September 20, 2019

StumbleUpon vs. Digg

My primary blog has 4 posts that were on the front page of Digg between September and November of 2007. Digg obviously sends a significant rush of traffic to popular posts, and for that reason many bloggers place most of their social media optimization and marketing efforts on reaching the front page of Digg.

StumbleUpon is of course known for sending traffic over a longer period of time, whereas the Digg traffic dries up pretty quickly. I thought it would be interesting to compare the traffic from Digg to the traffic from StumbleUpon 6 months after the posts appeared on Digg. Overall, StumbleUpon has been a much larger source of traffic for me than Digg, because these are the only 4 posts that have ever had decent results with Digg. So this test is ignoring a number of posts that have done very well with StumbleUpon and not even been submitted to Digg, as well as those that only got a few Diggs.

The four posts are listed below with some relevant stats.

77 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Web Designer
Total pageviews: 161,198
Visitors from Digg: 31,112
Visitors from StumbleUpon: 53,354

69 Tools to Monitor, Measure, and Track Your Website
Total pageviews: 29,169
Visitors from Digg: 14,934
Visitors from StumbleUpon: 4,734

25 Beautiful Minimalistic Website Designs
Total pageviews: 62,807
Visitors from Digg: 19,320
Visitors from StumbleUpon: 13,636

99 Resources for Web 2.0 Design
Total pageviews: 123,970
Visitors from Digg: 26,828
Visitors from StumbleUpon: 39,016

Total from these four posts:
Total pageviews: 377,144
Visitors from Digg: 92,194
Visitors from SU: 110,740

Overall, from these four posts StumbleUpon has sent 20% more visitors than Digg has. I think it’s interesting to see that StumbleUpon has the potential to outdo even the posts that make the front page of Digg. Making the front page of Digg will send a rush of traffic, but there are also some negatives to Digg traffic. I experience hosting issues, plenty of negativity and criticism (some justified and some not), and since the last experience on the Digg front page I really haven’t gone after that traffic. Personally, I prefer StumbleUpon and Delicious to Digg.

Admittedly this post takes a look at limited information. Numbers of visitors really mean next to nothing, while the impact and response from these visitors are far more important. A more detailed look may be a topic for another day, but I simply want to look at what so many bloggers are chasing (Digg) and see how it stacks up in the long-run.

What’s Your Experience?

Which social media site do you get the best results from? Would you rather have a quick rush of traffic or a slower, steadier amount of traffic that is spread out over a period of time?

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  1. I’d go for whichever gives me the best traffic in the future. For me so far, it has been SU but the numers are really low, so it’s hard to tell.

    Something else that’s interesting are the backlinks you’re getting. But don’t think there is a way to find out whether these backlinks come from a SU or a Digg user.

  2. I simply do not want a rush of Digg users to any of my websites, although I still submit them. I guess it depends on who your target audience are. If you run a Barack Obama fansite then you’ll top Digg every time, but if you run a Blog or technology related website you’re not going to benefit from them. I’d take slowly-built traffic over a few thousand Diggers any day.

  3. I am more towards Digg rather than SU. I tried SU but somehow I just don’t like the way it functions. Better stick to Digg.

  4. good article you have there. kind of informative and very useful. hope to see more in the future.

  5. I write a humor blog that isn’t or one of the big ones so it is nearly impossible for me to make the front page of digg no matter how many votes I get… I have done really well with stumble this far.

  6. I like your comparison and the advantages you gave for StumbleUpon. I don’t bother with Digg. It seems too hard to get results.

  7. Interesting! But do you always submit your own story to digg or stumbleupon? Or do you wait till one of your readis submits it?

  8. Mr. Cooker,
    SU is definitely a more realistic option for most bloggers.

    Yeah, SU can be a little bit confusing because there are a bunch of different ways to use it.

    I rarely submit posts on my own blog to Digg or SU, although I do submit to smaller social media sites.

  9. I don’t get visitors from any of those sites. Is it because I don’t frequently visit them. Or do I have to just write blogs and they will automatically ping with wordpress. I guess I will be looking into it. However if you operate a music blog you should check out I just found it and it is doing wonders for my hip-hop band

  10. Well.. You’ll need very good content IMO to reach top page of Digg. =D But digg would only give u temporary popularity and it will past after a few days. Where as SU is more suitable for long term traffic i think.

  11. If given a choice between this two I’ll choose stumbleupon because it seems much more easier but you can’t go wrong with either.. Good article thanks..

  12. Interesting. I’ve never considered StumbleUpon before. Digg is pretty popular, and useful, but it has its drawbacks. I might consider StumbleUpon.

  13. Killer Picke,
    If you’re targeting Digg, yes you should definitely use the site yourself. With StumbleUpon you can get lucky and have some nice traffic without doing anything, but you’ll need to have some SU users that read your blog. Either way, it helps to be an active user yourself.

  14. In my humble opinion, Digg would be the way to go. It’s reputation exceeds that of SU. But who knows, this might change in the near future

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