August 19, 2018

Mixx vs. Sphinn

I’ve had limited experience with both Mixx and Sphinn. To this point most of my social media traffic to this blog has come from StumbleUpon (although I have added a Sphinn button on a few posts in the past). Last week I had a post on the front page of Sphinn and Mixx at the sane time, so I thought it would be interesting to compare the results of each.

The Thrill Seeker vs. the Bookworm was on the front page of Sphinn and The Role of Social Media in a New Blog Launch was on the front page of Mixx.

Over a five day period, Sphinn sent 58 visitors to the post that was on the front page (and a few random visitors to other posts during the same time period). Those visitors stayed on the site for an average of 1 minute and 1 second with an 80% bounce rate. I’ve had other posts on Sphinn before from my primary blog that drew significantly more visitors. Part of this lower number could have been the result of an ineffective title or description on Sphinn, I think it’s also important to note that a Sphinn button was used on this post (I thought it would be a good fit for that audience), so many of the votes could have come from readers on the blog rather than Sphinn users that clicked-through from the front page (although votes did just about double after it was on the front page).

Over the same five day period, Mixx sent only 18 visitors to the post that was on the front page, despite the fact that it received 27 votes. I would think that a submission receiving 27 votes would get at least that many visits, but that wasn’t the case. Those visitors stayed on the site an average of 47 seconds and the bounce rate was 73%. This post had no button for Mixx votes (although that could be done through the Share This plugin).

I submitted the post that went to the front page of Sphinn, but I did not submit the other post to Mixx. I was actually browsing the popular items at Mixx when I was surprised to see my own post there.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with the results to both of these posts considering they were on the front page. I know Sphinn has potential to send more traffic, so like I said earlier, maybe I need to do a better job of grabbing attention with the title and description. I have had a number of other posts on the front page of Mixx, although it has been a little while, and I have never seen any kind of traffic to get excited about. Of course, Mixx is still relatively new, so hopefully that will improve.

I think it’s also important to note a key difference between Mixx and Sphinn. Mixx is a general news site and Sphinn is a niche site that targets SEO and internet marketing. As a result, the traffic from Sphinn should be a bit more targeted.

The average time on the site and the bounce rate were poor from both sources as well. This is something I expect from social media traffic, but I have had much better numbers in these areas from other social media sites. I have some changes in mind to the design and layout of the blog to attempt to improve this situation.

I plan to use these two sites a bit more than I have been and see if I can improve upon these results. Just because the numbers aren’t high doesn’t mean they didn’t make an impact. Just having the exposure and getting a few new visitors is a positive outcome in my opinion.

What’s Your Experience?

What have you seen from your experience with Sphinn and Mixx?

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  1. Sorry Steven, but you haven’t been on popular at Mixx. Just because you get referers from the homepage does not mean you are popular. It means you are on a custom homepage of a user or some users.
    I checked your submission from 7 days ago and it’s not among the popular ones. Popular posts get around 40 – 50+ votes usually.
    I was “popular” once this month on Mixx and got 93 visitors of it:
    some of the votes were from my friends and readers (as I promoted the post among my Mixx friends) so that usually you would get more visitors for a completely organic frontpage appearance. Usually 100 – 200 visitors. Mixx is not about being popular though. It’s so fragmented (for instance on many days I do not even look at the fp and only read my groups) that not everybody is reading the same Mixx.

    With Sphinn the traffic numbers are very similar: 100 – 200 visitors unless your friends vote you up because they like you instead of the post being useful, or if you get on the fp on the weekend. Sphinn is a site read by professionals during work hours. Also it’s largely US traffic so if you’re popular at night US time you get less visitors.
    I was popular 3 times on Sphinn this month and got 109, 103 and 64 visitors from these posts.

    So all in all both sites are not about traffic numbers, or direct traffic: Why do I use mainly Mixx, Sphinn and StumbleUpon nonetheless? It’s called the triangle strategy. People will notice you on Mixx or Sphinn and then stumble you as well as vote elsewhere for your submission, but that’s only the most obvious reason from a marketing point of view. There are plenty of other reasons I covered a few times on my blog.

  2. Hey Tad,
    I don’t know that much about Mixx because I have only been a casual user, but the page says in read “became popular 6 days ago.” To me that means it was popular. If not, then I’m wrong. When I click through from the front page to get back to items from 6 days ago it shows up. To my knowledge I haven’t customized my homepage except to show the Tech category.

    I agree with everything you said about the reasons for using these sites and the relationship between users of various social media sites.

  3. Never heard of mixx, let me know try out. 🙂

  4. I tried Stumble on a particular page and within 4 hours I had around 40 visitors. I’m submitting now to Mixx to see what response I get. I’ll let you know.

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