August 20, 2018

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10 Tips for Effective Guest Posting

During my first few months of blogging one of the most effective methods of promotion was writing guest posts for other blogs. I put a lot of effort into getting exposure and links be writing for a number of different blogs and slowly building my own audience. While I never had any huge spikes in subscriber growth from writing a guest post, I was able to make a lot of great contacts, build my reputation and get a number of quality links by making the rounds to different blogs. From my experience I believe that guest posting is one of the best things any new blogger can do. At first, getting visitors to your new blog can be difficult, but if you want to you can go out and proactively get your work in front of targeted readers by writing for other blogs. Now that my blogs are more established I don't write guest posts anymore, but that hasn't changed my opinion of how effective they can be for someone who is looking to get their blog off the ground. Read More »

12 Elements Involved in Gaining New Subscribers

One of the primary goals of almost every blogger is to gain subscribers, and as a result to grow the readership of the blog. Building a large following of subscribers can be harder than it may seem at first, and it requires focus and a plan to get there. Read More »

Results of a Successful Social Media Campaign

Some bloggers don't focus any of their efforts on social media because they think at best it will bring a temporary wave of poorly-targeted visitors, and a few days later things will return to normal with nothing of substance to show for it. This is true in many cases, but primarily because of a lack of a plan or strategy. With the right effort and direction social media can have long-lasting and powerful results. Read More »

To Gain Subscribers, Focus on What You Do Best

This post is part of a group writing project organized by Jacob Share to coordinate with the Blogging Idol competition. Most of you reading this post are probably blogging in fairly competitive niches where there are other blogs covering the same topics as you. If you have a newer or smaller blog and you try to build up your subscriber base by simply doing the same things that other successful blogs are doing, you're unlikely to stand out. Instead, try taking another angle at the subject, find what it is that you do best and have a unique approach. Read More »