September 20, 2019

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33 New Social Media and Social Networking Sites Added

The most frequently visited page on this site is the categorized list of social networking sites. That page hadn't been updated in a while and I had a lot of sites suggested for inclusion sitting in my inbox, so I'm happy to say that 33 more sites have been added to the list. There is a great deal of variety in the sites that are featured (hopefully the categorization helps to make it more useful). Some are social media sites with user submitted links and voting to see which links get promoted to the front page (Digg-style), and others are intended to allow people with common interests to connect in various ways. Here is a listing of the sites that were just added. Be sure to visit the list of social media and social networking sites for more. Read More »

10 Ways to Be a Good StumbleUpon Friend

StumbleUpon seems to be everyone's favorite social media site these days. One of the reasons to love SU is its active community of users. As a part of that community, being a great "friend" to other users can enhance everyone's experience with StumbleUpon. Here is a quick look at 10 ways to be a better friend to other users. 1. Add as friends those who actively stumble your submissions, stumble your pages, and/or those who have added you as a friend. Because of SU's limit on the number of friends that you can have, you may not be able to add everyone that adds you, but you should at least make an effort to add those that help you in one way or another. Read More »

What Makes StumbleUpon Unique?

When observing the hundreds of social media websites that exist, StumbleUpon sets itself apart from the crowd by being completely unique. While many other sites use a cookie-cutter approach, StumbleUpon is truly unlike any other social media site. That unique approach is part of what makes it so attractive to users and marketers. Read More »