August 24, 2019

Twitter Step by Step

twitter step by stepTwitter management can be a daunting task. There are a lot of articles telling you the do’s and don’ts of Twitter, however it can still be difficult to pin down exactly what you should be doing each day step by step. If you are having a hard time getting organized and keeping up with everything you should be doing on Twitter here is the list that is going to let you discover and hammer out your personal routine.

To make things easier, we put the daily activities into four steps: Analysis, Activity, Management and Exploration

Analysis – Research the effectiveness of your Twitter activities to make future decisions.

  • Check the data gathered by link shorteners to see which links/tweets perform the best
  • Examine dashboard analytic data for feedback
  • Keep records of tweets getting the most response, via retweets, comments or other responses

Activity – Taking action within Twitter and making tweets

  • Schedule tweets using your management software or publish them yourself
  • Check Direct Messages and @ mentions and respond
  • Find valuable content from others and retweet it

Management – Organize the incoming and outgoing information, making it as easy as possible to find and handle everything you need.

  • Organize users into lists to keep up with specific groups at once
  • Set up your social media management software to filter your information into a more manageable format
  • Make sure your also budget your time efficiently, give each task an appropriate amount of time, whatever that may be. Also consider making a daily timetable to remind yourself how you want to spend your time.

Exploration – Find new information that you want to share or investigate further.

  • Follow relevant blogs or information sources for current and breaking information to use
  • Use search engines to find more information about the most relevant keywords to your topic
  • Explore what brands, corporations, topically relevant celebrities and even competitors are saying
  • Follow any sources you find in the future to build a good information base for yourself

Follow this workflow setup and you will have a clear idea of what you should be doing and why. Also important is when you do each task. Do you like to explore at the end of the day and compile new material for the next morning, or are you just the opposite? Does checking your direct messages give you new ideas for things to research or help you analyze your most popular topics? Set up your own workflow and timetable chart the way that works best for you.

Do you have any tips or comments on how you like to organize yourself on twitter? Please let me know with your comments!

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  1. One of the best Twitter articles I’ve found. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Twitter can definitely be a pain sometimes, and I find that if you are dealing with multiple accounts, HootSuite is the best way to go. Not only can you schedule tweets but you can manage multiple accounts at the same time. This is a great post on what to do daily to maintain a good Twitter account. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks for sharing this superb post on tweeting…

    I use a plugin to automatically post my blog post randomly and I have really seen a great in my followers…

    I also like your four step daily activity…

  4. Great advice/tips! Twitter is something that I’ve been using for many years, yet when it comes to Business it suddenly becomes an entirely different beast.

    I’ll definitely be trying out these tips. Thanks!

  5. @CLINT I’ve had the same difficulty in translating twitter to business use.

    so thanks for the help and direction!

  6. Love Twitter but yes, it can be overwhelming. Very nice, concise list of steps to take that you’ve presented here.

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