August 19, 2018

Top 10 Reasons to Use Social Media

If you’ve been reading a lot about social media but haven’t really made an effort to get involved yet, here are 10 reasons why you need to start today:

1. Traffic

The primary reasons most marketers use social media is for the incredible traffic potential. No other source can bring so many visitors in a short period of time without costing you a lot of money. Sure, the quality of traffic may be a little lower than some other types of traffic, but the sheer volume makes up for it. While social media success brings short-term traffic, those who are skilled and have a solid plan can drive consistent traffic from social media.

2. Networking

One of the keys to building a successful online presence is having a strong network (this is especially true for bloggers). Meeting and getting to know other people is natural and easy at most social media sites. Some of the best contacts that I have made have been started or strengthened by being active with social media.

3. Help Others

Social media isn’t all about getting traffic for yourself. Sending traffic to others in your network and to those who have created content that is deserving of attention is certainly important also. Many website owners and bloggers pay attention to who is submitting and voting for their pages, and this is a great way to get their attention and let them know that you appreciate their work.

4. Learning

The point of social media is to share stories, news, pictures and videos that people like so that others who are interested can also enjoy them. Much of the content that you will find on social media sites is high quality, and it should be if it becomes popular. This means that you can learn a lot from the content that you find through social media. It’s a quick way to see the best of the best.

5. It Forces You to Develop Better Content

Social Media Marketing requires you to develop new content that people will like. This is a good type of pressure. If you’re striving to succeed with social media, the quality of your content will most likely rise as a result, otherwise you won’t be successful with SMM.

6. Branding

A successful business, online or off, needs to appropriately brand itself in the eyes of customers/visitors. Because of the huge audience that you can reach with social media, branding a website and/or business can be done relatively quickly with a strong social media plan.

7. It’s Free

There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to your site. Some will cost you money, others won’t. Of the methods that won’t cost you money, nothing else can match the volume of social media and offer immediate results, rather than waiting a year or more for your work to pay off.

8. Link Building

Pages that become popular with social media typically draw a lot of inbound links (of course this depends on a lot of factors, including which site on which the page has become popular). Most link building campaigns today involve social media. And again, these links are free, you won’t have to buy them and worry about getting banned by Google.

9. Fast Results

This point has been touched on a few times earlier, but it is important to realize that many of your online marketing methods will not produce results for several months or even years. This is not the case with social media. You could create a great blog post today and see thousands of visitors tomorrow.

10. Your Competitors Are Doing It

Simply put, if you’re not using social media, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. It’s not just bloggers using social media, many large, established companies are recognizing the benefits of SMM and implementing new strategies. And this doesn’t appear to be changing any time in the near future.

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  1. It’s true. Those are all very accurate reasons to use social media. The fact is, now that more and more folks are catching on, something new will come into play and we will all gravitate towards that new concept. I just hope I can keep up with all of it.

  2. Kristen,
    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I would agree. New things are bound to start happening too.

  3. Sorry to be off topic here. I just wanted to say the place looks nice Steven.

    Is this a custom theme? If it is, good job!

  4. Have you thought about adding EntreCard here? It’s a great source of social media traffic. On OpTempo, it’s my second greatest traffic source behind SU and it’s more consistent on a daily basis.

    I agree with your points though for building social traffic. I’ve used them to generate a nice amount of traffic going to OpTempo. Your reasons #2-4 and #8 are why I offer free blog reviews and free 125×125 ads.

  5. Ad Tracker,
    Thanks for stopping by! The theme is a customized version of Cutline. Thanks for the compliments.

    I haven’t given much thought to EntreCard. That’s interesting that it is your #2 source of traffic. Maybe it is worth looking into. Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Excellent article, Steve!
    I see this article as the basis for a new collective consciousness emerging from the Internet. As is often stated the Internet was first used by scientist to share their ideas, now as this medium evolves to its apex, even the non-scientific users can contribute meaningful dialog and interesting content without having to worry about being a scientist or web programmer.
    Sharing ideas amongst our peers is often the better means to create growth and intellectual development while refining the limits of intellectual property rights and copyrights.

  7. All your points are very true and accurate; should prove to be a no brainer , that today social media is maybe the most important means of promotion on the internet and the most viral.

  8. Hi Tibi,
    Thanks for visiting. Yes, I think it is a great way to quickly grow traffic. StumbleUpon in particular is already helping this blog that is only about 24 hours old.

  9. It’s better to start using social media right now, if you haven’t started already. Social media is going big and I’m sure it will get much more difficult to get noticed in the coming years…

  10. Ruchir,
    I agree. Starting now will help you to build some profiles and learn a lot.

  11. If I’m not mistaken, there appears to be a mistake in reason numbers 10:
    “Simply put, if you’re using social media, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. ”
    I presume that you meant to write:
    “Simply put, if you’re NOT using social media,”
    Correct me if I’m wrong.. 🙂
    Great article!

  12. Jonathon,
    You’re not wrong. Thanks for point that out – I edited the post to make the correction.

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