September 18, 2018

10 Tools for the Social Media Marketer

If you are an avid user of social media and you are working to build traffic for your own website or blog with SMM, here are 10 tools to help make your work easier.

1 – Social Media for Firefox Extension

Submitting pages to social media sites can be a time consuming process. It can be frustrating when you find a great item that you want to submit, take the time to visit the social media site of your choice, and then you find that it has already been submitted. The Social Media for Firefox Extension helps you to save time by allowing you to check any page to see if it has been submitted to the major social media sites, and it so, how many votes it has received. All you have to do is click a button in your browser and you’ll quickly see the results, and it will even lead you to the appropriate pas to submit or vote at each site. Wasting time trying to submit stories is no longer necessary.

2 – StumbleUpon Toolbar

The toolbar and ease of use is what separates StumbleUpon from all the others. With the toolbar installed in your browser you can easily give a thumbs up or down to any page that you are visiting, plus there are tons of other features like sharing links with friends and stumbling the favorites of other users. Once you have the toolbar installed you’ll be ready to quickly build a strong profile while spending almost no extra time outside of your normal internet usage.

3 – Instant Messenger

If you are active with social media, you will most likely want to be able to share some of your favorite links with friends and allow them to do the same. With IM you can communicate easily with anyone anywhere. Some of the leading IM providers are Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, and AOL.

4 – Google Trends

By knowing what topics are currently generating the most attention you will be able to create content that is attractive to social media users. Google Trends is one of the best tools for tracking hot news. You can see charts and graphs of searches and you can even look back at the trends for a particular day in the past.

5 – Techmeme

Another tool for finding the hottest news. Techmeme tracks the recent headlines on anything tech-related. If your website or blog targets tech-savvy users, this is a great way to see what they may be interested in at the moment. You may also want to check out Tailrank, which is similar to Techmeme except that it doesn’t focus exclusively on any industry. Another useful site is popurls, which displays all of the top stories at major social media sites. Rather than needing to visit each one individually, you can get see the bigger picture at popurls.

6 – Shareaholic Browser Extension

Shareaholic is an extension that is designed to allow for easy interection with social media. It lets you easily submit or vote for pages that you are visiting, it includes a number of different social media sites, and you can even email pages to friends.

7 – Quality Hosting

If you hope to draw a large rush of traffic from social media, you will need to have a host that can handle quick surges. Media Temple offers the best combination of quality hosting and affordability. Their cutting-edge grid hosting service starts at $20 per month.

8 – Bookmark Manager

Active users of social media are bound to come across a number of pages that they will want to be able to find later. Bookmark managers make this easy. Additionally, bookmark managers can help you with you own marketing. When you come across a page that sparks an idea for you, bookmark and tag it accordingly. When you see an example of a great post title that you can learn from, bookmark and tag it. is the most popular bookmark manager, but there are tons of other choices including Ma.gnolia and Furl.

9 – RSS Reader

Of course you’ll need an RSS reader to stay up-to-date with your favorite blogs and to be looking out for great content to submit to social media. My choice is Google Reader, but Bloglines and FeedDemon are also popular choices.

10 – Flock

Flock is a browser designed specifically for social media users. It adds the ability to interact with several social media sites right from the browser. You can also accomplish some of the same things with the extensions mentioned earlier in this post. Read TechCrunch’s review of Flock.

What Would You Add?

As a social media marketer, what other tools and resources do you use on a regular basis?

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  1. Hi Steven
    A little off subject here but I would like to add that I personally think you ‘ought/should/think about/consider’ adding Top Commentators Plug-In to your site. It’s just a useability suggestion from a, ermmm, user. 🙂

    It’s sort of relevant to the SMM aspect as it’s all about bringing your ‘newly acquired’ subjects into the fold. Having a successful SMM campaign is all well and good, but it’s the keeping them once you have got them so to speak. Giving them a reason to comment and participate once you have done all the hard work in Stumble, Digg etc etc.

    I like this site, has a great name, like the banner photo, like the content and all this add’s to a site that I actually look forward to a email update from you. Has a good solid feel to it, hard to put my finger on it.

    Obviously I like leaving comments anyway, but I have been reading more and more about the real benefits of the TC Plugin to both author and commentator.

    Am sure you have already thought about it, but if not, It’s worth considering adding to you site.

    I have read so much about Flock, have not used it yet. May try it out yesterday, but frankly, I try to actually limit my time on SMM, as it is so time consuming, yes it is fun, but I am not that fanatical about driving people to my Blog… yet. 🙂

    Graham Smith
    Blog & Web Ramblings from ‘my’ Gutter.

  2. Also, whilst in the subject. 🙂 PLease dont think I am being rude or negative, I am not at all. Just some thoughts on how you could just add a few more options to your site from a User’s perspective.

    I was about to Stumble you etc. but im on a laptop that doesn’t have my usual Firefox plugins.

    So from my perspective, right now, if you had just some SMM buttons ot the ‘Share This’ button for your posts that would of made it a lot easier for me to submit your articles. I think people are driven for things like this to be accessible, if it means having to think about it, rummage around then the passion for it usually goes.

    Like I say, I use the very subtle ShareIt button. Nice and unobtrusive. And includes all the major SMM sites etc.

    Graham Smith
    Blog & Web Ramblings from ‘my’ Gutter.

  3. The Share This plugin is great for making social media easier for your users.

    I would add Google Analytics so you can look at the effects of the social media traffic. Also use Feedburner to know how many subscribers you have. Monitoring changes before and after social media traffic surges can be interesting.

  4. Great resource post. The firefox extensions were very helpful…

  5. Graham,
    Thanks for your suggestions. I have thought about using the top commentator plugin and it is actually on my to-do list (a list which is just in my head at this point). Maybe I’ll try the share this plugin. I’m not a big fan of it because I never use it on other blogs, but I could give it a shot.

    Good point on Analytics and FeedBurner.

    Thanks, I’m glad it helped.

  6. Dan,
    Thanks for the addition.

  7. Thats a good list of tools there. I agree with the comments above about Share This and Top Commentators plugins … both very useful.

  8. Thanks for the tips! I have to agree with the others.”Share this” is a very useful plugin.Google Analytics is a tool that I use daily.It is important to see from where the visitors arrive to your site.

  9. Good post with some extremely useful tools which i use nearly all of.

  10. Point 5 is news to me. Good One.

  11. Great tools to build traffic for my website

  12. Very informative post.

    thanks for sharing.


  13. I LOVE twitter tools! There are some many great ones out there now, it really makes twitter much more fun.

  14. Have tried to download SOCIAL MEDIA FOR FIREFOX – but link is not active. Is it still available?

  15. Your post is an inspiration for me to study more about this subject. I must confess your clarity broadened my views and I will right away grab your rss feed to remain up to date on any succeeding articles you might write. You are due, thanks for a job well done!

  16. Great list, these are some good guidelines to follow. In particular, Google Trends, StumbleUpon and Digg can help out immensely with spreading content and awareness of your service/product.

  17. After reading this post I have decided to try Flock. Thanks for he information.

    PS I think the most important tool is google trends!

  18. Thanks! You introduced me to Flock!

  19. Take a look at Social Report ( – Simple yet powerful social network tracking and reporting tool. Seems like a no brainer 🙂

  20. Good post with some extremely useful tools which i use nearly all of.

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