May 23, 2019

Get The Winning Way Internet Marketing E-Book for Free

The Winning WayGyutae Park from Winning the Web has released a free internet marketing e-book, The Winning Way. I’ve been following Gyutae for a while now and his blog is one of the few internet marketing blogs that I continue to read. Winning the Web always has original and practical content, even in a very saturated niche.

The Winning Way is a checklist 500+ proven internet marketing strategies. Gyutae shares his knowledge and expertise by briefly covering each topic (the book is well over 100 pages long). Despite the length of the book, it is very easy to read. Gyutae even offers a guarantee for his free e-book. If you do not find at least 3 new ideas in the book, he is willing to pay you $50 (see the details of the guarantee).

I downloaded the book last night and have read through most of it already. I recommend that you visit his site and get your own copy of the free e-book. With his guarantee you really have nothing to lose.

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  1. Hey Steve,
    Thanks for the mention! So far close to 600 people have downloaded the book, and no one has taken me up on my $50 offer (other than a few scammers). I’m still waiting… 🙂

  2. No problem Gyutae. Thanks for providing a quality resource for free.

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