February 25, 2018

10 Excellent Niche Social News Sites

Major social media sites like Digg and StumbleUpon get most of the attention, but smaller, more targeted niche sites can provide excellent opportunities for networking with others in your niche and getting some exposure for your own work. While others are chasing after the Digg front page and 99% are getting nowhere, you could be getting hundreds and thousands of higher quality visitors over the same period of time by targeting niche social media sites.

Of course, the sites you choose to target will depend on what niche you’re in, but there are probably more niche-specific sites than you realize (See our list of over 400 social media sites). Some of them have very low traffic and influence, but others are very active. Here is a look at 10 that are doing things right.

Design Float

Design Float was started about a year ago to serve the web and graphic design community. It only takes about 3 votes to reach the front page and from there you can easily receive a few hundred visitors.

Design Float

Health Ranker

Health Ranker was just started earlier this year (see my interview with Israel Lagares), but it has quickly built a decent-sized audience. Any bloggers in the health and fitness niche should definitely be active here.

Health Ranker


Formerly known as Sk*rt, Kirtsy is a site that targets women. Kirtsy certainly has a nicer look than many Pligg sites, and the content featured is fairly diverse.



Most major social news sites include a sports section, but at many of them it’s less active than other sections like technology. BallHype has a large audience of sports fanatics.



Powered by Reddit, Lipstick targets celebrity news and gossip. There’s certainly plenty of blogs covering these topics to keep an active community at Lipstick.



If you’re looking to find bargains, Dealigg is a great place to start. Users can submit deals that they have found online and they get voted up by other users. It’s not quite the same as the other sites on this list where you would submit a blog post.



Sphinn is a popular site for internet marketing and search marketing. It has a large, intelligent audience that’s great for marketing the right kind of content.


I lIke Totally Love It

I Like Totally Love It is another site for finding products that can be purchased. It focuses on products that are “cool, innovative, exceptionally beautiful, or just weird.”

I Like Totally Love It


DZone is a highly specialized site for software developers and web developers. The popular items need to get about 5 votes and they go out to over 13,000 subscribers.



Hugg promotes itself as being “Digg for Green.” Any content related to environmental issues can get some great exposure here.


Note: When submitting your content to niche social media sites, be sure that it is a good fit. Nothing will make you look more like a spammer than submitting something that is completely not relevant. The audiences of these sites expect to find a certain type of content, and they won’t appreciate random submissions. In fact, many of them will be deleted by the site owner and even if they aren’t deleted it won’t get any votes without gaming the system.

That being said, if your content is relevant they are all excellent places to promote your blog. Sign up to some niche social media sites!

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  1. Good list here. I didn’t know about your 400+ list (which i’ll be reading right after this comment). I’ve been looking for digg-related sites for specific niches in the last week too, and your post helped 😛

  2. I knew for 3.5 🙂 web sites from your list, but I am more than willing to explore the rest, especially those about web design, software developers and ‘I Like Totally Love It’ for its beautifully designed products. Thanks for dragging my attention from Digg, Mixx, Propeller and StumbleUpon!

  3. Nice list. I like the design of dzone, they’ve really made the effort to stand out from the crowd.

  4. I love Kirtsy and have visited Lipstick and I Like Totally Love It, too. Great list!

  5. Nicely Done! I like totally love it:)

  6. Fabulous post w/lots of new things for me to check out. Thank you! I Like Totally Love It is such a good name…

  7. Alex,
    I hope you find something on the list.

    Yes, DZone is definitely different than most social media sites. I’m not crazy about the usability of the site, but it’s an awesome resource for it’s niche.

    Very clever 🙂 Thanks.

    You definitely won’t forget that name.

  8. It is alwasy good to find new niche social media sites and the health one on this post was a new resource forme. Thanks

  9. The headline for
    I Like Totally Love It say
    I LLke Totally Love It

    You don’t have to post this. I’m just giving you a heads up.

  10. Don’t forget beta.stackoverflow.com – this one’s not available without a beta invite yet but it should be a nice SN for software developers when it goes live.

  11. Great list 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great list. After reading this I submitted one of my blog entries to Lipstick.com and have gotten lots of traffic. Lipstick.com pretty relevant to my site (www.celebrity-twins.com) so I think it will be a great resource for directing traffic my way. Thanks!

  13. You should add http://www.subbmitt.com i like it better than Digg. You don’t even have to sign up to submit articles.

  14. You might want to think about updating your list. I love the niche sites as they cover topics better than the try to do everything sites. I would checkout japundit (Japanese news … i am from Japan), http://socialnews.biz (business news) and designbump(design and coding).

    All good choices if you like the genre.

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