September 20, 2019

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16 Critical Tips for Building a Blog Part-Time

Many bloggers have dreams of becoming a full-time blogger so they can quit their jobs and work around their own schedule on something that they will will enjoy. Of course, the reality is that only a very small percentage of those who start off with these intentions will ever achieve "pro blogger" status. In order to make it to the point where you can sustain yourself on just a blogging income, you'll first have to get started somewhere. Building a successful and profitable blog part-time can be a real challenge, but with a strategic plan and a lot of discipline you can certainly build a blog on a part-time basis that can do very well for you financially. Read More »

23 Affiliate Networks for Monetizing Your Website

Many bloggers, myself included, focus on monetizing the blog through ad sales and affiliate programs are sometimes overlooked. While the top earning bloggers (like Darren Rowse and John Chow) rake in plenty of money each month with affiliate programs, most of the rest of us tend to forget about affiliate marketing once we have enough demand to sell ads. Recently I've done a little bit of research to look for some possibilities with affiliate marketing and I thought I'd share some of the networks that I've found. Affiliate networks are great for helping you to stay organized and for keeping your income in a few spots rather than having ten different programs with a $5 balance waiting to reach the minimum threshold for a check. Read More »

What I’ve Learned from Starting a Second Blog

About two months ago I launched Traffikd as my second blog, in addition to my primary blog at Vandelay Website Design. I started Traffikd so I could cover some different topics outside of web design. My experience with the primary blog has taught me volumes about what it takes to run a profitable blog as well as how to market ... Read More »

Do Advertisements Affect Traffic?

One common approach for new websites and blogs is to not display any advertisements on the site until traffic is grown to a significant level. The reasoning behind this decision is that not having ads will provide the visitor with a more positive experience and fewer distractions, which will allow the site's traffic to grow faster than it would with ads on the site. In addition, most websites and blogs will make very little money off of the ads in early months with low volumes of traffic. Read More »