May 23, 2019

Get Hits and Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media

Finding ways to increase traffic to your blog can be a challenge for anyone in every niche.  If you’re releasing good content at a steady rate then check out these tips for using social media outlets to get the traffic you want.

Use Social Media Sites to Your Advantage

Why should you use social media sites? Firing off a Google search on a topic will probably get you millions of results, most of them not what you are looking for. What if there was a way to find the best sites and news on that topic in one place? That would be pretty great. Well that is what niche social media sites do. Say you are looking for information on web design, you could check out sites like Design Newz, The Web Blend, Design Bump and Design Float to get more targeted searches in the design niche.

Use Email to Reach Followers

It’s important to be able to reach the membership you have. Many bloggers offer subscriptions via RSS, but you should be using email subscriptions as well. Many people may not be interested in new ways of keeping up to date with your blog, but would have no problem getting updates via email which is still one of the biggest forms of online communication. There are some great tools available to help you create and maintain an email list such as MailChimp, Aweber, and ConstantContact. Add email subscriptions now if you haven’t already and look for a bump in traffic.

Get on Twitter and Facebook

Once you start getting a following who knows you’re someone interesting to listen to, you can easily connect with them and keep them up to date. If they like what they see, they are more likely to generate reposts through their network and will keep coming back for more. There are some great tools to automate publishing your blog posts directly to your Twitter or Facebook such as Twitter Feed, Tweet Deck, HootSuite, and various WordPress plugins like Twitter Tools, Yourls, and WP to Twitter. Make sure you are engaging your followers and giving them interesting posts to click. When using Twitter try to use hash tags and tag people in your tweets to keep it interesting. If you’re on Facebook make an awesome fan page and update it with some cool teaser pictures to get people back to your blog posts. Remember to add buttons to your posts so people can share your articles right after reading.

Network With Other Bloggers

The blogger that stands alone has a stark disadvantage compared to one with connections to others in the industry. Think of blogs like little islands in a big ocean. People might happen by and listen to what you have to say, but think of how things would change if the first person they happened by told them about your blog and handed them a map to get there! From guest writers to sharing tweets or articles with friends and followers to extra exposure via links, a blogger with connections is going to be the most successful.

Make Your Headlines Pop

Interesting and engaging material are what readers are looking for. An awesome catchy headline about even a moderately interesting topic will grab anyone’s attention and get them reading. Studies have shown that eighty percent of people just scan the headline of an article. Studies have shown that eighty percent of people just scan the headline of an article.Taking the time to learn to write a great headline will give you a huge boost, if you need some tips check out How to Write Magnetic Headlines on Copyblogger.

Optimize Your Title Keywords

New readers will probably find your articles with Google. People looking for your content are using keywords to search Google.You can capitalize on this by using relevant keywords for each post you make, bringing new readers directly to your post. From there its a short step to the rest of your blog and generating views on related articles you might have. Give some thought to what terms people who are looking for the information you are presenting will search for. If you want to test your thoughts out and see what keywords are hot, check out Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Link Back to Your Own Posts

If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have a lot of older posts kicking around the back of your blog gathering dust. You put a lot of effort into those posts when you made them and the information on them could still be really useful to a lot of people but for whatever reason isn’t ranking well in search engines. If you write a related article, find a way to add a link to your older post and remember to use targeted keywords. If someone came to read your new post and found it interesting they’ll be more likely to click your link to find out more on that topic. Just remember no one wants you to go crazy with links everywhere, keep it to things that are actually related.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

Like you, everyone is looking to promote their own blog. I want to promote my blog, you want to promote your blog, everyone wants to promote their blog. If four of us got together we could write a series of articles on a topic. This would do a couple of great things: First, it would promote your blog on three other blogs, giving your links and exposure to a new group of people. Second, it will create backlinks to your site as the other bloggers link their collaboration pieces. Third, it will create something for readers to look forward to as they wait for the next post in the series. Doing this all the time might be a little much, but from time to time its fun, mixes things up and is a great way to promote yourself.

Link to Popular Posts

Lots of sites have links to their most popular or interesting posts somewhere on their site. This sidebar has links to posts on What Makes StumbleUpon Unique? and Gaining Subscribers Through Social Media because those have been some of the most popular topics on the blog and are common things that someone might come to the blog looking for and would make good starting points. This is extremely helpful in getting more page views from your visitors because it gets them to click through other articles and makes it easier for them to find interesting content on your site.

Be a Guest Writer

Writing as a guest in someones blog is a bit like being invited to a party where you don’t know anyone but you all have a shared interest. You get to speak to a lot of people who don’t really know you, tell them what you’re about and give them your contact information so they can get in touch with you again. If they liked you they’ll come and check out your party and you can form a wonderful, lasting relationship and live happily ever after. Just remember, not everyone will like you so don’t sweat it if you don’t get a massive surge of traffic, just keep doing your own thing.

Be Unique and Have Some Personality

If your blog is just a mash-up of topics grabbed from others and presented with no personal flair, you aren’t really running a blog, but something more like a newspaper company that only publishes last weeks news. Think about your niche, read other blogs and then think some more and come up with an original idea and give it some personality. Especially in a bustling niche, unique content is going to be valued and you may find that such a post is passed around for you by users on social media sites and blogs.

Keep Your Top Posts up to Date

If your blog is established you probably have some popular posts generating page views and bringing in unique users each month. These high traffic posts are important to the traffic of your entire blog and should be treated well and taken care of. Say a twitter update comes out and changes the details of a how-to post. People coming in to find out that information will be disappointed and frustrated if they find old, inaccurate information. Along with the benefits that come from avoiding upset readers, you can generate even more traffic by announcing that the topic has been updated, relaunching a post you already know was successful.

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