August 19, 2018

Long Term Results of Social Media Success: Increased Search Engine Traffic

When I look at the statistics for my primary blog, it’s pretty obvious that the posts with the most overall pageviews are the posts that have done well with social media. That’s no surprise because of the high numbers of visitors that have been sent to those posts from sites like StumbleUpon, Delicious, and Digg. What may be more surprising is the lasting effect on search engine traffic.

When looking at the posts on my blog that have drawn the most search engine traffic from Google since January 1st of this year, 8 out of the top 10 posts have been on the front page of Delicious, and most have also been successful with other social media sites like StumbleUpon.

While Delicious doesn’t send nearly as many visitors as a Digg front page appearance, it does do a good job of leading to inbound links for popular items. Some Delicious users automatically post their bookmarks to their blogs, which leads to a few easy links if your posts get to the front page.

Of course Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization get plenty of attention due to the quick bursts of traffic that can result from a successful post, but the lasting effect of ongoing search engine traffic is sometimes overlooked. The idea behind linkbaiting is that social media will lead to links and links will lead to search engine traffic. I think this is supported by the statistics at my primary blog.

The Down Side

While this search engine traffic is great, most of these posts are resource lists or similar collections that are not a typical article. As a result, I think this traffic is a bit more difficult to convert into repeat traffic because these posts don’t really sell the blogger (in this case, me) to the search engine visitors like an informative article would.

In order to improve this, I think I could go back and make some additions to those posts and include some more internal links that might steer visitors to other parts of the blog.

The Up Side

By looking at this data it’s clear that you can create specific posts to target certain keywords and search phrases. By getting that post to the front page of Delicious and having some success with other social media sites, you may be able to earn a decent search engine ranking for your targeted phrase.

What’s Your Experience?

Do you draw significant search engine traffic to your posts that have done well with social media?

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  1. I can’t say I can really offer much in the terms of statistics etc.

    But relating to Social Media, although I may not have the experience to write informative articles, I do have another ace up my sleeve. For me the pages that draw the most traffic are my own chicklets, icons and badges that I am creating,mostly based on the new and up and coming Social Sites, not to mention the old reliable ones.

    To generate more interest, I also add them to my extensive Flickr account, with linksback to my blog, various other sites and life streams. Which DOES hit so much more potential traffic. And because a lot of what I do is photography based, Flickr for me has been one very lucrative source. I now leave these hyperlink signatures on evry new photo that is put on Flickr. Seems to work.
    It’s amazing how these chicklets suck in the traffic, soon as you have ‘cool’ little funky icons, ‘chicklets to offer, then you are a sure base for traffic.

    Im using this to help spread the word, whilst I find more time to write worthwhile articles for my blog

    So although I am drawing traffic, its on a slightly different level to which you are referring to in your post bet ceratainly Social Media related.

  2. You’re absolutely right about Digg and I find that when I do have a successful post in social media areas, I get tons of backlinks that really boost my search engine traffic.

    Great post, as usual 🙂

    Maria Reyes-McDavis

  3. Graham,
    I think resources like your chicklets are great for links and some social media traffic. It’s a similar approach to what I did with the list of social media sites here at Traffikd. I created that page to hopefully draw links consistently over time. Blog posts usually draw links when they are new and then very few after that. Other pages like this seem like a nice source of steady, ongoing traffic and kind of a cornerstone for your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. I’ve definitely seen a good longterm increase in search engine traffic because of my success on social media sites. After five months of plugging away on social media site, I get about half of my visitors from search engines and subscribers. If you want to convert the search engine traffic to subscribers, though, I think you really have to have a solid niche.

  5. Matt,
    Thanks for sharing from your experience.

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