September 18, 2018

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Social Media

If you’re a WordPress blogger and you’re looking to use social media to reach more readers, there are plenty plugins to enhance your blog’s optimization for social media. Here are 10 of the best.

Share This – Choose which sites you want to target and let your readers vote for you with this plugin. Share This even allws you to change the colors to match your website. Unlike most plugins, it also provide tracking reports.

Sociable – One of the more popular WordPress plugins for social media, Sociable will place buttons to several social bookmarking sites on each of your posts for users to easily submit and vote for you. With sociable you can also choose which buttons you want to include.

Antisocial – Antisocial is simply a different version of Sociable that adds nofollow tags to the links pointing towards the social media sites. The nofollow tags keep the link juice on your pages, which is better for SEO purposes.

Gregarious – Promote your blog posts on Digg, Reddit, and more with Gregarious. There are several different options that you can customize to suit your needs.

Notable – Similar to Sociable, Notable will place buttons on your blog posts to different social media sites.

Add to Any Bookmark Button – This plugin creates a simple bookmark button that allows users to bookmark the page with any bookmark manager they choose.

I Love Social Bookmarking – Looking for a slightly different alternative to some of the others on this list? I Love Social Bookmarking allows users to vote for your blog posts by using a drop down menu to select a social media site at which to vote, which keeps less icons on your blog.

Digg This – Digg has the potential to send more traffic in a short period of time than any other social media site. You can make it easy for your readers to digg your posts by placing the button directly on your pages with this plugin.

SphinnIt Button – Sphinn is a social media site that targets internet marketing and search-related topics, and with this plugin your readers can easily Sphinn your posts.

WP Super Cache – Now that you’ll be getting floods of traffic thanks in part to these plugins, you’ll need to help your server handle the traffic. WP Super Cache reduces the load on your server by delivering pages without accessing the database, essentially serving them up as if they were static pages.

What’s Your Opinion?

Which plugins do you use to optimize your blog for social media?

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  1. I have never had any luck with ANY of the Cache Plug-ins, they just dont work as they should in that they literally don’t work after activation.

    I have tried all the ones currently available and same thing. I just wonder if it’s something to do with my ISP not running Apache. I upgraded from 2.3.1 to 2.5.1 yesterday hoping these little problems would be solved, but no. Same type of issues. Super Cache installs, but when you try to go to setting you just get a blank page.

    Never mind.

    As far as the others, I have experimented with these plugins like Share It etc. For some reason I keep deactivating them, not sure why. I just figure it’s just as easy for someone to add it manually if they like the page that much. I do, rarely do i come across a site that has these plug-ins to be honest, so I just add them to whatever services I am signed up to at the time. Even if they do have these plug-ins, I tend to ignore them anyway.

    I just have a routine I guess.

    PS: Off subject, I have had this significant issue with the AutoSave Feature with 2.5.1. Create a new post, once the first AutoSave is done, the site and browser pretty much locks up, and the save button keeps flashing. As it’s Ajax, this actually hogs all the system resources and becomes unusable. It is a commonish issue apparently, but I have no idea. Just wondered if you had come across is.

    Sorry for posting that here, but figured you may have heard of the issue. 🙂

  2. After all that you got me thinking and I went and installed the ShareIt plugin. I know why I took it off before, it actually was the cause of the WordPress Visual Editor to foul up, at least in my case. Since then I don’t use the Visual Editor, raw code me! :0)

    So dnt need to worry about this, so now have a nice looking Green ShareIt icon at the end of the post. Just need to tweak the position of it. On my less prominent posts, on the smaller columns it appears on the same line as the last line of text, so need to move it to a new line somehow.

    But long story short, funny how posts like this can change you mind or just kick-start some reason to change your mind. Plus I like the way the green icon looks against my dark BG. 🙂

    Happy days,

  3. Thanks for the links!

  4. Wow, Sociable is exaaaactly what I was looking for. I thought ShareThis was interesting, but to me, it took just a bit too long to load. Plus I like all the buttons to be there without clicking. Thanks for the links!

  5. Thanks for including my I Love Social Bookmarking plugin in your list. Much appreciated 🙂

  6. Graham,
    I can’t say that I personally use the cache plugin. I did use it briefly about six months ago when my blog had just been on Digg, but under normal circumstances I wouldn’t want to use it. It delays comments and stuff like that, so personally I would only use it when expecting a big rush of traffic.

    I haven’t had that issue with WP. I’ve had some other quirks with 2.5, but not that.

    Yeah, I had never used the Share This plugin before it was suggested to me on this blog. I’m still waiting to determine how I like it in comparison to some other options.

    You’re welcome.

    Happy to help!

  7. This is a good list. The new Share This looks really good.

  8. This is an awesome list and happy to say the Diva is now using all of these 🙂 Sharing with my audience … thanks!

    Maria Reyes-McDavis

  9. Awesome list! Thank you…just installed Sociable and it’s PERFECT!

  10. Tyler,
    Great, I’m glad you found something you can use.

  11. Since the new version of wordpress is out is there a new list of plugins that are compatible

  12. Matt,
    As far as I know, the best way to see if plugins are compatible is to use the list of plugins directly at They usually indicate the level of compatibility and link back to the developer’s page.

  13. The share this plugin (afaik) was sold by Alex King to its current developers and there are rumors about its privacy implications. It may be doing a lot of tracking on your site. I use the old original version.

