Thanks for taking the time to create this terrific list of Twitter resources (and for including the Business and Blogging post).

    I’m definitely going to bookmark this so that I can refer to it again.

  18. That’s gotta be the most comprehensive Twitter Resource list i’ve seen to date! Many thanks for your effort! This page will definately be on my bookmark!

  19. thats some nice work. bookmarked! could i add you to my site?

  20. This is a wonderful list, I just love that there are so many ways to tweet and so many applications, one might never find time to blog:)

    my twitter is suziecheel

  21. I haven’t seen many big collections of Twitter resources. Thx for link…

  22. Thanks for providing the list of Twitter resources. I’m a big Twitter user myself.

    I’m also working as an intern at Webbed Marketing, a social media marketing agency. As Twitter fans, and fans of 80s rock, we recently recorded a Twibute to Twitter: Pour Some Twitter on Me. I hope you’ll give it a listen, and if you like it, add it to your list of links.

    Thanks, please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

  23. Nice list. Also check out launched today.

  24. Ok I’m late to the party….I just came across this list via @LaFemCreative. She posted in response to a comment from a Twitter newbie. What I love the most about this resource list is how you’ve organized the tools and information by category. The first five category descriptions are extremely useful. I wish I had this list when I first started tweeting in Sept.

    Also I noticed that you don’t have a mobile client listed for the Palm OS. There are a ton of Palm Treo users and now the Palm Centro. I just found a mobile client 2 days ago called MoTwit for use with the Palm OS (in case anyone is interested). Perhaps you could include? No affiliation to me. It’s not the best but why should iphone users have all the fun?

    You can find me on Twitter at

    P.S. WP Twitip plugin just realized in the last month. You can add a twitter id field to the comments area.

    P.S.S. I didn’t include the 2 links (MoTwit and WP Twitip for fear of getting ‘blacklisted’). =)

    Thanks again for fabulous resource!

  25. OK Now I’m really set for greatness!


    Affiliate Programs Rock

  26. So many useful tools and lots of time wasters too. Not sure where to start.

  27. Hey thought I might suggest you can add as a resource too – it’s a dictionary for Hashtags, so you can understand what they mean!

  28. Yup thats very true social media is growing each day and we always need people to be on our blog twitter one of the most easiest and superb option to get away.

  29. thats some nice work. bookmarked! could i add you to my site?

  30. Good general list but some of the links are started to become outdated.

    I’ve been created my list of useful Twitter services and resources here:

  31. Hi Bradley,
    Yes, the post is over a year old, so it is definitely not up-to-date.

  32. Nice resources. Hope to get through some of them soon.

  33. Disappointed to not see our website on the list, nice work though, thanks (:

  34. Good list
    That should be nice if you can number the list

  35. You missed Twitdom! 🙁

    We are The Twitter Applications Database with close to 1000 Twitter Apps listed currently

  36. Thank you for the links bro.

  37. Thank you for sharing the information and resources.


  38. Extremely needed resources for all twitter users.

    Social Media Network Guide will make the difference.

  39. Very comprehensive list…we will include you in our upcoming SocialMediaNetGuide Directory of Social Media and Marketing. And Retweet you @SocialNetGuide Thanks!

  40. Another great one is – I’m surprised this hasn’t existed before.

    It lets you create a custom tweet button that you can paste wherever you like. When a user clicks it, it posts that exact message you define. Great for contests, basic promo stuff!

  41. Once again you have helped solve one of the biggest problems an internet marketer can have, our number one enemy, the lack of time.
    You have created an elegant piece of software…Blog Comment Demon, your simple solution to gaining loads of links and
    in turn a lot of authority by twitter. Thank you for posting this article. It is very helpful and interesting.

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