August 24, 2019

100+ Flickr Resources


Integration with Blogs and Websites:

1. FAlbum – A WordPress plugin for displaying your photos.

2. MyFlickr – Add photos search from Flickr photos in your website and display them.

3. Flickr4Writer – A plugin for Windows Live Writer that allows users to easily insert photos into blog posts.

4. FlickUrPic – A plugin for Joomla that allows for inserting photos.

5. Travelr – Travelr lets you display your Flickr photos geographically on a world map.

6. Flickr Photo Album for WordPress – This plugin will pull in your Flickr photosets and display them as albums on your WordPress site.

7. Flickr Tag Cloud Widget – This is plugin for the Widget Sidebar in WordPress. It will display your flickr tags as a tag cloud in your blog’s sidebar.

8. vdh_flickr – A plugin for inserting images into TextPattern.

9. Flickr Widget – Displays up to 10 photos from a Flickr photostream (for WordPress).

10. flickrFaves – A plugin to display users’ flickr favorites on their WordPress sites.

11. Kubrickr – A tool that lets you replace that giant blue blob at the top of your WordPress blog with a nice photo from Flickr.

12. SimpleFlickr – A plugin for WordPress that allows you to embed a flickr integrated simpleviewer into your WordPress site.

13. Flickr Anywhere – Allows you to put flickr in your myspace account or on any webpage with just a quick search.

14. Flickr Module for CMS – Allows you to integrate your photo albums at into you CMS Made Simple based website.

15. Picto Browser – Fast and effortless photo galleries for your website or blog.

16. Flickr Image Feed Gallery – A simple way to include a box with thumbnails to your pages which link to the desired Flickr gallery.

Slideshows & More

17. Flickr Slideshow Generator – Easy create a slideshow of your favorite photos.

18. flickrSLiDR – Allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows on your website or blog.

19. Bookr – A tool to create photobooks using Flickr images. Photobooks may be e-mailed or embedded in blogs.

20. Flickr Album Maker – Use this album maker to build an album and a slideshow of your Flickr photos. It can generate HTML code for you to embed to your blog or web site.

21. Flickr Lightbox Slideshow – Slideshow of most interesting and recent photos from flickr using the Lightbox Ajax tools.

22. Slideroll – Create photo slideshows with music. Site allows you to add Flash to flickr, myspace, xanga, and Blogger.

23. Flickr Cover Flow – A cover flow slideshow ala iTunes for your Flickr photos.

24. Smooth Slideshow – Enter any valid flickr tag or username to display simple smooth slideshow.

25. Splashr – A tool for presenting Flickr photos.

26. Flickr River – A new way to view Flickr photos, an endless river.

Download Photos

27. FlickrDown – A program that lets you download multiple photos at once.

28. FlickrFaves – Download high-resolution photos to your hard drive.

Upload Photos

29. FlickrUploadr – A Linux tool for uploading photos to Flickr.

30. jUploadr – A cross-platform uploader.

31. FD Flickr Uploader – A Yahoo! widget for uploading.

32. Flickr Widget – Allows you to display, upload, tag, and organize photos on Flickr — without ever opening a web browser.

33. Mobup – Free mobile uploader to Flickr.

34. Flickr Export for iPhoto – A plugin for iPhoto that provides a direct export interface to Flickr.

35. Flickr and WEBIMAGER – Screen capture an image and upload it to Flickr.

36. PictureSync – Upload photos to Flickr and other services.

37. Flickr Upload – Another Yahoo! widget for uploading.


38. Nostalgia – A feature-rich application that lets you search Flickr and more.

39. Flickr Related Tag Browser – Nice search and visualization tool that lets you surf Flickr’s tag space.

40. FlickrNotFrisk – A Yahoo! widget for searching photos by tag.

41. Flickr Finder – A Mac-only application that lets you browse Flickr photos without a browser.

42. Flickr inSuggest – Select a couple of images you like and instantly get recommendations, based on like-minded people.

43. Flickr Photo Owner Finder – Ever needed to find out who took a Flickr photo that you have saved?

44. FlickrStorm – A better search for Flickr. Uses special processing to find for more than just what you search for.

45. FlickrRandom – Multiple ways to browse random images from Flickr: all, interestingness, photostreams, groups, etc.


46. Big Huge Labs – Tons of cool things you can do with Flickr photos, including calendars, badges, and more.

47. Flickr Image Fight – Compare the image results for two competing keywords.

48. Bubblr – Create comic strips using photos from Flickr.

49. Flicktionary – Game based on Pictionary.

50. John’s Backgorund Switcher – Changes the background (wallpaper) on your computer periodically by using Flickr photos (among other choices).

51. Flickr Logo Maker – Create a Flickr-style logo with any words.

52. Gickr – Lets you instantly create an animated GIF from your Flickr photos.

53. Flickr Replacer – You can highlight any word on any web page, click the flickReplacr bookmarklet, and the word gets swapped out with a random image from flickr that was tagged with that word.

54. Mosaickr – Create mosaics using Flickr photos.

55. Clockr – Uses random digit images from Flickr to display the current time.

56. Flickr Combat – Compare two images and pick the winner in this HotOrNot-style voting mashup. See pairs of photos of men, women, cars, cats, dogs and more.

57. Creative Photos from Flickr – Enter a date and choose a number, and this page will show you that number of Flickr photos from that day.

