September 18, 2018

SEO Tips For Your Blog and Business

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When was the last time you thought about your site beyond adding content? It is probably time to take a look at how things are organized. When you started the site you had certain goals, ideas and experiences, now as time has passed it is a good idea to take another look at those goals and see what’s new. Below are 3 website SEO tips that everyone running a website needs to analyze frequently, especially with changing times and trends.

How to Structure a Website

Take a look at your homepage and ask yourself a few questions from the perspective of a new user. Is it easy for you to access different pages and find the information, products or services that you are looking for? What is the formatting like, is it search engine and user friendly? Does the site deliver the right message and target the key points you are looking to communicate to readers? These three basic points will help to determine how effectively the website is structured and are good questions to ask to find ways to improve. Let’s take a closer look at each in turn.

The first thing to look at is website format. You will want to be appealing to people, and have a aesthetically pleasing layout, but also consider being search engine friendly. Do you have the right words in the right places? Too many images, videos or animation with nothing for a search engine to grab on to? Consider having an SEO company take a look at things if you are not sure what you can improve on.

Ease of navigation can be a big stumbling point for users. It must be easy to find what you are looking for quickly, and if your internal navigation is subpar things can get tricky. Put popular pages in an easy to find spot with good labeling. Consider having broad topics on the home page and then being more targeted internally. The goal is to get people clicking through and avoid creating a high bounce rate.

Making sure you have a clear message will let people know they have come to the right place and encourage them to stay within your site to find what they have come looking for. Along with having a clear message, include key points of your site. Key posts, special deals or discounts and current information should be readily available immediately. If these three aspects are combined, you will find that you have a much more effective site, increasing traffic, lowering bounce rates and generating more sales.

Pick the Right Keywords

One thing that is constant in life is that things will always change. If you haven’t taken time recently to go over the keywords on your website, now is the time. Trends in your niche, new sites targeting the same keywords and changes in search patterns can all disrupt your keyword targeting aspirations. Staying current is imperative; ranking #1 in Google for a keyword that gets no searches is not going to bring in much traffic. Frequent research and development on this front will help you stay ahead of the game. Plus this kind of research could give you deeper insights into your niche. Check this out for more information on how to choose keywords.

Taking Charge of your Purpose

If visitors to your site are ever saying to themselves, “Umm, so what do I do?” something is wrong. A website should have a strong purpose and it should be obvious what that purpose is when someone arrives at your site. No one will be asking what to do because you will be telling them up front, this is what you’re here to see and this is how you do it. Whether it’s signing up to a newsletter, finding a link to buy your product or asking a question on the forum you can help guide people to where they want to be. If you can answer the questions, “What is the purpose of this page and what am I going to get from it?” then you are on the right track.

It’s important to stay active in running a website. Content is important but there is certainly more to it than that if you want to be successful. For more information right from the source, check out the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

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Have some more SEO tips? Personal strategies that you used? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I’m guilty of not spending enough time on SEO, but I made myself a checklist of simple tasks I can do daily that don’t seem like much but by the end of a month or year definitely has amazing effects (i.e. link building internally and externally).

  2. With the latest Google update seeming to favour fresh and current content now is a great time to be renewing focus on your blog as a means of generating search traffic.

  3. Good information SEO blog tips. Just curious though, you mentioned much about visitor user experience, the importance of structuring the website, keywords and content.
    Can you recommend what sort of metrics that we could use to figure out visitor impressions when they visit a blog? I mean for instance,some suggest that the amount of time spend on the page a strong indicator of whether the site is optimized for readership and etc. There are also those who go study bounce rate and etc.
    Even though some blogs has feedback form, I bet no many would be interested to provide feedback. One thing that I find quite obvious is the number of comments. More comments means good indications for the blog..but not sure if that is truly the case..

  4. Its a perfect blog and having a unique content…..
    Looking forward for more post like these….
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  5. Thanks for such great tips.

  6. The SEO starter guide you mentioned is an excellent resource and unfortunately it seems many elect to look elsewhere. We completely agree that our sites need to have a purpose and vision. Great article!

  7. Those tips are ok for people that want to begin. But the fact to succeed is also determined by the interest and the work you put in your project / website.

  8. Right. With the launch of Google Penguin,it’s very important to have a new, fresh and creative content and wise choice of keywords to generate search traffic.

  9. Hi George, The points you mentioned in your post about seo tips are really useful, and your point are very appropriate.structure of the website is very important factor, and the site should have attractive & well designed.

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