August 19, 2018

7 Reasons to Like StumbleUpon’s Share with Friends Feature

Most social media sites have some type of functionality for sharing something that you like with a friend. The good part about these features is that they make it easy to help others find great content, they increase the amount of useful and enjoyable information that comes your way, and they can help users to get votes for a submission. The bad part is that they are ineffective on most social media sites due to an overload of spam.

StumbleUpon, on the other hand, has been able to develop a system that offers the best of sharing without all of the negatives. Here are 7 reasons that I prefer StumbleUpon’s share with a friend feature over those of other social media sites.

1. No email is involved

One of the major downfalls of Digg’s shout system and others that are similar is that users simply get bombarded with email. Most users want to find the best content, but not at the expense of having a mailbox full or these emails every single day. With SU a user is alerted within the browser (by way of the toolbar), so no mail is necessary for communicating the message.

2. It’s easy

Sharing a page, picture, or video that you like is easier with StumbleUpon than with any other social media site that I have seen. If you have the toolbar installed it can be sent in just a matter of seconds. There’s no need to leave the page you’re on and login to a particular social media site to share it. Everything you need is easily accessible from the toolbar.

3. It is not abused

When compared to the shared feature on other major social media sites, StumbleUpon’s is really not abused. I have well over 100 mutual friends and I only get a few shared items each day. That lack of abuse makes it much more enjoyable to use.

4. It discourages spam

By forcing you to share an item with no more than one friend at a time, it essentially discourages spam. You can still easily send it to more people (to my knowledge there is no limit), but it will take you much longer. As a user, I like knowing that the friend sending me the item has taken a few seconds to send it to me individually.

5. It is effective

With the lack of spam you might think that people choose not to abuse it because it doesn’t work in the first place. I don’t think this is the case. In the situations where I have shared my own pages with friends it has drawn some new traffic, and I have seen very good results from others when I have shared a page of theirs with my friends. As a user that is looking to find new content, it can be an extremely convenient way to find new pages, much more so than with other social media sites.

6. It takes you straight to the page

When you are receiving a shared item from a friend all you have to do is click a button on the toolbar and you’re taken directly to the page that they want you to see. With other similar systems you’ll first get an email, then you’ll click on a link in the email to be taken to the social media site, then you’ll have to click through again before you finally arrive at the specific page that is being shared. SU is just much quicker with fewer steps.

7. Communication is possible at both ends

When you share an item with a friend you’ll be able to type in a brief message to explain the item. And when you receive an item from a friend you’ll have the option to reply. All without even using email. The networking and communication on StumbleUpon is much better than many social media sites, and this is one example.

What Are You’re Thoughts?

What do you think of SU’s share feature? How do you think it stacks up when compared to other similar systems?

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  1. I see your point with #4 (It discourages spam), but I do think Stumble Upon could be a *little* bit less strict on that issue. It would be nice if you could send a link to at least 3 people at a time.

  2. I think SU should enable people to mass share. Sharing with only 1 friend at a time gets annoying when you want to share the page with your 136 friends. I don’t really use the share feature much when I submit my blog’s content as I’ve noticed that it sometimes actually decreases the amount of visitors I get.

  3. Great post. I agree this is a great feature. I’ve gotten a few posts that were shared with me that really caught my attention.

    One mentioned me by name, introduced the new blog, and mentioned a few posts that I may like (according to the sites I “thumbed up” and the content on my blog). That site recommendation led to a few personal emails.

    it’s a great feature!

  4. Josh and Ruchir,
    Yes, I do agree that it would be nice to be able to send a link to more friends at once, but at the same time I think that keeps the amount of shares to a reasonable limit. I’d be interested to see if they could find some middle ground that would work well.

  5. I think the StumbleUpon feature is great. Not only do I receive pages that contacts wish me to stumble but those they think I will just be interested in. This for me makes it much more social.

    I have only come across one person that does tend to try and take advantage of it but is only mildly ‘spammy’

    Rather than have a send to all feature it would be handy to be able to send to perhaps 5-10 at once. I find there is a small group of my friends I will send to pages far more frequently than others.

    I would like to be able to access history of SU shouts sent by the FF toolbar. At times I get return comments which mean nothing because I cannot remember the original comment made.

  6. Stumbleupon is one of the easiest SM i known. With its share features it makes it even easier. But i must say it will be great if i can share with more than 2 friends at a time.

  7. I used to love my send to feature but it just quit working one day, and I don’t know why?

  8. Is it possible to track your sent and received stumbles? I would like to be able to revisit some of the sites that my friends have sent me or I have sent to my friends. Hit me up if there’s a way to do this.

  9. Brad,
    I’m not aware of any way to track what’s been sent through the share with a friend function.

  10. Yes, it is good to share with friends. A great way of communication and the best thing is to spread around the link.

  11. I do spread to my friends before and both of us having good impression on stumble! this might be nice topic onwards!

  12. Hey, I didn’t know that you could also share stuff on SU with friends. Its so much easier than opening a messenger program or sending an email

  13. For us new ones still stumbling along this is gret advice and we will check some of it out as soon as.


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