58. Fastr – A Flickr game in which you view a set of ten images and try to guess the common tag. Time based scoring.

59. Favcol – See what color is currently the favorite one for photos on Flickr.

60. Flickr Chia Pet – Grow chia hair on Flickr photos.

61. Flickr Postcard – Send postcards of your favorite flickr images using your Yahoo Mail account and Greasemonkey.

62. Flickrball – Flickrball is a fun six-degrees-of-separation scavenger-hunt game, using Flickr thumbnails and tags for clues.

63. Hamster Sodoku – Play sodoku with Flickr pictures of hamsters.

64. Matchr Flickr Puzzle Game – Match two pictures that have something in common in the picture.

65. GratePic – A cross-platform tool for posting, commenting and rating photos.

66. 1001 – Notifies you when your contacts add new photos and can also be used for uploading photos.


67. Flickr More Home – Increases the amount of content on your Flickr home page.

68. Ajax Photoblogging in Flickr – Post a story about the photo to your blog and add a description or comment on it automatically.

69. Flickr 5 Stars Rating – Adds a rating system to Flickr photos.

70. Flickr Photo Magnifier – Add a magnifier (instant zoom) to see details on flickr photos.

71. Google Maps in Flickr – An easy way to see your geotagged photos on Gmap without leaving Flickr.

72. Flickr Mail To – Adds a “mailto” button above Flickr photos, and also puts a “send page” link on every page, letting you send that page’s link by Flickr Mail or Regular Email.

73. Flickr Group Display – Easier management for the photos you have in view and favorite groups such as topv-111. Also displays favorite-to-view ratios.

74. Flickr All Sizes Menu – Adds menu to select which size to see when hover on the All Sizes button.

75. Flickr Auto Tag – Gives you a select box to quickly access the tag combinations you often use.

76. Flickr AllSizes+ – Access all sizes for a Flickr photo. Copy the code, download the image, etc.

77. Flickr Ad Removal – Gets rid of text ads in Flickr (the ones that show up after using AdBlock to get rid of the graphical ads).

78. FlickrMailManager – Adds some options to help manage your Flickr mailbox. Including “Mark all as read” and delete all Notification emails, such as “you are x’s newest contact” and Group Invitations.

79. Flickr Photostream Graphr – Graph the number of times your photostream has been viewed.

80. Flickr Auto Page – Removes the need to go from pages to pages in Flickr by automatically expanding the display when you scroll.

81. Flickr Titles + Descriptions Batch Totals – Adds tools for batch editing titles and descriptions in the organise page.

82. FlickrPM – Adds icons for mail, profile, favourites, Scout, Interestingness and the user’s photo archive next to usernames in forums and on individual photo pages.

83. Flickr Quick Comment – Adds a select box with pre written comments.

84. Flickr Contacts Organiser – Lets you add tags to any flickr user and more.

85. FlickrCommentTools – HTML editor and quick insert of your own images into comments.

86. Flickr Rich Edit – Adds a simple rich edit interface (Bold, Italic, Blockquote, Link) input textarea in Flickr where you can use HTML.

87. Flickr BBCode Generator – Script to add a textarea with BBCode.

88. Flickr Image Src Exposer – Adds a link ‘IMG LINK’ after the photo on the page so you can easily download the image.

89. Flickr GeoRadar – This script displays nearby geotagged photos on a fancy radar screen.

90. Geotag Flickr with Multimap – Adds “add geotags” link to photo pages, which lets u add geographical data to your photos.

91. Flickr Show Licenses – Overlay photos licenses.

92. flickRate – Adds a ratings panel under current image in a Flickr photo page.

93. Flickr Keyboard Navigation – Adds keyboard shortcuts for paging through Flickr.

94. Flickr Remove Spaceball – Removes the empty image (download deterrent) positioned over some photos on Flickr.

Firefox Extensions

95. Better Flickr – Adds a menu of optional extra features to Flickr.

96. Fotofox – Easily select, tag, title and upload pictures from your computer to Flickr and other services.

97. Flickr Sidebar – This Flickr sidebar is used for viewing and searching photo lists.

98. Flickrgethighrez – Lets you directly get any Flickr photo in the larger resolution possible.

99. OakFlickr4PFF – A Flickr photo Uploader Addon for Performancing (1.3+) for Firefox.

100. PicLens – PicLens instantly transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing images on the web.

101. Fireflix – A sidebar extension to upload, manage and search photos on Flickr.

102. Uploadr for Flickr – Upload web images to Flickr.

103. FlickrFox – Browse and search flickr photos in a sidebar.

104. FireUploader – Allows you to upload, and download photos,files and videos using a user friendly FTP like interface

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    VERY impressive list Steven and for a application that I really like.

    Do you have a elf hidden under the stairs with a laptop doing all this leg work for you? If so, can you recomend an elf recruitment agency for me. Ta.

    Good work.

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  13. Great resource for Flickr lovers!

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    Great list. I saw that our recommendation engine is listed, thank you very much for that. I just wanted to mention that the name of it is “Image inSuggest”, not Flickr inSuggest.

    But we are very happy and honored to be listed, so it is no problem.

    Take care, and keep up the good work! 🙂

  15. hi, if you copy a flickr RSS feed into you get it cover flow style

    here done with the last 20 flcikr pics

    works with other RSS feeds as well, as long as there are images in the content part

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    If people are using WordPress this this guy has a great plugin that will help to create more pages on your site too!

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