  14. The old version, as mr. sharma said rocks better than now.

  15. Hi! Nice list!
    I’m making a blog-site and now looking for the best one to use. But, I didn’t find at google any Ranking of them. I mean, a list with a reasonable order according to the experience of users. For example: I tried to put in every post at the Home the ad to any plugin, but the problem is that the button loads to its page before it is cliked. So, it makes the site slow to come. Than I am thinking of putting the ShareThis button, for it connects to its site after the button is clicked, as far as I know. But it doesn’t have the same number of bookmarkings as ad to any. I just mentioned it as an example of balancing these plugins. So, wouldn’t it be nice to start something like an election to see which is really the best and in which cases? Thanks!

  16. Have you worked with the Add To This Plugin – its basically a standard plugin for social media except the icons are HUMONGOUS!

    They work – I’ve gotten many more Diggs, etc, since installng. My only problem is that the buttons are possessed. They show up every-damn-place you can think of including at the end of excerpt content displayed oin the front page.

    If I could figure out how to tone the plugiun down an teensy bit, it would be perfect!

  17. Josh,
    No, I’ve never used that plugin. Glad to hear that it’s helping you get some votes.

  18. You should add Bookmarkify to this list. It supports dozens of sites, browser favorites, email this, RSS subscribe and an HTML link code generator all in one plugin.

    I am the author of the plugin.

  19. Thank you for the links. Myself I am using Add to Any Bookmark Button which I find easiest to customize via admin panel.

  20. Thank you for the links. Myself I am using Add to Any Bookmark Button which I find easiest to customize via admin panel.

  21. This list is of great help…had great success with my company blog – with digg plug in. Will try more plug in as suggested by you.

  22. Definitely a good list, will be adding about 4 more to my blog, thanks for sharing 🙂

  23. Thanks for the listing, helped me find Sociable, which was exactly what I was looking for!

    I’ve been using Add-To-Any for the last 3 months, but wanted a more direct button for social linking (since ATA condenses everything into the ‘share’button, requiring a rollover at least).

    Niiice one…

  24. Really great plugins. These are a must!

  25. Good list. What about adding Twitter or Tweet This?

  26. Thanks for the list. I would add the All in One SEO plugin for sure as well as sitemap xml and html plugins (not sure of their names).

  27. Nice list! But I am having some problem with sociable. Cant get the icons to appear horizontally. Some help will be appreciated.

  28. IMO the facebook like button is essential, gave me a ton on new traffic and it will get bigger as they start to roll out facebook search.

  29. Thanks for the excellent list with plugins, i have several favourites to, like the all known “All IN SEO “and also the easy privacy policy plus SEO friendly images (got some excellent results with it)and last but not least pretty links (great for cloacking) affiliate links…

  30. WP super cache is a great plugin, I have recently installed it and very happy with its performance by far.

    All other plugins you mentioned are cool, except share this plugin as I have used it and found it very slow.

  31. I have seen this list floating around for some time now.
    Funny thing is I just received a new one with about 40 plug ins.

    I currently only use ten, but curious as to the additional ones.

  32. Great resource . All the plugins are quite helpful . Actually these plugins boost up the SEO process .You should have one more plugin included in the list , ‘Addthis’. It is just great .It provides total analytic of bookmarks by readers. However, WP Super Catche is one of the great plugins because of its capability.However , a special thanks goes to you for sharing these great resource.

  33. I am supposed to find a replacement for Sharethis- it constantly fires and slows down the site. Do you guys know if these all act the same or if there is one that only fires when the button is clicked.

  34. Really useful plugins, i chose sociable among this for my website. Let me see how it will work 😀

  35. these buttons are just wow, trying to use them for my just arrived site 🙂

  36. Hi thanks – but some seo people says that all this plugins put lots of code into the system and make it bad for seo

  37. Nice one. You have given the people that this stuffs are existing on wordpress. nice one. even me i dont really know everything that is written above.

  38. Good plugins. I was looking plugins for social sharing. Unfortunately the link of the first one is not working any more! I decided to use MP Share Center (not mentioned here) and Sociable (thanks to you) on my another blog.

  39. Thanks for this post. I love Socialize

  40. I am going to try this Sociable plugin now.
    The current one I sure “Really simple share”
    Does not seem to do the job well.


  41. I was looking for small social media buttons for the bottom of each post. Thanks for post, it’s a good one!

  42. This plugins is easy to used, but my question is, does this plugins can slow my website compare to addthis botton?

  43. This is amazing list you have here admin, This can drive lots of traffic if you got the sharing plugins. I love it. And guys used wp super cache to enhance your sites quality performance. Thanks for sharing admin.

  44. nice post, thanks for shre, I think share this is the best

  45. Don’t forget BuddyPress (, which pretty much creates a whole Facebook for your site complete with private messaging, friending, grouping, etc. It’s a lot more work to manage a site like that, but there are a handful of successful WP-powered sites that utilize BP to grow their social footprint =)

  46. been using 2 of your plugins suggestions and it works like a charm. One problem only, the loading time would be not that good so i used super cache. love it. faster than ever. brilliant work. Any way, hopefully soon i can merge buddypress on my site for a lot of option for social people.

  47. I want to try the Antisocial plugin as i am in the blog creation process. Nice way to combat spam. 🙂

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